Top 15 Real Estate Agents To Follow On Instagram [2022]

Top 15 Real Estate Agents To Follow On Instagram [2022]

Only 14% of realtors are on Instagram but 83% of all homebuyers reported wanting to see more pictures of properties online.

As a real estate agent, Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. If you are a real estate agent, or work in the industry, you’re probably on Instagram. But you might not be using it to its full potential.

These 15 real estate Instagrammers are some of the best in the business. Take a look at how they use Instagram to connect with clients, find motivation, and share ideas.

1. Nardot Realtors - @nardotrealtor


The National Association of REALTORS is America's largest trade association with 1.5MM members They are a certified network of realtors. They share updates and tips on the real estate market.

Followers: Nardot Realtors has 258k followers on Instagram.

2. Ian Grossman - ATX Real Estate - @realestate_atx


Ian Gross is a realtor, and he helps buyers find their dream home & homeowners sell for more. His profile shares vast knowledge based on his personal experiences in real estate. They comment on the issues buyers and purchasers face while exploring the real estate market.

Followers: Ian Grossman - ATX Real Estate has 18.9k followers on Instagram.

3. Josh Altman - @thejoshaltman


Josh Altman is known as LA's #1 Realtor. He is recognized as Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing LA. His account shares relevant information for the real estate market. He is a speaker and rewarded as the Best Selling Author.

Followers: Josh Altman has 715k followers on Instagram.

4. Katie Lance - @katielance


Katie Lance is a keynote speaker and the founder of Get Social Smart. Get Social Smart is an Academy for Real Estate. She is also a social media strategist and shares unique tips for social media presence and the real estate market,

Followers: Katie Lance has 32.6k followers on Instagram.

5. Angie Cole - @acolerealty


Angie Cole is a realtor who shares her knowledge and experience on her profile, Her profile shares testimonials, market updates, news, and listings. She has a blog with Linktree/acolerealty which has information about homes for sale, homes to buy, podcasts, and much more.

Followers: Angie Cole has 11.6k followers on Instagram.

6. The Broke Agent - @thebrokeagent


The Broke Agent is among the top realtor profiles as it shares real estate humor, podcast, and media. They bring market facts and humor people can relate to. They have their merch, a news channel that shares and comments on market updates.

Followers: The Broke Agent has 341k followers on Instagram.

7. The Sweat Brothers - @sweatbros


The Sweat Brothers is run by Matt & Andy Sweat. Two brothers who aim to bring your dream real estate experience a reality. Their profile shares listings, market features, houses on sale, houses sold, and much more. They share every house they work on and share a portfolio of the houses they have sold in a month or a year.

Followers: The Sweat Brothers has 3,926 followers on Instagram.

8. Sarah Johnston - @adventuresintealestate


Sarah Johnston is an Associate Real Estate Broker. She shares marketing ideas, listings, houses on sale, and houses sold. Her profile shares useful podcasts that talk about market knowledge and updates. She is featured in the book Resilient Real Estate Women by Kim Hayden.

Followers: Sarah Johnston has 21.8k followers on Instagram.

9. Stylish Detroit Photo + Video - @stylishdetroit


Stylish Detroit Photo + Video shares photos and videos of houses to buy in Michigan. They are serving Metro Detroit’s best Realtors, and help people looking to buy houses in Michigan. They capture houses and help them put them on sale with an aesthetic touch.

Followers: Stylish Detroit Photo + Video has 8,607 followers on Instagram.

10. Lance Tuazon - @lancetuazondesign


Lance Tuazon can help design, buy, or sell your home. He shares his experience on the profile and how he designs homes. The profile tells us the importance of good aesthetics and design that can help us sell a home faster.

Followers: Lance Tuazon has 30.3k followers on Instagram.

11. The Rehab Life - @therehablife


The Rehab Life shares DIY Projects & Property Rehabs. They offer touch-ups to your property that can help them sell faster. They share updates from the real estate market, and tips on how you can improve the efficiency of your home. Their profile shares achievements from their past work.

Followers: The Rehab Life has 107k followers on Instagram.

12. Bill Larsen So Cal Realtor - @realtor.bill


Bill Larsen is a realtor who helps you understand the real estate market so you can buy or sell with confidence. His profile is an excellent source of knowledge if you are looking to buy or sell a house. The profile shares real estate listings, houses on sale, and the houses they have sold.

Followers: Bill Larsen So Cal Realtor has 11.7k followers on Instagram.

13. Tom Ferry - @tomferry


Tom Ferry is known as the #1 real estate coach. He is an entrepreneur, a real estate speaker, and a real estate investor. His profile answers common questions, shares podcasts, and humor based on the real estate market.

Followers: Tom Ferry has 199k followers on Instagram.

14. Fredrik Eklund - @fredrikeklundny


Fredrik Eklund is known for selling the most exclusive real estate in Cali, New York, Texas, and Florida. He is a star Star of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo. His profile shares his lifestyle and experience based on the real estate market.

Followers: Fredrik Eklund has 1.4m followers on Instagram.

15. Chad Carroll - @fchadcarroll


Chad Carroll is known as Florida's Top Real Estate Broker 725M Sold in 2021. His profile holds great significance if you are looking to buy or sell as Chad has sold over 4 billion houses. He shares pictures of the houses and mansions that are just listed or sold. He shares detailed captions, describing everything about the property.

Followers: Chad Carroll has 501k followers on Instagram.

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