How To Approach New Clients Through Email

How To Approach New Clients Through Email

The harsh truth is - depending on your approach, cold emails can go one of two ways:

  1. Pushy and ingenuine - typically leading to no response and lack of acknowledgment.
  2. Effective, personalized, and relevant to the customer- typically granting a response or at least a little curiosity...

Cold emails, if done the right way, are a great way to acquire new clients.

So, let's talk about general tips for crafting the perfect cold-email:

General Tips For Acquiring New Clients:

  • Keep it short - the more you say, the more of a chance the reader will get bored or confused and not make it to the end of your email.
  • Define and research your target audience- this builds trust and shows your customer that you truly care
  • Personalize the content of your email - put yourself in their shoes... would you open an email that looked like it was mass-sent out to hundreds of other prospects?
  • Demonstrate how your service will solve your customer's problem

Pro-tip: Send compelling follow-ups. You can automate follow-ups inside Gmail with Pigeon (and it's completely free).

High Performing Email in Action:

Here’s a breakdown of each sentence in an email to new clients that performs super well for me.

Sentence #1 - Something unique

  • Do your research
  • Stroke their ego


Sentence #2 - Get to the point

  • What is the purpose of your email?
  • Don’t beat around the bush


Sentence #3 - Introduce yourself

  • Who are you
  • Why are you important
  • Keep this to one sentence


Sentence #4 - Benefits and social proof

  • What’s in it for them?
  • Explain the benefits
  • Using words like SEO and using
  • Use numbers (70k monthly readers) and stats.
  • Use social proof - link to other brands you’ve worked with, testimonials, or articles written about you.


Sentence #5 - Pique their interest

  • “If you’re interested, I can send you more details” - this implies there’s more to learn.
  • Make it easy to respond - all they need to do is reply with one sentence “I’m interested” - rather than being confused on how to respond.


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