10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Vintage Clothing

January 16th, 2022

Vintage clothing business has been on the rise all over the world because it allows people to express their individuality through fashion, especially in Asian countries. Since social media has been around, the fashion industry has changed completely.

There is a huge market for vintage clothes on Instagram, which has made it extremely appealing to both sellers and buyers. Many young women are especially inclined towards buying clothes that belonged to previous generations simply because they’re quite rare nowadays. Not only can you find great quality pieces in great conditions at quite reasonable prices but also various fashions styles that have gone out of style decades ago.

If you are new to Instagram, it can be difficult to find your fashion niche and stand out from the crowd. With so many vintage clothes businesses on Instagram, coming up with something unique will certainly give you an advantage over the competition.

Here you can find some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for Vintage Clothing:

1. Na Nin Vintage - @naninvintage


A new designer on the scene, Na Nin is shaking up the fashion world with her latest collection.

She takes pieces that you probably already have in your closet, and styles them to create look-alike garments for an entirely new wardrobe!

Her Instagram is full of lush looks that could easily appear in a magazine and serves as a great source of inspiration for modern vintage looks.

Followers: Na Nin Vintage has 404K followers on Instagram.

2. Goodshop Badshop - @gs__bs


Goodshop Badshop is another quite popular vintage clothing account that gives you a peek into the fabulous world of vintage fashion.

They post an enviously large collection of vintage clothes, including iconic pieces from the 70s such as the maxi dress.

This account is all about power dressing, creating classic looks, solid colours, monochrome with some hint of florals. If you want to get inspired for your next vintage shopping trip, this is the account for you!

Followers: Goodshop Badshop has 81.5K followers on Instagram.

3. Ivia Retrò - @iviaretro


Ivia Retrò is a vintage-inspired clothing store showcasing some of the most beautiful pieces featuring stunning designs, cuts, prints, and styles that were popular in the past.

This feed has lots of beautiful women wearing their favourite ensembles, including vintage dresses and accessories.

For those looking for outfits inspired by the bygone era, this is your account: it features an interesting mix of haute couture items and sassy everyday outfits.

Followers: Ivia Retrò has 43.1K followers on Instagram.

4. Awoke Vintage - @awokevintagebrooklyn


This vintage clothing store in Brooklyn is one of our favourites for hunting down perfect outfits. Their collection is all about different colours, patterns, textures, and silhouettes that are inspired by the past.

They sell things they think will be popular among today's youth and want to introduce them to vintage fashion but in a more fun way.

This account is full of high-quality photos from various shoots from different eras.

Followers: Awoke Vintage has 57.6K followers on Instagram.

5. Imparfaite - @imparfaiteparis


Imparfaite is a vintage accessories and clothing shop located in Paris.

This account posts photos of fabulous vintage finds, as well as style inspiration with her beautiful model.

Whether you're looking to add some flair with old-fashioned jewelry or want something more practical, they have everything!

Followers: Imparfaite has 155K followers on Instagram.

6. House of Vintage UK - @houseofvintageuk


House of Vintage is a UK-based vintage clothing store with a wonderfully curated selection of pieces.

Their collection is suitable for youths looking for some vintage-inspired fashion that also has some spunk to it.

If you want to get inspired for your next vintage shopping trip, this is the account for you!

Followers: House of Vintage UK has 13.5K followers on Instagram.

7. Deux Birds Vintage - @deuxbirds


Deux Birds Vintage is a home to fabulous finds from the 1940s - 1980s that will make you want to hit the town and stand out among a crowd.

From boho dresses and leather jackets to silk shirts and blazers, you can find almost anything in this treasure trove of vintage clothing.

Apart from the gorgeous items featured in almost every photo, one thing that sets this account apart is its colour coordination!

Followers: Deux Birds Vintage has 206K followers on Instagram.

8. Thrift-fil-A - @thriftfila


Thrift-fil-A is a thrift store offering all kinds of clothes, shoes, and accessories, but their vintage clothing collection is something you should look out for.

At their store, you can buy clothing items & accessories for special occasions and casual ensembles to create an outfit for any occasion!

This account is perfect for anyone looking for outfit inspiration or simply craving some major vintage feels.

Followers: Thrift-fil-A has 31.1K followers on Instagram.

9. Painted Bird - @shoppainted_bird


Painted Bird is a vintage clothing store offering a vibrant collection of clothing items, shoes, accessories.

Their account is worth checking out if you want to get your hands on some really beautiful vintage pieces to up your style game.

Followers: Painted Bird has 12.7K followers on Instagram.

10. VSP - @vspconsignment


VSP has a large selection of vintage clothing for men and women, including blazers, coats, dresses.

On this account, all images have been captured naturally, and you can get a sense of the beautiful quality of these outfits through their many close-up shots.

Follow this account for one of the best vintage clothing deals you'll ever see!

Followers: VSP has 33.1K followers on Instagram.

Final Thoughts:

A lot of vintage clothing retailers are using Instagram to let potential customers know about their products.

If you’d like to use this platform to grow your own business, check out these accounts on Instagram for inspiration.

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