How To Write An Effective But Gentle Reminder Email

Don’t overthink it.

Here’s how my follow up emails typically go:

1 - First email

  • Be polite and kind
  • Simple one liner


2 - Second email

  • A bit less polite


3 - Last email

  • This is called “bait”
  • When humans disagree by saying “No”, it provides them an illusion of safety and control. They feel less threatened and more in the driving seat. The above question is like a bait for them.


Interested in automating these follow ups?

I am the founder of Pigeon for Gmail , a CRM built inside Gmail that allows you to send cold email campaigns, schedule automated follow ups, and keep track of your entire process inside Gmail.

I am obviously biased, but I think it is the best lightweight CRM tool out there - I use it to manage a very high volume of deals inside my inbox and close them.

To get access to these features, try Pigeon for Gmail today.
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