Lean Email: How We Make $30K/Mo With Email Marketing

Updated: February 25th, 2024

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Hi! I'm Pat Walls, the creator of Starter Story.

When I ask founders about how they're doing email marketing, the typical answer I hear is...

"Oh we send a newsletter every now and then..."

This always blows my mind, because I've found email marketing to be, by far, the most effective way to make extra money as an online business.

To put things into perspective: Starter Story generates $30K/month purely from the emails we send.

This is a course that goes over exactly how we do this.

About this course

160+ slides and over 3 hours of video where you can learn:

  1. How to capture more emails.
  2. How to send more (and better) emails.
  3. How to generate more revenue from every email that gets sent.

Pricing & Purchase

The price of this course is $249. You can purchase it here.

Why did we create this?

Lean Email is the result of our obsession with three things:

  1. Capturing more emails.
  2. Sending more (and better) emails.
  3. Generating more revenue from every email we send.

I've hundreds of experiments.

I'll tell you what worked and what didn't work and what you should do to make more money from your email marketing efforts.

And what were the results of these experiments?

  • 1,200 people subscribe to our email list every day
  • We send over 1.5M emails per month
  • Our email marketing generates $30K/mo

The best part?

It's a strategy that can be done with all types of businesses. E-commerce, SaaS, media, you name it.

Not convinced yet? Here’s what people said about my previous course, Lean SEO:

"F*cking brilliant. Lean SEO is completely non-BS, real approach to SEO." - Alex West, Cyber Leads

"It's a super interesting, no bullshit, perspective from Pat's experience building Starter Story to 20,000 unique viewers per day." - Reilly Chase, Hostifi

"I loved Lean SEO, and learned more from it than any other SEO course I've ever taken (they always just goes through the same things over and over)." - Paul Kim, SEO @ ocho.com

About the course

I walk through the entire strategy in about 3 hours of screencasts and 160+ slides. I also show a multitude of examples from Starter Story and other sites. And how you can do this, too.

You can take this at your own pace, and you'll have access to it forever. If you want to implement Lean Email and have some questions, you can email me at any time.

Requirements for the course

It doesn’t matter if you have zero people on your email list, 100 or 10,000. Whatever your situation is, you can always grow your list and get better results from it.

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Pat Walls

I'm Pat Walls and I created Starter Story - a website dedicated to helping people start businesses. We interview entrepreneurs from around the world about how they started and grew their businesses.