Los Angeles 20 Best Startup Accelerators & Incubators [2022]

Los Angeles 20 Best Startup Accelerators & Incubators [2022]

Are you looking for an accelerator program in Los Angeles?

According to the Mayor of LA, Los Angeles is known as one of the top 10 startup ecosystems in the world.

If you're starting a business in Los Angeles, you might be wondering what startup accelerators or business incubators exist in the area.

In this list, you'll find the best business incubators, startup incubators, startup accelerators in . Here's the full list:

Startup Accelerators & Business Incubators In Los Angeles

# Accelerator/Incubator Funding Location Apply
1 Amplify LA $50K-$200K Los Angeles Apply
2 Founder Institute $200K Los Angeles Apply
3 Cedars Sinai Accelerator $100K Los Angeles Apply
4 Disney Accelerator $20K-$100K Los Angeles Apply
5 Techstars $20K Global Apply
6 LA Cleantech Incubator $160K Los Angeles Apply
7 Launchpad LA $25K-$100K Los Angeles Apply
8 Viterbi Startup Garage $50K Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles County Apply
9 K5 Ventures $10K - $250K Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Orange County, Beijing Apply
10 Mucker Lab $21K Santa Monica,Los Angeles County Apply
11 MiLA Capital $100K-$500K Los Angeles Apply
12 Starburst Aerospace Accelerator $50M Los Angeles/Paris/Singapore/San Francisco/Munich/Montreal Apply
13 TYLT Ventures $100K to $4M Santa Monica, Los Angeles County Apply
14 IdeaLab Not Disclosed Pasadena, Los Angeles County Apply
15 Grid 110 Los Angeles Apply
16 Startup UCLA Not Disclosed Los Angeles Apply
17 Global Sports Veture Studio Varies Los Angeles Apply
18 Startup Boost Not Disclosed Los Angeles Apply
19 Food Centricity Not Disclosed Los Angeles Apply
20 Hub 101 Not Disclosed Westlake Village, Los Angeles Apply

1. Amplify LA

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Technology Industry

  • Investment Size: $50K-$200K

  • Program: 4-8 Months

Amplify accelerators program in LA helps entrepreneurs in the niche of technology to build, and grow their startups into profitable, strong, and scalable businesses. They not only invest and provide seed funds at an early age, but also provide startups with top-notch talented mentors, and also help to build connections with investors for additional capital.

Apply to Amplify LA, or learn more ➜

2. Founder Institute

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: All Industries

  • Investment Size: $200K

  • Program: 4 Months

Founder Institute is a pre-seed accelerator program where they work with entrepreneurs at an early stage of their business. They support startups by investing in their idea and providing mentorship from high-class mentors. They are known to help entrepreneurs face the many challenges of getting a business off the ground.

Apply to Founder Institute , or learn more ➜


3. Cedars Sinai Accelerator

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Healthcare Industries

  • Investment Size: $100K

  • Program: 3 Months

Cedars Sinai is a three-month accelerator program based in Los Angeles, which provides healthcare companies with seed funding and mentorship from world-class executives, researchers, physicians, healthcare professionals, and clinicians. By joining this accelerator program startups will get access to connect with international healthcare investors. Entrepreneurs will also get some exclusive benefits and perks that will help them grow and scale their businesses.

Apply to Cedars Sinai Accelerator, or learn more ➜

4. Disney Accelerator

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Media and Entertainment Industries

  • Investment Size: $20K-$100K

  • Program: 3 Months

Disney Accelerator program was founded in the year 2014 with the motive of helping venture-backed and growth-stage startups to make an impact and be successful in the entertainment and media industry. During this program, the companies will be provided with investment capital, guidance, and mentorship from the top executives, officials, investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders at Disney. The participating companies will also get exclusive access to the co-working space at the creative campus of Disney.

Apply to Disney Accelerator, or learn more ➜

5. Techstars

  • Location: Global
  • Industry: All Industries
  • Investment Size: $20K
  • Program: 3 months
  • Equity Taken: Not Disclosed

Techstars runs a three-month accelerator program in which they provide mentorship and raise funding for the startups of any industry. At Techstars, they have a powerful team of mentors, corporate partners, and investors who will provide startups with workshops, innumerable experiences, curated resources, fundraising opportunities, and build a successful company.

