15 Inspiring Fitness Instagram Accounts & Influencers To Follow [2022]

15 Inspiring Fitness Instagram Accounts & Influencers To Follow [2022]

The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow exponentially each year. In fact, it's still growing by about 5%-10% every year! This means that more people are hitting the gym then ever before and looking for new ways to get fit faster.

With the rise in popularity for healthier lifestyles, it is no wonder that Instagram has created an entire business model around this newfound interest in health and wellness.

If you want to start an Instagram fitness business, it's important to know the right way to go about doing so, these Instagram accounts are guaranteed to give you the inspiration that you need to get started.

Here are 15 top fitness Instagram accounts that could be your next source of daily motivation.

1. Fitness Quotes Daily - @fitnessquotes.daily


Fitness Quotes Daily is a highly popular Instagram account that provides inspirational quotes and daily motivation to its followers.

Oftentimes, it can be challenging to find the right motivation for your fitness journey. This account is the perfect place to start if you're looking for inspiring and valuable content.

Every day, they share a motivational quote on their feed which has helped them grow a loyal and engaged following.

Followers: Fitness Quotes Daily has 15.4k followers on Instagram.

2. All Fitness Tips - @allfitnesstips


All Fitness Tips is the account to check for the workout routines from different fitness lovers.

They post exercise videos, workout videos and healthy habits to inspire people for regular exercise.

You can find amazing inspiration from this account if you need updates with photos about gym workout, poses, motivational quotes and dieting tips.

Followers: All Fitness Tips has 1.1M followers on Instagram.

3. Fitness Motivation - @fitness.motivation_2.0


If you want a holistic approach to a healthy and fit lifestyle, Fitness Motivation Instagram account will give you everything.

They upload amazing photos and videos of different exercises in various forms like weightlifting, stretching with tips about what type of workout and foods work best for you!

Their inspiring posts makes following this Instagram account worthwhile if one needs motivation when it comes down towards getting back into shape again.

Followers: Fitness Motivation has 147k followers on Instagram.

4. FitFam Quotes - @fitfamquotes


Looking for the perfect motivation to push you through your fitness journey? Well, FitFam Quotes Instagram account is just what you need to follow.

FitFam Quotes provides motivational fitness quotes and daily encouragement that's sure to get anyone into gear!

They share inspiring words on their account which leads people to follow them for fitness motivation.

Followers: FitFam Quotes has 30.6k followers on Instagram.

5. Fitbeast - @fitbeast


Fitbeast is always ahead of the curve when it comes to fitness. For those who want to be fitness enthusiasts then this Instagram account should be on top of their following list.

They share workout images and videos of ambassadors that inspire their audience with workouts, new workout gear & motivational quotes!

Their inspiring solid mix of exercise images, videos, and reels gives you daily inspiration for following your fitness goals.

Followers: Fitbeast has 870k followers on Instagram.

6. CrossFit - @crossfit


CrossFit is a must-follow Instagram account for people who are looking for motivation in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Their account is full of motivational images and videos that encourage people to join the fitness challenge, including full-fledged fitness regimens that you can do at home.

Their posts focus on helping people live healthy lifestyles through regular exercise and workouts.

Followers: CrossFit has 744k followers on Instagram.

7. Fitmethods - @fitmethods


Fitmethods is probably the best workout motivation account you can get on Instagram!

They post high-intensity exercise videos, workout routines, and healthy meals tips.

Fitmethods is devoted to women who are happy with their weight but are looking for motivation in maintaining a fit lifestyle.

Followers: Fitmethods has 2.2m followers on Instagram.

8. Women Fitness Celebrities - @womenfitnesscelebrities


Thinking about skipping workout sessions then look at Women Fitness Celebrities’ Instagram feeds to fire up your fitness motivation.

From workouts by women celebrity ambassadors, inspirational quotes from top athletes and health experts alike—you'll find it all here!

They regularly post workout videos and healthy meal recipes containing separate workout routines which inspire people to stay fit.

Followers: Women Fitness Celebrities has 16.1k followers on Instagram.

9. Fitness Tips Daily - @fitnesstipsdaily


Fitness Tips Daily is another popular Instagram account for fitness enthusiasts.

They regularly post about various types of workouts, exercise routines, and diets that help people to stay fit.

The variety in the posts on their account will keep you engaged, interested, and inspire you to try out every new fitness trend.

Followers: Fitness Tips Daily has 247k followers on Instagram.

10. Gym Fitness Motivation - @gymfitnessmotivation55


The new year is here, which means it's time to get back into shape! If you're looking for fitness inspiration then follow the Gym Fitness Motivation Instagram account.

They have posted plenty of videos and photos showing people working out in all sorts of exercise.

Their posts inspire everyone who has ever wanted more from their fitness routine.

Followers: Gym Fitness Motivation has 101k followers on Instagram.

11. Daily Tough Fitness - @dailytoughfitness


Daily Tough Fitness is one more fitness motivational account which inspires people to stay healthy and fit.

Their Instagram feeds are a daily reminder for fitness goals, and also demonstrates how attainable they are.

They document the daily ups and downs of a person's fitness journey and it is really inspiring to see.

Followers: Daily Tough Fitness has 205k followers on Instagram.

12. FITSPO - @fitspo


FITSPO - Fitness Inspiration is an inspirational Instagram account for people who are dedicated to their fitness journey.

They post amazing and motivational quotes intending to help others reach their fitness goals.

Their quotes are a constant inspiration for followers who are looking for an extra push along this path!

Followers: FITSPO has 124k followers on Instagram.

13. Workout Fit Videos - @workoutfitvideos


Workout Fit Videos is a Fitness Instagram account that aims to change the lives of people through their motivational workout videos.

Their posts are perfect for people who don't want to do the same workout over and over again because there is always something new!

They post a variety of videos for those who want to lose weight and get fit.

Followers: Workout Fit Videos has 101k followers on Instagram.

14. Workout Tips - @workout_.tips


If you need motivation, a plan, or a good workout idea, the Workout Tips Instagram account is for you.

Their fitness posts include a variety of perspectives, as well as interesting facts that may surprise you.

Their posts are for people looking for inspiration from other people, who share the same passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Followers: Workout Tips has 35.9k followers on Instagram.

15. Fitness Tipsters - @fitness_tipsters


Fitness Tipsters is a great account for anyone who wants motivation, advice, or just some fresh fitness ideas.

Fitness inspiration is all over this account. You can find amazing photos, updates with quotes, and food tips for healthy lifestyle!

They post all kinds of inspirational fitness content with helpful tips to motivate people to workout.

Followers: Fitness Tipsters has 795k followers on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Fitness is a popular topic on Instagram with many accounts to follow. We hope that this list of the best Fitness Instagram accounts has helped you find your new favorite account.

If you're looking to get started with your fitness brand, head to Starter Story to find inspirational case studies and tips for how to grow your business.

Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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