60+ Creative Non-Profit Blog Post Ideas

Updated: January 19th, 2023

60+ Creative Non-Profit Blog Post Ideas

Are you a non-profit or business & looking for blog post ideas?

While a blog is a great way to engage with your audience, coming up with new blog post ideas can be time-consuming.

We have curated a list of 60+ interesting non-profit blog post ideas to help you with your next article.

Starting A Non-Profit Business

check out the full post [here](https://donorbox.org/nonprofit-blog/start-a-nonprofit)

check out the full post here

  • 10 Tips To Get Started With A Non-Profit Business
  • How To Design A Non-Profit Business Plan
  • Four Easy Steps To Starting A Non-profit Business
  • Are You Looking To Start a Non-Profit Organization? Three Tips You Need to Know
  • Starting a Non-Profit Business and How to Make it Successful
  • Things You Should Think About Before Starting a Non-Profit
  • Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a Non-Profit: a helpful guide for those interested in starting a non-profit
  • 10 Tips To Creating A Non-Profit For Your Cause
  • What you need to know about Starting a Non-Profit
  • Get Ready to Start Your Non-Profit Business
  • What's It Like To Run A Non-Profit Organization? (And 4 Tips For Non-Profits): A blog about running a non-profit along with ideas and tips
  • Top 10 Non-Profit Marketing Tips for Non-Profits
  • 10 Tips For Incorporating Your Own Nonprofit
  • Best Nonprofit Organizers
  • How To Start And Run A Non-Profit Organization
  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting A Non-Profit
  • The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Non-Profits
  • How to get started with your own non-profit foundation and what you need to do
  • How To Start A Nonprofit In The Modern Era
  • Non-Profits: Are They Good for the Community?

Volunteering At Nonprofit Organizations

check out the full post [here](http://www.handsonmaui.com/10-reasons-to-volunteer-for-a-non-profit-and-its-benefits/)

check out the full post here

  • How To Volunteer at a Nonprofit Organization: A blog to inform people of the best ways and methods to volunteer.
  • Have You Volunteered For A Nonprofit Yet? How It's Great For Everyone Involved!: a blog about volunteering and how everyone can benefit from it.
  • How To Reach Out To Organizations That Help People In Need: a how-to guide for nonprofits looking to get help from volunteers.
  • Four Best Ways You Can Volunteer for the Red Cross: A blog about the different ways you can volunteer.
  • Summer Volunteering Ideas for Youth: A blog about different ways to volunteer this summer along with ideas for fun things to do in the summer.
  • Let's Get Social With Disability Awareness: A blog around awareness of disabilities and how we can help others.
  • Volunteer Challenges For Teens That Will Help Them Grow in an inspirational tone:Helping to Protect Endangered Species Around the World
  • Let's Get Social With Disability Awareness: A blog around awareness of disabilities and how we can help others.
  • X Non-profit Organization: A blog about your non-profit experience
  • Nonprofit Organizations Volunteer Opportunities Worldwide: a blog around volunteer opportunities within nonprofit organizations
  • Serve Your Communities: Guide to Volunteer Opportunities: A blog about the importance of volunteering and national service.
  • Thinking of Volunteering? Here's What You Need to Know: a blog to help get you started in volunteering and what to look out for.
  • My Top Tips for Getting Involved in Non-Profit Volunteering: a blog about getting involved in non profit work and actually being effective at it.
  • Who We Are And What We Do: A blog about the history of the non-profit along with what they do.
  • Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer: A blog around reasons why you should try volunteering.
  • 7 Ways to Get Involved in Volunteering: A blog about volunteering and how different programs can help.
  • If you want to make an impact, get involved in non-profit volunteering. Here's how.
  • If you are interested in how to get involved with a non-profit, maybe even start your own, then this post is for you.
  • Are you thinking of volunteering? This blog helps get you started in volunteering and what to look out for.
  • Top 10 Benefits of Volunteering for a Non-Profit or Charity

Support Non-Profit Organizations

check out the full post [here](https://unityparenting.org/top-10-reasons-to-nonprofits/)

