Lean Sponsorships: How We Closed Over $650k In Deals

Updated: August 17th, 2023

I spent the last 5 years learning more than I ever thought I would about how to make money from brand deals and sponsorships.

And to date, we’ve done over $653,000 in sponsorship deals.

And now I'm sharing everything with you (64+ pages)

So you can go make a ton of $ from brand deals.

This doc is for anyone that’s running a small media operation.

Newsletter, YouTube channel, podcast, Instagram page, blog, etc.

You know how to build an audience, and you know how to get views.

But… you still feel you’re leaving money on the table in terms of brand deals.

I’m going to show you:

  • How to identify the right brands to work with (the ones that will pay big $)
  • How to charge $10K minimum for a deal (no more “test runs”)
  • How to get brands to notice you (and drive 10x more inbound)
  • How to create one killer offer and leverage it to sell big ticket deals
  • Our exact emails, negotiations, pitches, contracts, SOPs for every scenario you could imagine (steal them).

-> Read The Full Report (google doc)

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