Popcorn Kiosk

Business Idea: Start A Popcorn Kiosk in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Market Size

A popcorn kiosk is a mini food stand that sells ready-to-serve steamed corns. You can open a popcorn kiosk indoors or outdoors.

To start a popcorn kiosk, find a high-traffic shopping mall and rent front shop space. Popcorn kiosks can also do well if located at the movie theater entrance. You can make popcorn in bulk and sell it to wholesalers or supermarkets.

Examples Of Successful Popcorn Kiosks

Successful popcorn kiosk businesses and case studies

Klondike Kettle Corn, a gourmet popcorn company in the Yukon Territory, has grown its revenue by 67% and its Q1 revenue is up 39% from last year, by expanding its product line and collaborating with local businesses, while maintaining a strong social media presence.

$4.5K Monthly Revenue
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