Apply to Techstars, or learn more ➜


6. LA Cleantech Incubator

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Cleantech enery, sustainable cities and transportation

  • Investment Size: $160K

  • Program: 2 years

LA Cleantech Incubator or LACI helps startups in bringing a game-changing innovation if it focuses on clean energy, transportation and mobility, and smart cities. This program focuses on the economic, social, and environmental impact of cleantech startups and creates green jobs. Through their workshops, pilots, and programs they empower startups to accelerate the commercialization of clean technologies.

Apply to LA Cleantech Incubator , or learn more ➜

7. Launchpad LA

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Technology Industry

  • Investment Size: $25K-$100K

  • Program: 4 Months

Launchpad LA is the top startup accelerator program that runs for four months. By becoming a part of this program, startups will receive seed funding of $25K to $100K, guidance and mentorship from experienced mentors, investors, advisors, and executives, and tons of exclusive and free perks. At Launchpad LA startups will get free offline space at Santa Monica for the period of the program, and thus this accelerator program helps technology startups flourish and become successful business ventures.

Apply to Launchpad LA, or learn more ➜

8. Viterbi Startup Garage

  • Location: Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles County

  • Industry: Technology Industry

  • Investment Size: $50K

  • Program: 12 weeks

Viterbi Startup Garage is a program for seed-stage technology startups that focuses to stimulate the growth of these ventures through innovation and alumni networks, mentors, investors, and potential partners. They are known to provide tactical assistance to entrepreneurs through innovator-in-residence coaching, events, and workshops. The main aim of Viterbi Startup Garage is to accelerate startup business to next level and make it a successful revenue-generating venture.

Apply to Viterbi Startup Garage, or learn more ➜

9. K5 Ventures

  • Location: Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Orange County, Beijing
  • Industry: Technology Industry
  • Investment Size: $10K - $250K
  • Program: 3-6 Months
  • Equity Taken: *Not Disclosed *

K5 Ventures offers an accelerator program that invests in early-stage business startups with technology-driven and impactful business ideas.

They provide resources and capital to early-stage companies and use a hands-on investment approach, thus providing them with key milestones.

The team here accelerates startup companies through impactful and big ideas, mentorship, and helping them build products.

Apply to K5 Ventures, or learn more ➜


10. Mucker Lab

  • Location: Santa Monica,Los Angeles County

  • Industry: Internet Software, Media and Services

  • Investment Size: $21K

  • Program: 6-12 Months

MuckerLab accelerator program is quite different from a typical accelerator program, as it doesn’t host three-month boot camps or demo days rather it just focuses on building a successful company in 12 months or however time it takes to do so. At MuckerLab companies are being accelerated through a cookie-cutter approach. It does pre-seed investment in the startup firms and helps them to revamp their old business strategy thus increasing revenue growth and market opportunities for the firm.

Apply to Mucker Lab, or learn more ➜

11. MiLA Capital

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Food Tech, Agriculture Tech, Automation, Health&Wellness, Climate Tech, Mobility and Aerospace

  • Investment Size: $100K-$500K

  • Program: 4 Months

MiLA Capital or Make in LA is an accelerator program where startups are bombarded with resources. They invest in pre-seed and seed-stage startups in the sectors of food & agriculture tech, climate tech, automation, health& wellness, and mobility& aerospace. At Make in LA, entrepreneurs can build a capital-efficient business, through the deep network and hands-on operating strategy of the accelerator program.

Apply to MiLA Capital, or learn more ➜

12. Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

  • Location: Los Angeles/Paris/Singapore/San Francisco/Munich/Montreal

  • Industry: Aerospace

  • Investment Size: $50M

  • Program: 12 weeks

Starburst Aerospace Accelerator program is the first accelerator program globally in the field of aviation and space. They invest in the future of aerospace and help aerospace startups with fundraising, and networking. At Starburst Aerospace Accelerator startups will be able to build a strong network, gain knowledge of resources, connect with tech and aerospace entrepreneurs and develop their brand's equity.

