How I Use Pigeon To Send Insanely Personalized Outreach Emails

Published: February 12th, 2020

Hello, who are you and what business do you run?

I'm a conversion consultant and a polymath running a consultancy practice while building my own SaaS apps.

I’m currently working on Flode, a tool to gather nice things people say about your eCommerce brands and products in one place.


Explain to me your email and business workflows.

I'm always trying to optimize my workflows and even processes in my daily life - so one of my rules is to cut out or automate repetitive manual work in my business. Less steps equal faster turnaround and lower error rate.

I also run 3+ different email aliases for my brands inside one Gmail account. Labels and filters are “god mode” for this.

I send about 5 emails on average per day and I try to read/reply hourly while I'm doing 9-5 working hours.

Pigeon comes in a time saver as all of my outreach is in one workflow inside Gmail where I already spend at least a day per week in sending out replies, feedback, and reports.

Sending insanely personalized outreach emails with Pigeon

I believe that sending highly personalized outreach emails is the key to getting responses and interest, so I make it a point to do some insane personalization.

Here’s just one example. This is a cold email template I send. If you look closely, each light blue highlight is a variable:


So when the email sends, it looks something like this:


To customize this data, all I have to do is edit it inside Pigeon, like this:


Other benefits of using Pigeon

It's in Gmail, it's clean fast and allows me to be more honest in my emails.

What I mean by that, is that it's more personal and is meant to build relationships, instead of just putting together some robotic email sequence that was concocted by enterprise salespeople.

It’s more focused on saving time while keeping my relationships with customers personal, instead of being pure robotic automation and numbers.

But I guess it depends how you use it. I've actually wanted to use PipeDrive to focus more on sales but in that case needed some automations or rather a better cold email tool like MailShake... well I didn't want to buy both once I found Pigeon.

I like how Pigeon is improving weekly and the features are meaningful.

Thanks Darjan for the interview, check out Pigeon today.