Top 18 VC Firms in Mumbai [2022]

Top 18 VC Firms in Mumbai [2022]

Are you looking for a VC firm for your Mumbai-based startup?

According to innovation policy advisory and research firm Startup Genome, Mumbai Tops the list of top 100 emerging startup ecosystems.

With an ecosystem value of $16.3 Billion, Mumbai ranks top among the fast-growing ecosystems in areas of funding, performance, market research, and talent.

According to research firm Tracxn, Mumbai is home to over 7,700 startups, with 7 unicorns in its bag.

Besides, the city has nearly two dozen startup incubators, scores of co-working spaces, and tens of global VC firms.

There are a number of successful venture capital firms in Mumbai and we've curated a list of the best local firms in the area. Additionally, we provide you with:

  • Investment size
  • Funding stages
  • Typical industries the firm works with
  • Well known companies the VC firm has invested in

Here's the list:

1. Apax Partners

  • Location: Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Munich, New York, Shanghai, Tel Aviv.
  • Industries: Tech, Services, Healthcare, Internet/consumer
  • Investment Range: $1M - $5M
  • Stage: Seed Stage, Stage A, Stage B, Stace C.
  • Companies invested in:Fractal, Inmarsat, Lexitas, Trademe, PibGroup, Idealista, Mycase, InnovAge.

Apax Partners invests in early-stage and late-stage companies focusing on Technology, Services, Healthcare, or internet sectors. The investment management team combines global expertise with local insights to help the investee company scale.

The team at Apax remains committed to building ideas that transform businesses. The VC firm invests between USD1M and USD 5Million

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2. Sequoia Capital

  • Location: Sydney, Menlo Park, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Hong Kong, California, Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore
  • Industries: Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, E-Commerce
  • Investment Range: $100K - $2M
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: 100 Thieves, Alkira, Bibit, 23andMe

Created in 2004, Sequoia Capital possesses a huge portfolio of head-leading companies in different areas, also interesting technologies companies and new business ideas into disruptive, fast-growing businesses.

They typically invest between $100K to $2M at the primary stage.

Learn more about Sequoia Capital ➜


3. Matrix Partners India

  • Location: Bangalore, Mumbai, India
  • Industries: Technology, Software, Media, Consumer, Enterprise
  • Investment Range: $10M - $50M
  • Stage: Seed Stage - Series A
  • Companies invested in: Affirmed, Canva, Bugsnag

Matrix Partners India is an early-stage investor funding Seed Stage to Series A companies mostly dealing in technology, software, and media sectors.

They have been successfully providing seed and growth capital to a wide number of companies across industries for more than 40 years.

The firm typically invests around $10M to $50M in their portfolio companies.

Learn more about Matrix Partners India ➜


4. Kae Capital

  • Location: Mumbai, Bangalore
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: up to $3Million
  • Stage: Series A and B rounds
  • Companies invested in: Freightwalla, HealtHKART, Hiver, Hippo Video, Disprz, HST Solar, Hypernova Interactive, InnovCare.

Kae Capital seeks to invest in early-stage companies, helping them acquire capital for growth. The VC firm invests in companies, which bring about innovative solutions for the existing gaps in the markets. Typically, Kae Capital focuses on investing in innovation, leadership, and growth.

Therefore, they invest in companies that show great potential, helping them reach the next level and helping them maximize potential. This includes companies focusing on areas such as mobile, e-Commerce, education, healthcare, consumer internet, and so on. The VC firm invests up to $3Million in the entire life cycle.

To achieve the objectives, Kae brings in the expertise of identifying and building large companies even from scratch. The team at Kae capital offers a wide range of experience in helping companies to grow, fill gaps in the market, and help create a strong company overall.

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5. Z Nation Lab

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: $50K - $250K
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Beehero, Hotify,, Delightree, Fampay, Knight fintech, Odeko, Proven, Ubits.

Z Nation Lab is an early-stage VC firm investing in seed-stage and pre-series startups that have shown a high-growth potential. The VC firm works closely with business founders helping them make strategic decisions when it comes to business technology, scaleup decisions, and building a team of superstars.

Working with founders across every sector, the VC firm employs proven solutions geared towards enabling the startups to reach for success. Their typical investment range is between $50K and $250K per startup.

