Top 15 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Men's Fashion

Top 15 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Men's Fashion

Did you know that 96% of US fashion brands are on Instagram and 60% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform?

Men’s Fashion is a huge part of the fashion industry even though it isn’t actively promoted. There are millions of men around the world that are spending money on fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories. There is something special about a man who dresses well, don’t you agree?

Are you interested to find out what's hot and what's not in the world of men's fashion? Great. Then, do yourself a favor and read on, because we are about to take you through the best of fashion-forward accounts on Instagram that will open your eyes to this surprising world of men's fashion.

So, let's come & take a look at these 15 great Instagram profiles that cover men’s fashion including the latest trends, the most talked-about products, and helpful advice on the best ways to shop for clothes.

1. Adam Gallagher - @iamgalla


Adam Gallagher is a fashion enthusiast and lifestyle blogger. He is hugely popular for his men's fashion and lifestyle blogs which he has been making since he was 17. His Instagram profile gives you a glimpse of what he does as a fashion influencer. Adam has won a Bloglovin award for Best Men's Fashion Blog.

Followers: Adam Gallagher has 1.8m followers on Instagram.

2. Men's Fashion & Style - fashionbeanscom


Men's Fashion & Style shares amazing inputs on men’s fashion, style, grooming ideas, and lifestyle trends & products. They share everything from classic to modern-day fashion trends from all over the globe for you to follow & take inspiration from. They offer you useful secrets to having good skin, styling guides to an outfit, seasonal looks, color combinations, and much more.

Followers: Men's Fashion & Style has 155k followers on Instagram.

3. menwithstreetstyle - @menwithstreetstyle


Men With Street Style is one of the fastest-growing Instagram accounts to post about men's fashion. Here you will find some really cool outfit inspirations to try out for yourself. They share casual & boho high street fashion trends for clothes and shoes that will make you go WOW.

Followers: menwithstreetstyle has 4m followers on Instagram.

4. Robert Spangle - @thousandyardstyle


Robert Spangle is a fashion photographer. He shares stunning photos from his shoots and also the BTS clips to offer you a sneak peek into the amazing world of men's fashion. He tags artists, models, and brands for whom he does the photoshoot. This makes it easier for the audience to follow a fashion trend.

Followers: Robert Spangle has 64.9k followers on Instagram.

5. REISS - @reiss


REISS is a British fashion brand and retail store chain owned and run by the founder, David Reiss. They showcase a wide range of trendy to classy menswear, womenswear, and accessories. They share pictures of their new products and arrivals.

Followers: REISS has 404k followers on Instagram.

6. Suitsupply - @suitsupply


Suitsupply is a men’s fashion brand founded by Fokke de Jong, and based out of Amsterdam. They share their classic clothing styles and trends made in their stores.
They have every men clothing fashion from Havana jackets to Italian wool sweaters.

Followers: Suitsupply has 608k followers on Instagram.

7. Topman - @topman


Topman is a UK-based multinational men's fashion store chain founded by Burton. They mostly share cool and casual men's fashion trends for every type of occasion as well as your day-to-day fashion needs. They share pictures of their new arrivals along with their product code.

Followers: Topman has 730k followers on Instagram.

8. MANGO Man - @mango_man


MANGO Man focuses on Mediterranean style and culture. They make top-quality fabric clothing and bring in the best fashion trends. They share pictures of their new arrivals along with their product code, making it easier for their audience to shop.

Followers: MANGO Man has 532k followers on Instagram.

9. menwithclass - @menwithclass


Men With Class is another rapidly growing Instagram accounts about men's style with more than 5 million followers. They share clothing inspiration for classy looks fashion. Here you will mostly find photos of men carrying different varieties of suits that can be worn anywhere from work to parties to weddings, and so on. They also feature models and share ongoing sales on the trends they share.

Followers: menwithclass has 5.4m followers on Instagram.

10. Jose Zuniga - @teachingmensfashion


Jose Zuniga is a fashion influencer, public figure, and entrepreneur. He owns a clothing brand, two men's self-grooming brands, and a fragrance brand. He shares his daily looks, fashion hacks, and lookbooks to inspire men to look their best & arrive in fashion no matter where they go.

Followers: Jose Zuniga has 1.4m followers on Instagram.

11. Lino Ieluzzi Official - @linoieluzziofficial


Lino Leluzzi is known as a colorful style icon in the men's fashion world. He is an influential menswear icon from Milan, Italy. Lino is known for his sophisticated & dapper style which is reflected on his Instagram profile. He owns the renowned fashion men's brand called Al Bazar di Lino Ieluzzi. He shares his daily classy outfit inspiration on the gram.

Followers: Lino Ieluzzi Official has 236k followers on Instagram.

12. Luke Matthews - @lukematthews_


Luke Matthews is the owner of renowned clothing & footwear brand named Size? His profile shares the latest and trendiest footwear and accessories. He brings all fashion brands under one platform through his website and profile.

Followers: Luke Matthews has 15.3k followers on Instagram.

13. PAQ - @paq.official


PAQ is a YouTube series covering men's fashion and streetwear, presented by stylish British twentysomethings Shaq, Danny, Elias, and Dexter. They host YouTube's biggest fashion show episodes every Thursday at 8 pm GMT. Their profile shares updates and glimpses of their upcoming episodes.

Followers: PAQ has 272k followers on Instagram.

14. harrystyles - @harrystyles


Harry Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor - known for his work in the famous boy band One Direction, Over time his fashion has captured every eye. From velvet double-breasted suits to pastel-colored flares to ruffled shirts - Harry has done it all. His Instagram is filled with posts about colorful, fun & quirky fashion, music, and pop culture stuff. He shares with his audience every style and outfit that he experiments with.

Followers: harrystyles has 42.1m followers on Instagram.

15. hodinkee - @hodinkee


Hodinkee is a New York City-based watch brand, known for new and vintage wristwatches. Fashion remains incomplete without a stylish watch and this brand is doing a real good job of offering vintage to modern to classy to smartwatches. The brand shares ways to style each watch with different and unique outfits. They feature and share famous personalities from around the world who are spotted wearing their watches. The pictures they share have a brief description of the product.

Followers: hodinkee has 798k followers on Instagram.

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