How I Launched And Monetized My Interview Site In One Month

Published: February 20th, 2020

Hello, who are you and what business do you run?

What’s up! My names Redmon and I’m the founder of Creator Mindset.

Creator Mindset is a platform for content creators to learn specific advice and insights from Creators who started their own brand - no matter where you are at, you will find a ton of value reading these stories.


I’ve been in operation for just over a month. Our ‘official launch’ was on Dec 21st, 2019, we had 3 interviews on that day which led to 2 readers paying our premium subscription, which is really cool because Piegon is being paid right off the bat!

Since launch, we’ve uploaded 2 new interviews per week. I have a goal to be releasing 50+ interviews a month with the help of Pigeon!


Explain to me your email and business workflows.

I’ll be completely honest with you guys, if it wasn’t for Pigeon, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I love how Pigeon is built inside of Gmail which awesome, no need to download any software and whatnot, it’s just there!

I’ll be completely honest with you guys, if it wasn’t for Pigeon, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I’ll give you a rundown how we operate:

Each day my goal is to find 50 content creators from all around the internet find their emails and add them into our database inside Pigeon.

Once they’re loaded in, I use Pigeon to send them each a personalized email asking them if we can feature their story on Creator Mindset.

Pigeon cuts down on my workload a lot as I don’t have to do much on my end besides selecting the emails and then sending it all in one go. I also don’t have to worry about doing follow-ups as Pigeon handles that for me, too.

How I’ve set things up


As far as email work, everything is mostly automated.

The follow-up sequences are literally saving me hours per day.

Boy oh boy - if I had to do this manually then I would be overwhelmed and I would have stopped. Luckily, Pigeon has the ability to “set it and forget it”, which is why I love this tool!

Let me explain a bit more on how my sequences work:

For most of my sequences, I have a similar cadence:

I send the initial email followed up with 3 follow-ups:

  • The first follow up 3 days after initial email
  • The second follow up 5 days after that,
  • and a final follow up email 13 days later

Because of Pigeon, I was able to gather and send out over 500+ outreach emails within 1 month of operation, and that’s not even including the automated follow ups.


I liked Pigeon from the beginning I laid my eyes on this product.

Not only it is a great product, but Pat Walls (the creator of Pigeon) is a huge inspiration to me and me starting Creator Mindset.

I saw StarterStory first then once I started Creator Mindset saw what he did for Pigeon, he convinced me with the features and it made sense to me to use it and I wanted to support him from the start.

Pat’s also been responsive and helpful throughout my whole process.

The unexpected results I saw from automated follow-ups

Pigeon comes in clutch for results I actually didn’t expect.

I often receive replies back from creators who are interested in doing the interview but they just missed my first initial email or forgot about it.

This is why following up is so valuable. Often, the creator is actually appreciative that I followed up! These follow-ups are leading to more interviews for Creator Mindset.

Pigeon is the MVP!

My other favorite tools

I currently use Notion to help me stay focus on my goals, organised and see my business in a birds-eye view as everything is right there for me, highly recommend using Notion or something similar.

As I always say to people, creating a startup (even life in general) is like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, if you don't have a vision of what you want to do, think of it like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without looking at the box to help you; but if you know what you want in life (aka set goals etc) you make the process a lot easier for yourself to put the pieces together.


Thanks Redmon for the awesome interview! Check out Creator Mindset here, and also check out Pigeon here!