Learn more about Z Nation Lab ➜


6. Ankur Capital

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Industries: agritech, food, health and education sectors
  • Investment Range: $500K-$5Million
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: AgricX, Captain Fresh, Vegrow, Scop[in, ERC, Karma, Health Sutra, Jiny, Tessol, Niramai, String Bio.

Ankur Capital is an early-stage VC firm focusing on building successful startups. The VC firm partners with founders who dream of being the architects of innovation within the agritech, food, health, and education sectors.

Ankur works with business founders, helping them raise capital, providing management advice, business support, and the tools they need to realize and attain their full potential. The VC firm provides funding of between $500K and $5million, dedicating the funds to helping companies create the biggest impact.

Learn more about Ankur Capital ➜


7. Omidyar Network India

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Industries: Governance and Citizen engagement, Property Rights, Education, Financial Inclusion, Digital Society, Emerging Technology.
  • Investment Range: $30M - $150M
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: iMerit, Bijak, Goodera, NowFloats, Drinkprime, FarMart.

Omidyar Network India funds in early-stage enterprises that focus on Governance and Citizen Engagement, Property Rights, Education, Financial Inclusion, Digital Society, Emerging Technology.

The VC firm is part of the Omidyar Group, a diverse collection of companies supported by Pam and Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay. The firm typically invests anywhere from $30 to $50 million in its portfolio companies.

Learn more about Omidyar Network India ➜


8. Advent International

  • Location: New York, Boston, Palo Alto, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Luxembourg, Milan, Mumbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Paris, Bogota, Sao Paulo.
  • Industries: Business & Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, Consumer & Leisure, Technology.
  • Investment Range: $50 Million to $2Billion
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: GS Capsule, Orveon, Iodine software, Merama, Assembly, Ebanx, Shift Technology, BigID, Hypr, Wiz.

Advent international invests in companies focusing on Business & Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, Consumer & Leisure, and Technology. The VC firm has been operational for over three decades and made over 380 private equity investments in over 40 countries.

Advent International does not designate any fixed percentage of capital to any particular geographical zone or sector. Instead, they are keen to respond to changing market conditions and to dynamically allocate capital and resources to the most attractive Private Equity Investment opportunities across their target sectors.

Advent International invests anywhere from $50 Million to $2Billion of equity.

Learn more about Advent International ➜


9. Orios Venture Partners

  • Location: Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurugram.
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: WeRise, LetsMD, Yumlane, Harbon, Golbol, Leher, Country Delight, Boonbox.

Orios Venture Partners is a technology-focused VC firm investing in startups in B2C, and B2B markets. The VC firm seeks to assist early-stage companies scale by providing access to funding, as well as business management expertise.

Orios Venture partners consist of a mix of entrepreneurs and those with consumer operating experience to help the early stage comp0anies in scaling up operations, hiring, marketing as well as building a brand story.

Learn more about Orios Venture Partners ➜


10. India Quotient

  • Location: Mumbai, Bengaluru
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Webengage, Fleetx, Vyapar, Pagarbook, and powerplay.

India Quotient invests in early-stage VC firms committed to solving rather complex problems. Focusing on a wide range of sectors, the VC firm targets entrepreneurs whose solutions, disrupt an entire industry or shake up the norms. They remain available and ready to assist the portfolio companies to meet their targets and business goals.

The VC firm provides access to a network of founders, where entrepreneurs seek to come together with an aim of solving problems.

Learn more about India Quotient ➜


11. Acumen

  • Location: Mumbai, Nairobi, New York, San Francisco, Bogota, London, Karachi, Lagos.
  • Industries: Agriculture, education, clean energy and healthcare.
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed- to early-stage
  • Companies invested in: Aarusha homes, Acceso, Aga Khan, Asian Health Alliance, ARC Health Justice, Ansaar, Azahar Coffee.

Acumen is an early-stage venture fund targeting companies that seek to enable social enterprise, validate assumptions, and bring products and services to market. The VC firm invests in seed- to early-stage companies within the Agriculture, education, clean energy, and healthcare sectors.

Through Acumen fund, entrepreneurs have access to capital, enabling their startups' flexibility and security to grow their business and reach as many customers as possible.

