The 24 Best Reference Check Software Tools For Small Business [2021]

The 24 Best Reference Check Software Tools For Small Business [2021]

Reference Check Software is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular reference check software tools.

Here they are:

1. robin

robin provides the fastest and most dependable automated reference checks for your next potential employee

Businesses using robin:

1 successful business is using robin ➜

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2. B12

B12 is a people-powered AI company that designs professional business websites, with built-in tools like SEO, blog posts, and more

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3. Xref

Xref is a best-in-class, global solution that makes reference, background and ID checking fast, simple and secure

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4. Vitay

Vitay's platform for candidate reference checking allows recruiters to gain more insight into their candidate's performance while bypassing all the repetitive administrative work that goes into collecting this information manually

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5. VidCruiter

VidCruiter is your answer to saving time recruiting top candidates and adding value to your bottom line

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6. Referoo

Referoo is the leading online reference checking tool, designed to make it easy for you to generate fast and secure reference checks that are customisable to any business

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7. Crosschq

Crosschq is the best reference checking software and is pioneering Human Intelligence Hiring by harnessing the power of people to help companies better screen, onboard and source the best talent

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8. Veremark

Veremark is an intelligent software tool that automates the reference checking process for new hires saving you significant time and improving the experience

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9. Checkmate

Checkmate is a fully automated online reference checking software that collects comprehensive employee reference information

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10. RefNow

RefNow allows companies to make smarter, more informed recruitment decisions by providing online employment reference reports

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11. SkillSurvey Reference

SkillSurvey is the leader in online reference checking, sourcing and credentialing

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12. Checkster Reference Insights

Replace manual reference calls, save time, get honest feedback from multiple references, and make better hiring decisions!

Get Checkster Reference Insights ➜

13. TeleReference

TeleReference is an automated cloud-based reference checking platform for job applicants and employers

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14. Refapp

Reference checking solution that helps businesses select & send questionnaires to the referees and collect answers to generate reports

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15. Reference Checker

Check candidate references by reaching out for feedback through email and uploading the feedback to the candidate's profile

Get Reference Checker ➜

16. HiPeople

Enables you to automatically scale your collection of in-depth candidate references

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17. iCheck

Automates the referencing process for employers, allowing recruiters to make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions

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18. Jointl

Jointl is a human-centered screening platform providing conversational pre-employment reference checking & interactive skills testing

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19. MSite

Reference checking solution that provides employee ID checks, online inductions, right to work checking, access control, and more

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20. OnReference


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21. pepelwerk

The Hiring Hub is an all in one solution to hire, manage talent continuity, upskill and reskill

Get pepelwerk ➜

22. RefLynk

Automated reference check solution that gets candidates to initiate reference and feedback collection through text messages or online

Get RefLynk ➜

23. Alter

Alter helps automatically convert more website visitors with personalized content recommendations

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24. Snaphunt

Snaphunt is an AI hiring platform & cloud-based recruiting software that helps you hire the right talent quickly & cost-effectively

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