London's 15 Best Startup Accelerators & Incubators [2022]

London's 15 Best Startup Accelerators & Incubators [2022]

Are you looking for an accelerator program in London city?

Did you know that according to Forbes, London Remains Europe’s Dominant Startup Investment Magnet?

If you're starting a startup in London, you might be wondering what startup accelerators or incubators exist in the area. Here's the full list:

Startup Accelerators & Business Incubators In London

# Accelerator/Incubator Funding Location Apply
1 Seedcamp 400K-750K GBP London Apply
2 Startupbootcamp 15K EUR London/Ne... Apply
3 RocketSpace Not Disclosed London/Sa... Apply
4 Techstars $20K Global Apply
5 Founders Factory 30K GBP London, N... Apply
6 Barclays Accelerator 120K GBP London/Ne... Apply
7 Activate 100K GBP London Apply
8 Bethnal Green Ventures 30K GBP London Apply
9 Collider $100K Global Apply
10 CyLon 15K GBP London Apply
11 Entrepreneur First Not Disclosed Global Apply
12 Founder Institute $200K London Apply
13 JLAB 10K GBP London Apply
14 R/GA IoT Venture Studio 75K GBP London Apply
15 Wayra $50K London, B... Apply


1. Seedcamp

  • Location: London

  • Industry: Technology Industry

  • Investment Size: 400K-750K GBP

  • Program: 3 Months

Seedcamp invests in early-stage startup firms that aim to target large, global markets and solve real problems by using technology. They are supported by angel investors, top venture capitalists, and corporate entities. To date, they have helped 380+ startups and have raised global funding of more than $5B to support them. They have a vast team of experts, investors, tech-lovers, founders, operators, and executors who support the growth of startup businesses through various means.

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2. Startupbootcamp

  • Location: London/New York/Amsterdam and more

  • Industry: InsureTech

  • Investment Size: 15K EUR

  • Program: 3 Months

Startupbootcamp is a global accelerator program that hosts many programs that focuses on a specific technology vertical such as; finance, commerce, food, fashion, transportation, energy, sports, and media. These programs are held in major cities like New York, Amsterdam, London, Melbourne, Dubai, and many more. The branch of Startupbootcamp in London offers a 3-month accelerator program to insurance and financial startups. During this program, startups are provided with mentorship from experts, free offline space, and extensive support from top entrepreneurs, investors, and alumni.

Apply to Startupbootcamp, or learn more ➜

3. RocketSpace

  • Location: London/San Francisco

  • Industry: Technology, Food&Agriculture, Media, Retail, Ad-Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunications, Automotive, Electronics, and more.

  • Investment Size: Not Disclosed

  • Program: 6 Months

RocketSpace is a technology accelerator program that supports later-stage startups who want to validate and grow their business in the industry. This 6-month program is designed to provide strategic development to startups through partnership and collaboration opportunities with highly qualified corporators. RocketSpace provides many benefits to startups such as; industry knowledge, help in solving business challenges, building a network with leading industry investors, pilot testing of the products, mentorship from top experts, investment opportunities, and gaining brand and product exposure.

Apply to RocketSpace , or learn more ➜

4. Techstars

  • Location: Global
  • Industry: All Industries
  • Investment Size: $20K
  • Program: 3 months
  • Equity Taken: Not Disclosed

Techstars runs a three-month accelerator program in which they provide mentorship and raise funding for the startups of any industry. At Techstars, they have a powerful team of mentors, corporate partners, and investors who will provide startups with workshops, innumerable experiences, curated resources, fundraising opportunities, and build a successful company.

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5. Founders Factory

  • Location: London, New York, Johannesberg, Paris
  • Industry: Technology Industry
  • Investment Size: 30K GBP
  • Program: 6 Months
  • Equity Taken: Not Disclosed

Founders Factory is an accelerator program that provides help to both early and later-stage startups to scale their business through their 6-month program that is tailored according to the needs and growth objectives of a particular startup. They provide startups with a team of experts who have deep entrepreneurial, investment and industry experience over the years. These experts will help startups with fundraising, product designing, strategic partnership, recruitment, corporate development, networking and communications, design implementation, and growth.

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6. Barclays Accelerator

  • Location: London/New York

  • Industry: FinTech

  • Investment Size: 120K GBP

  • Program: 13 Weeks

Barclays accelerator powered by Techstars gives access to industry experts, clients, and mentors to the fintech startups in the 13-week accelerator program so that startup businesses can reach new heights. In this program, startups are provided with various resources, and opportunities are given to them to present their business idea to the top-notch tech community and get funds for their startups.

Apply to Barclays Accelerator, or learn more ➜

7. Activate

  • Location: London

  • Industry: Digital Industry

  • Investment Size: 100K GBP

  • Program: 6 Weeks

Activate is a digital startup studio that supports entrepreneurs and startups who want to make a positive impact in the world. They work with startups who have an excellent idea for a business centered on digital platforms and helps them face difficult business challenges and make them both investment and business ready. Through their acceleration program, they share their knowledge with startups, provide them mentorship through webinars and workshops, and help them to raise capital by building the business into an offer that investors can’t refuse.

