List Of Top 17 VC Firms In Spain [2022]

List Of Top 17 VC Firms In Spain [2022]

Are you looking for a VC firm for your Spain-based startup?

According to a 2021 report, VC investments in Spain grew 3.8X year on year, with over €1.9 billion invested in Spanish Startups.


A report by invest in Spain shows that Spain provides the largest network of highways and freeways in the EU and is home to the world’s most extensive high-speed rail networks.

In addition, Spain is home to three of Europe’s most important ports in container terminal moves.

Home to unicorns Glovo, and Cabify(uber competitor), and over 10.5K startups, there is no doubt that Spain is a great ecosystem with enormous potential.

There are a number of successful venture capital firms in Spain and we've curated a list of the best local firms in the area. Additionally, we provide you with:

  • Investment size
  • Funding stages
  • Typical industries the firm works with
  • Well known companies the VC firm has invested in

Here's the list:

1. Active Venture Partners

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: From $750k to $3 million
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Fishbrain, Buy.Vip,, Adjust, Odilo,, Polymita,, ReviewPro, StoreVision.

Active Venture Partners is an early-stage VC firm investing in technology startups. The firm is led by a diverse, passionate, and multinational team, aiming at building a reputation for providing support that goes beyond capital for high-growth startups.

Active Venture targets entrepreneurial teams driving digital startups and seeking holistic partnerships based on shared values and pro-active support. Apart from financial support, they provide a team of advisors and mentors who guide the startups through different stages.

Their initial investments range from $750K to $3Million depending on the development stage and capital intensity.

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2. Ysios Capital

  • Location: San Sebastián & Barcelona.
  • Industries: Life Sciences
  • Investment Range: Between €5M to €0M
  • Stage: Early and Mid Stage
  • Companies invested in: Adcendo, Aelix, Amepharma, Anaconda, Biovex, Corwave, Aura, Babyscripts, BioVex.

Ysios Capital is a leading life sciences investor focusing on financing highly innovative companies. The VC firm focuses on financing the companies that aim at developing novel therapies for indications with high unmet medical requirements.

Their initial investments fall in the range of €5 and €10 Million and up to a maximum of €20 Million cumulative. However, the VC firm may invest up to three seed rounds committing lower amounts.

Apart from the financial investment, the VC firm provides a diverse team with the experience and expertise required to drive the future of the health sector.

Learn more about Ysios Capital ➜


3. Bonsai Venture Capital

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: €250,000 - €2,500,000 per company
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Citibox, Cornerjob, Emagister,, Glovo, Gigas, Intercom, Linkto.

Bonsai Venture Capital is an early-stage VC firm investing in domestic internet companies with a great focus on global ambition.

The firm's typical investments fall in the range €250,000 and €2.5 Million per company. Typically, the VC firm focuses on early-stage and growth-stage companies with a solid track record. Bonsai takes 10% - 25% equity stakes in their portfolio companies.

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4. Seed Capital Bizkaia

  • Location: Bilbao, Spain
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: Up to €450K
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Barbara, Biotermiak, Boletus, Citiservi, Eventises, Jeekjee, Bugaloop, Fleeet.

Seed Capital Bizkaia supports startups and companies at the seed stage and development stage.

To get their support, the company has to have a registered office or plant in Bizkaia, ensure financial involvement of the promoter, and the company accounts must be audited. The VC firm invests in all sectors except financial, real estate, and marketing companies.

They provide an initial investment of up to €450K in capital and loan.

Learn more about Seed Capital Bizkaia ➜


5. 4Founders Capital

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: €100K - €3.5M
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Coverfy, Holded, Stayforlong, localistico, Sheetgo, celebrents, Tuvalum.

4Founders Capital invests from €100K in early-stage companies. The VC firm does follow-on investments of up to €3.5 Million per company over the investments lifetime.

4Founders remains interested in projects with a solid team aiming to create large international companies. Typically, the firm aims at empowering ambitious and talented entrepreneurs and takes minority investments.

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6. Kibo Ventures

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: Between €2Million and €5Million.
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Blink, Blueliv, Captio, Cart, Coverwallet, Devo, EnjoyHQ, DefinedCrowd, Flywire, Gamelearn, Gestcos.

Kibo Ventures is a European VC firm working towards empowering entrepreneurs to solve big problems. The VC firm is on the mission of empowering diverse technology companies in order to enable them to solve big problems and scale.

Their team and investors remain committed to impacting early-stage companies that are ready to scale globally. They invest between €2Million and €5Million.

Apart from financial investments, the VC firm has helped its portfolio companies hire key employees. Kibo also supports portfolio companies through strategy, network, and sales actions.

Learn more about Kibo Ventures ➜


7. Invivo Capital

  • Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Industries: Healthcare sector: biotech, medical devices, and e-Health.
  • Investment Range: Between €500K and €2M
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: One Chain, Gyala, Integra, Corteria, Telum, Telemere, Arthex, Pulmobiotics, Sanifit, NLife.

Invivo Capital is an early-stage VC firm targeting startups within biotechnology, medical devices, and e-Health. The firm's initial investments fall in the range of €500K and €2M. After reaching the pre-established milestones, the VC firm's funding can reach up to €4Million.

Invivo seeks to fund projects that show a strong proof of concept. They look out for unique technologies and disruptive product scientific innovations that represent a substantial improvement over current technology.

Learn more about Invivo Capital ➜


8. Caixa Capital Risc

  • Location: Madrid & Barcelona, Spain
  • Industries: Life Sciences & Technology
  • Investment Range: €500,000 to €4 Million per company
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: nautal, naumat meditech, nanusens, pevesa biotech, nuubo, nanogap, photoslurp, QualityFry, Rover.

