How To Ask For Email Receipt Confirmation

Published: August 6th, 2019

After sending an email, you might be wondering when they are going to get back to you. How can you ensure that they get back to you.

Instead of wondering how you can ask, let me give you a different perspective - I don’t think you should have to ask - as long as you have the right approach…

Assume your emails are always received and read

First of all, unless you have a sketchy or spammy email address, you can usually assume that your email is received and read.

I send hundreds of emails per day and these are some of the things I do to ensure that my emails are received and read:

1 - End your emails with a call to action

If you want to make sure they’ve gotten the email, then just ask!

Try to end your emails with a simple yes/no question or call to action, such as “does that work for you?” or “if you’re interested, reply with a thumbs up and I can send more info.”

Try to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to respond to you. People are lazy, make it easy!


2 - Use email tracking

If you use Gmail or G Suite, there are loads of plugins that help you track if your emails have been received.

I use Pigeon for Gmail (full disclosure, I am the creator of the app) to track if my emails has been read.


3 - Follow up!

This is probably the least utilized but most important. If someone is not following up with you, send them another email!

Often times, (from the perspective of the recipient) your email is not all that important and it is not prioritized and forgotten.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have been rejected, so you should try again.

Sending at least one follow up message will increase your reply rate, and sending more than one will increase it even more.

I use Pigeon for Gmail to automatically send a follow-up sequence from inside Gmail!


Thanks for reading!