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12. Blenheim Chalcot

  • Location: Mumbai, London, New York
  • Industries: Property, Media, Fintech, Edtech, Technology & Services.
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Early Stage
  • Companies invested in: Agilisys, Avado, Clearscore, Contentive, Fospha Marketing, Hive Learning, Instrumental, Koodoo, Liberis, Modulr, OpenWrks.

Blenheim Charlot invests its resources, infrastructure, network, and experience to help entrepreneurs take their ideas from conception to scale, and into maturity then exits. The VC firm targets firms within the Property, Media, Fintech, Edtech, and Technology sectors.

Blenheim implements a hands-on model where the founders of portfolio companies work side-by-side with experienced entrepreneurs. The portfolio companies also have access to a central pool of shared services such as legal advice, finance expertise, talent acquisition, and online marketing.

Learn more about Blenheim Chalcot ➜


13. Blume Ventures

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Procol, Tartan Sense, Sourcewiz, Smartstaff, Uolo, InTouchApp, Exotel, Kuliza, Routematic, Printo.

Blume Ventures funds early-stage companies that have shown the potential for growth.

Apart from funding, the venture capitalist provides expertise and guidance needed to help the companies grow.

The venture capitalist funds firm in AgriTech, BioTech, CleanTech, Commerce, Healthcare, FinTech, Gaming, B2B services, Software, and Real Estate firms.

Learn more about Blume Ventures ➜


14. Guild Capital

  • Location: Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, Pune.
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Dr, Squatch, Home Chef, Homage, TechStyle, Ruggable, Winc, Spot & Tango, Voyage, Reggie.

Guild Capital is an early-stage VC firm investing in technology-enabled businesses that focus on bringing scalable, capital-efficient solutions to consumer and enterprise markets.

The VC firm seeks to connect portfolio companies to investment professionals and domain experts who bring rich experience when it comes to management consulting, private equity, executive recruitment, and digital marketing. Rich in business management talent, Guild Capital aims at helping early-stage founders build excellent businesses.

They seek to become trusted partners by constantly adding value.

Learn more about Guild Capital ➜


15. Nexus Venture Partner

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage, Series A
  • Companies invested in: Clover Health, Craftsvilla, CrelloHealth, Circle Of Life, Ask Nicely, Astrid, Apollo, CipherStash.

Nexus Venture Partners provides venture funding to companies focusing on global technology products, and technology-led businesses.

Investing in seed-stage and Series A firms, Nexus Venture Partners provide a long-term commitment, and works closely with the beneficiary firms, helping them to scale to new markets and to adopt global best practices.

Learn more about Nexus Venture Partner ➜


16. Aavishkaar Venture Capital

  • Location: Mumbai, Nairobi
  • Industries: Food & agriculture, finance and essential service sectors
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Early to Growth stages
  • Companies invested in: AgroStar, Altum Credo, Arohan, EPS, Ergos, Connect India, Chqbook, Fabelio, GoBolt, Grasshoppers.

Aavishkaar Venture Capital invests is a multi-stage VC firm seeking to support business growth within the Food & agriculture, finance and essential service sectors. The VC firm seeks to create livelihoods, reduce vulnerabilities, and provide access to essential products and services that target populations.

Learn more about Aavishkaar Venture Capital ➜


17. Omnivore Partners

  • Location: Mumbai, Delhi
  • Industries: Agriculture & Food sectors
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Stage Agnostic
  • Companies invested in: AgNext,Arya, Barrix, BfaratAgri, Animall, DGV, Fasal, Farmley, Dvara E-Registry, Clover.

Omnivore Partners is a stage agnostic VC firm investing in startups that venture into Agriculture and food systems. The VC firm seeks to impact the lives of smallholder farmers within the rural communities by providing venture capital and technical expertise required to transform agriculture and ensure profitable ventures

Learn more about Omnivore Partners ➜


18. Next Orbit Ventures

  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Industries: Consumer & Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Early stages
  • Companies invested in: Mercator, FemtoDx, Thyrocare, RBL Bank, ActoFit, PnB Housing, Primarc, Infibeam.

Next Orbit Ventures is a growing VC firm targeting innovative, and scalable companies within the consumer and technology sectors.

The early-stage to growth-stage VC firm targets innovative companies within artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, block chain, and IoT sectors.

Learn more about Next Orbit Ventures ➜


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