Apply to Activate, or learn more ➜


8. Bethnal Green Ventures

  • Location: London

  • Industry: SocialTech and EnvironmentalTech

  • Investment Size: 30K GBP

  • Program: 12 Weeks

Bethnal Green Ventures (BGV) invests in early-stage startups that use technology to tackle social and environmental issues and aim to improve millions of lives. They invest in the idea of healthy lives, a better society, and a sustainable planet. They provide founders with mentorship, investment, support, network, and expertise to build and launch a successful business firm. BGV also provides seed funding, life-long support, and follow-on funding opportunities to the startups.

Apply to Bethnal Green Ventures, or learn more ➜

9. Collider

  • Location: Global

  • Industry: Commerce and Advertising

  • Investment Size: $100K

  • Program: 12 Weeks

Collider is an accelerator program dedicated to commerce, marketing, and advertising tech startups. This is a leading program that focuses on supercharging startups and accelerating brands. They invest in madtech startups and scale their innovative technology to corporate and investors and deliver returns. Collider is backed by leading corporates and investors who add far more than just capital to the portfolio startups.

Apply to Collider, or learn more ➜


10. CyLon

  • Location: London

  • Industry: Security Technology

  • Investment Size: 15K GBP

  • Program: 13 Weeks

CyLon is a leading accelerator and a seed investment program in the niche of cyber-security. Its mission is to find and grow security technologies for the future. This program helps and supports entrepreneurs and startups who want to build a secure foundation for the future digital world. CyLon does its job through three core initiatives and gives necessary training to startups for building and growing a successful cyber-security firm.

Apply to CyLon, or learn more ➜


11. Entrepreneur First

  • Location: Global
  • Industry: Technology Industry
  • Investment Size: Not Disclosed
  • Program: 6 Months
  • Equity Taken: Not Disclosed

Entrepreneur First is a place where entrepreneurs can meet and network with exceptional co-founders to develop a tech business together. They offer a company builder program that invests in individuals, who doesn’t even have a team or impactful idea, but when they leave, they do as a company. In this program, entrepreneurs are supported by advisors and venture partners and they even get paid to test their ideas. In the end, they are introduced to potential investors and help them in raising their first round of funding.

Apply to Entrepreneur First, or learn more ➜

12. Founder Institute

  • Location: London

  • Industry: Technology Industry

  • Investment Size: $200K

  • Program: 4 Months

Founder Institute is a pre-seed accelerator program that helps early-stage startups to build successful business firms. This program invests in the success of tech startups and helps them in the business-building process. They invest up to $200K in the pre-seed or early-stage startups and provide them mentorship and fundraising opportunities. To date, they have successfully helped 5000+ companies worldwide through a critical support network, challenging process, structured methodology, global network, and lifetime support.

Apply to Founder Institute, or learn more ➜

13. JLAB

  • Location: London

  • Industry: Retail Tech

  • Investment Size: 10K GBP

  • Program: 15 Weeks

JLAB is owned by John Lewis Partnership which is one of the largest retailers and supermarkets in Britain. The main focus of this accelerator program is to help scale and invest in retail tech startups that can become a part of Waitrose or John Lewis Supply Chain in the future. The main advantage of this program is that startups will get access to the world’s largest retail experts, mentors, and an opportunity to build professional relations with the top industry corporates. Startups will also be provided with a space to test their product, meetings, workshops, links and networks of investors, and learning opportunities from industry leaders.

Apply to JLAB, or learn more ➜


14. R/GA IoT Venture Studio

  • Location: London

  • Industry: Digital Technology, Fintech, Smart City Technology, Internet of Things and Connected Spaces.

  • Investment Size: 75K GBP

  • Program: 3 Months

R/GA IoT Venture Studio runs in partnership with Innovate UK, for early, middle, and later-stage startups. Its main focus is on helping entrepreneurs and startups who are turning towards IoT technology to rethink how we engage and communicate with each other. They provide startups with capital investment, co-working space, workshops, and curriculum based on the individual needs of each startup. Startups are also provided with mentorship, partnership, market strategy support, branding services, from the world-class staff of R/GA.

Apply to R/GA IoT Venture Studio, or learn more ➜


15. Wayra

  • Location: London, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and more

  • Industry: Digital Technology Industries

  • Investment Size: $50K

  • Program: 12 Months

Wayra, owned by Telefonica Innovation is an accelerator program for early-stage digital technology startups. Its main focus is on scaling startups by connecting technological disruptors and Telefonica around the globe. This program runs in 10 different countries and to date, they have helped thousands of tech companies through their global partnership and investor network. They also provide in-depth business advice, mentorship, masterclasses, 1-on-1 meeting opportunities, offline co-working space, and fundraising opportunities to the startups.

Apply to Wayra, or learn more ➜

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