Caixa Capital invests in companies focusing on life sciences, information technologies, and industrial technologies. This venture capital firm targets innovative companies in their startup and growth stages, providing convertible loans or equity.

Caixa is led by highly committed entrepreneurs with the technical and managerial skills required to develop projects. The VC firm's investments fall in the range of €500,000 to a maximum of €4 Million per company.

Learn more about Caixa Capital Risc ➜


9. Lanta Digital Ventures

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: From $100K to $4.7M.
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: PayPro, Le Guide Noir, Restbgai, Traity,

Lanta Digital Ventures is a Barcelona-based VC firm focusing on investing in innovative companies with high-growth potential. Since its inception, the VC firm has been targeting seed and early-stage investments in startups that have shown significant development and have passionate teams.

They fixate on companies that solve an acceptable problem by providing clear and marketable solutions. some of their investment sectors include the internet, mobile, technology, and healthcare. Their investments fall in the range $100K to $4.7M.

Learn more about Lanta Digital Ventures ➜


10. Nauta Capital

  • Location: London, Barcelona and Berlin
  • Industries: Software
  • Investment Range: Between €500K and €7Million,
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: QueryLayer, Kubermatic, WeeCover, TrustShare, Treblle, InsureQ, Gophr, iFeel, nHost.

Nauta Capital is an investment company targeting early-stage software companies. The VC firm remains focused on supporting thriving early-stage companies to create sustainable global ventures.

They are passionate about capital-efficient disruptors that reimagine large industries where technology has a limited impact. The firm typically invests in Series A and Series B rounds. Their investment range is between 500K and €7Million.

Learn more about Nauta Capital ➜


11. Samaipata

  • Location: Madrid, London, Paris.
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: €300K to €600K.
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Matera, Streamloots, Big Blue, Retraced, Eolas Medical, Fintecture, Recontour, Procsea.

Samaipata invests in technology-powered solutions designed to make the world a little more human. They target seed-stage companies owned by mission-driven entrepreneurs striving to build the next European unicorn.

The firm is expertise-driven and invests in early-stage marketplaces and digital brands only. They work with their founders to build unique technology solutions that redefine customer experiences, working together with management teams to deliver quality experiences.

Their average initial ticker size ranges between €300K to €600K.

Learn more about Samaipata ➜


12. Mundi Ventures

  • Location: Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, Málaga, Bilbao, Sevilla, and Santiago
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: $500K - $5Million
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Geoblink, Submer, Acurable, Plazah,, BidAway, Jeff, Enigmedia.

Mundi Ventures invests in technology-based companies. The VC invests between $500K and $5Million through their funds. The firm also brings operational presence in their portfolio companies, helping the entrepreneurs build successful ventures.

This VC firm looks out for entrepreneurs with differentiated or patented technology solutions, and those seeking to disrupt existing business models. On top of financial funding, they bring broad industry experience and a hands-on approach to their entrepreneurs

Learn more about Mundi Ventures ➜


13. Asabys Partners

  • Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Industries: Healthcare and life sciences innovation
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: ANCD Brain, CaraCare, InBrain, Koa Health, Medasense, MedLumics, Nuage, Ona, SpliceBio, Psious, Origo.

Asabys is a venture capital firm based in Barcelona that invests in healthcare and life sciences innovation. The VC firm aims at pushing the boundaries of science and medicine to improve the patient's life.

Therefore, they are constantly looking for companies that focus on highly innovative and transformative technologies and provide them with hands-on support when it comes to business capital or business strategy.

Learn more about Asabys Partners ➜


14. JME Capital

  • Location: Madrid and Barcelona
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Amphora, Rice, Multiverse, flanks, Rand, Dudy Fit, Planet, Yaba, GoTender, Volava.

JME Capital is a VC firm investing in early-stage companies. They ensure an open, transparent, and collaborative relationship with its portfolio companies. Apart from providing financial investments, the JME is keen on providing its portfolio companies with the support they need to make sound decisions.

The firm has partnered with some of the best Spanish entrepreneurs and international investors, providing the portfolio companies strategic, operational, and financial support.

Learn more about JME Capital ➜


15. Axon Partners Group

  • Location: Madrid, Mexico, Bogotá, Brussels, Medellin, Istanbul, Riyadh & Seville
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: TRraining Gym, Libelium, Forto, Wayook, Billpocket, Pangea, Kampaoh, Adsmurai, Santafixie, emedio, Instaleap.

Axon Partners Group is a global investment firm focusing on startups providing solutions around the digital economy sector, energy, and healthcare. The VC firm supports early-stage startups with equity finance and business strategy.

They provide both consulting & investment services in order to give complete support to the portfolio companies so that they can reach their full potential.

Learn more about Axon Partners Group ➜


16. Seaya Ventures

  • Location: Madrid, Spain, Latin America
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Savana, BiomeMakers, Toqio, SpotAHome, Cabify, CrowdFarming, Glovo, Wallbox.

Seaya Ventures invests in exceptional founders focused on building technology companies. Therefore, the VC firm targets companies that are committed to solving real problems in sectors with high social and environmental impact like mobility, clean energy, agriculture, fintech, food, healthcare, among others.

Learn more about Seaya Ventures ➜


17. Henko Partners

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Early Stage

Henko Partners is a growth-focused VC firm investing in high potential companies with strong fundamentals and clear growth prospects. The VC firm commits to a hands-on relationship, accompanying management teams and supporting them to help transform their dreams into reality.

Henko invests in projects featuring organic growth, buy, and build strategies. They seek to create compelling strategic positioning over time to ensure growth is in the right direction.

They back best-in-class businesses providing capital and operational support. They support outstanding high-growth companies with extensive support for the development of organizational charts.

Learn more about Henko Partners ➜


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