How to Write a Reminder Email

We've all been in the position where we need to send a reminder email.

Whether you are nudging a prospective client or sending a late payment reminder, the way in which you craft your message makes a big difference.

Keep in mind: People forget things... this doesn't always mean they're ignoring you.

So, how long should you wait to send a reminder email?

Well, it depends on the matter... but as a general rule, we've found that the sweet spot is the first day of the delay, or 24hrs after your sent email.

Example to an internal team member:

Example to an existing client:

Example to a prospective client:

General Rules To Keep In Mind:

  • Keep it short and direct
  • Try to be friendly and polite, while still conveying urgency around the subject
  • Avoid saying things like, "hope all is well" or "I apologize for the bother" ... this may come off in-genuine.

Basically: drop the fluff, be polite, and have a clear CTA.

By implementing these general touchpoints, you are much more likely to receive the outcome you desire.

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