Seller's Permit in Arizona [All You Need to Know in 2024]

Updated: February 22nd, 2024

Seller's Permit in Arizona [All You Need to Know in 2024]

If you're living in Arizona and planning to start a business, you'll likely be curious to learn more about acquiring a seller's permit. Thus, you may wonder more about it, including how to get one, its costs, and if it's even necessary for Arizona.

In this article, we'll walk you through everything you need about the seller's permit in Arizona and everything related to it. This way, you can start your business or use a seller's permit for whatever legal purpose it may serve.

Without further ado, let's get into it!

Do You Need a Seller's Permit to Sell Things in Arizona?

If you're living in Arizona and want to sell things or start a business, you'll need to obtain a seller's permit.

An entity that holds a seller's permit may sell products and services in the jurisdiction that grants the permit.

Selling permits are required in many states, cities, and counties, including Arizona. These permits may be called sales tax permits or sales tax licenses.

Does Arizona Require a Seller's Permit?

Individuals, partners, or groups that want to start a business or sell things or services may need a seller's permit to operate legally.

Some states require a seller's permit for business entities to operate. On the other hand, some states don't require such.

The Arizona State Government requires you to get a seller's permit or license. As such, you need to acquire such.

How to Get a Seller's Permit in Arizona?

Since Arizona requires a seller's permit, you'll need to get it online through this website. Additionally, you can apply for an Arizona Sales and Use Tax Permit through the Arizona Sales and Use Tax Permit Application. Once completed, mail it to the office at the address listed on the form.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Seller's Permit in Arizona?

Depending on the state, seller permits may not be charged at all or cost a nominal amount. For instance, if you live in Arizona, this state requires a fee of $168.

To be sure, head to your state's secretary's office to know the regulations regarding this type of business and license.

Where Do I Get My Arizona Seller's Permit?

Generally, you can get your seller's permit at the Arizona Tax Department. Your registered address must be where you have an address if it differs from your incorporated state. You can also apply for a seller’s permit in Arizona online through this link.

Who Pays for the Seller's Permit in Arizona?

The seller must pay for the expenses needed to obtain a seller's permit if ever there are any. Payment is usually expected upfront before an HOA management company can process an order.

You'll need a seller's permit in Arizona since this state requires such. Thus, as a seller, you must pay the expenses needed to have this certificate. In most cases, the seller pays this expense when ordered since it is their responsibility to provide it.

Do Seller's Permit Expire in Arizona?

It is typical for a seller's permit to expire in many states. For example, the seller's permit expires in Arizona and is only valid for one year. As such, you may need to fill out the form again every year or less.

The expiration date of a seller's permit varies from state to state. Thus, if you're transferring to other states, know if they require such and if it expires.


This information will give you a general idea of what the seller's permit in Arizona entails. As you read it, we hope it gave you a better understanding of what it is and how you can deal with it in your state. Of course, if you want to ensure that everything related to your business and licenses is taken care of in your state, you can always go to your State's Tax Department.

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