check out the full post here

  • Top Non-Profit Organizations That Make the World a Better Place
  • 3 Easy Ways to Support Non-Profits Online
  • 10 Ways to Help Non-Profit Organizations From Your Office
  • Social Media Management for Non-Profits
  • Non-Profit Organization Helps People
  • Do's and Don'ts for Non-profit Organizations
  • Helping One Child At A Time: a Non-Profit blog about your choice
  • 8 Ways to Get Involved in Non-Profit Organizations
  • Wanna Volunteer? Here's Why and How: A blog about volunteering with non-profit organizations
  • 5 Tips on Supporting Your Favorite Non-Profit Organization
  • Yearly Accounting Packages to Support Your Local Community: a blog on non-profit accounting support
  • 7 Non-Profit Organizations You Should Give to this Holiday Season: a blog describing charities you should consider donating to
  • Top 4 Reasons to Support Non-Profit Organizations
  • A Blog to Help Non-Profit Groups: A blog on helping non-profit groups
  • Three Non-Profit Organizations You Can Support: A blog about interesting and relevant charities
  • How Non-Profits Benefit from Cloud Technology
  • Do you know any Non-Profit Organizations accepting donations? Contact us to find out more
  • Top 10 Charities That Received Most of Your Donations in 2017: A blog about the most giving charity organizations.
  • Fastest Way To Support Non-Profit Organizations: A blog about a way you can support NPOs.
  • Top Ten Ways to Support Non-Profits. A blog about different ways you can support non-profits.

Best Non-Profit Blogs:

1. Beth's Blog

Beth Kanter, a nonprofit specialist with more than 30 years of experience in nonprofit technology, training, capacity development, evaluation, fundraising, and marketing, is the author of Beth's blog.

Her site is dedicated to assisting charitable organisations in using social media to increase donations, attendance, and participation. She has also penned a book named The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout and The Networked Nonprofit.

2. Donorbox Nonprofit Blog

Donorbox Nonprofit Blog is a hub of resources where NGOs may get information on effective fundraising. On subjects ranging from managing donors to accepting gifts to maximising various fundraising seasons, you'll find practical techniques, suggestions, and recommendations.

An improved contribution checkout procedure is offered through the platform for recurring donations known as Donorbox to charitable organisations.

3. Get Fully Funded

Get Fully Funded seeks to educate NGOs about every facet of obtaining and administering financing. Their aim is reflected in their blog, which has clear writing and a wealth of information about grant opportunities, financial management, and fundraising tactics.

4. Bloomerang

For charitable organisations and fundraising experts, the Bloomerang blog delivers updates, insights, and articles.

The nonprofit donor management software called Bloomerang was created with the community in mind to improve the donating experience and support organisations.

5. Network for Good

Network for Good concentrates on providing NGOs with the guidance they require to expand their marketing approach.

Their blog is divided into sections like "best practises," "marketing," and "fundraising," and you can use the "themes" and "resource kinds" filters to focus your search on certain articles.

Guide: How To Find Content Ideas

Finding the right content type and topic for your blog is critical. The last thing you want is to spend hours and days writing a piece of content that doesn’t end up performing well.

We’ve outlined tips to help you find the right blog post topic

1. Find Blog Post Topics Using Google

Google search is a great (and free) tool for finding a content type and topic.

You can actually use google autocomplete to see what people are searching for:


2. Find Blog Post Ideas Through Competitors and Useful Websites

A great way to find content types is by seeing what your competitors with similar audiences are doing.

There are a few different ways you can do this:

  • Manually going through different websites to see what others are writing about
  • Use a tool like ahrefs to see top-performing websites and topics

3. Find Content Ideas Using Google Search Console

Google search console is a great and free way to see what your audience is searching for:


4. Make Sure You Can Perform Well For The Content

Just because your audience is searching for something, doesn’t always mean you can win for that content.

Consider looking at existing search results and other top-performing websites. Then, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are these top-performing sites massive businesses? If so, what would it take to rank for something like this?
  • Is the existing content in the search results good quality?
  • Are there ways that I can improve this content type? (ie. adding photos, videos, optimizing keywords, making the posts longer and more valuable to the reader, etc)

Different Blog Post Types (& How To Use Them)

How-to-guide content

How-to-guides are a great way to share insight and knowledge across your audience.

These guides are informative and teach your reader how to complete a given task using step-by-step instructions.

The more value and answers you bring to your reader, the more they are likely to return to your site and, eventually, turn into a customer. Here a few things to remember when writing your "how-to-guide:"

  • Write directly to your reader with clear and concise instructions
  • Identify the logical order of your instructions and use numbered lists
  • Use headings and bold to identify key stages in your step-by-step guide
  • Use photos and videos as much as possible to provide context to your reader

List-based content

Lists are a great way to consolidate information and provide your user with a quick and simple read.

For those that want a quick answer or don’t have time to read a long article, lists are a great way to quickly answer your searcher's query.

List content is great for driving traffic to your blog, and they are often quick to create.

Other blog post types

There are various other blog post styles you can use to create content.

When you combine a mix of different blog post styles into your content strategy, you create an engaging experience for your audience.

Here are some other blog post styles you should consider experimenting with:

  • Ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Video content
  • Case studies
  • Interviews or Q&A's

Final Thoughts

Finding a blog post topic and writing a great blog post involves research, basic SEO knowledge, and time.

It’s important to consider all of these factors prior to writing a blog post so you can make the most of your time and resources.

If you're looking for more tips and strategies to grow your business, check out our business ideas database here

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