Apply to Starburst Aerospace Accelerator, or learn more ➜

13. TYLT Ventures

  • Location: Santa Monica, Los Angeles County

  • Industry: Technology Industry

  • Investment Size: $100K to $4M

  • Program: Not Disclosed

TYLT Ventures was founded in 2013 by Gerard Casale and Rami Rostam. Their goal is to help the founders and entrepreneurs who have a disruptive business and a commitment to success. They invest in companies that are on the verge of significant growth and deploy a hands-on working experience to them. They strongly believe in adding value to the business beyond just contributing capital to it. Their advisory services include strategy consulting, business capital, technology project management, branding and marketing planning, and IPO advisory.

Apply to TYLT Ventures, or learn more ➜

14. IdeaLab

  • Location: Pasadena, Los Angeles County

  • Industry: Technology Industry

  • Investment Size: Not Disclosed

  • Program: Not Disclosed

IdeaLab is the longest-running program founded in the year 1996, by Bill Gross, and to date, it has created over 150 plus successful companies with 45 plus IPOs and acquisitions. They believe that if entrepreneurs have a great idea, they can help them convert it into a great company. They are known to first see the idea and if they find it promising, then they hire a team and spin it off into a company and thus making the business grow successfully.

Apply to IdeaLab, or learn more ➜

15. Grid 110

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: All tech enabled business

  • Program: 3 Months

Grid 110 accelerator program focuses to create pathways to success for early-stage entrepreneurs and startup firms. Unlike other accelerator programs and incubators, Grid 110 does not invest financially in the business, rather they help them by providing them co-working space, valuable resources, and mentorship. The group of experts at Grid 110 have greater business ideas and flexibility in working, and thus they help entrepreneurs/startups in every way possible.

Apply to Grid 110, or learn more ➜

16. Startup UCLA

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Tech or tech-enabled startup

  • Investment Size: Not Disclosed

  • Program: 10 weeks

Startup UCLA is a summer accelerator program that helps early-stage tech startup companies with guidance, mentorship, legal service and also provides them with a workspace. In this 10 week program, member companies will be introduced to top investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, and experts in web-related topics. At the end of the program, startups can pitch their company to investors.

Apply to Startup UCLA, or learn more ➜

17. Global Sports Veture Studio

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Sports, Tcehnology and Media Industries

  • Investment Size: Varies

  • Program: 3 Months

Global Sports Venture Studio hosts a three-month accelerator program, where they invest in startups in the niche of sports, media, and technology industries, and help them push their business forward through new strategies and innovations. They also help them to connect to leaders and investors globally, explore new business models, and accelerate the growth of their products and services.

Apply to Global Sports Veture Studio, or learn more ➜

18. Startup Boost

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Tech or tech-enabled startup

  • Investment Size: Not Disclosed

  • Program: 6 weeks

Startup Boost is an accelerator program for pre-seed startups and helps with investment, revenue generation, and acceleration. In this 6-week accelerator program, startups are provided 1-on-1 mentorship with experts, hands-on experience, and pitch coaching. They also help entrepreneurs in building connections with investors, top accelerators, and industry partners.

Apply to Startup Boost , or learn more ➜

19. Food Centricity

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Industry: Food Industry

  • Investment Size: Not Disclosed

  • Program: 6-8 Weeks

Food Centricity is an accelerator program that supports early and growth-stage food companies. Its mission is to help small companies to compete with renowned brands in the market. Their main focus is to break the market for startups, help them remove business and financial barriers, and provide them with all the necessary resources for grooming, growing, and launching a food business.

Apply to Food Centricity, or learn more ➜

20. Hub 101

  • Location: Westlake Village, Los Angeles

  • Industry: Technology Industry

  • Investment Size: Not Disclosed

  • Program: 12 weeks

Hub 101 is a place for early-stage startups to grow, experiment, and discover with a fully dedicated community of people, who transforms ideas of today into industry-defining operations of tomorrow. They will provide mentorship from top-notch mentors to entrepreneurs and an extremely productive co-working space with a variety of resources that acts as fuel for your powerful growth.

Apply to Hub 101, or learn more ➜

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