How Many Email Follow-ups Do You Put In A Sequence?

You should have at least one follow up into your sequence, as that will grow your response rate by about 4%.

Based on some studies, one follow up will increase your reply rate from 9% to 13%


Each follow up will increase this rate marginally.

I usually have 1 email and then 3 follow ups.

My name is Pat and I’m the founder of Pigeon for Gmail, a simple tool that allows you to send follow up sequences right inside Gmail.

It is the simplest app out there. Here is how simple it is:

Create a simple follow up sequence right in Gmail.

  • This is inside Gmail - no outside app required!
  • Pull it up with a keyboard shortcut


Write out what you want your follow up to say:

  • Customize with variables like {{ first_name }}
  • You can as many follow-ups as you want


Define the time between follow-ups

  • Choose 2 days, 5 days, whatever you want
  • Future emails in the sequence will cancel if they respond


Send it off!

  • On the right sidebar of Gmail, you can now preview any upcoming emails
  • You can cancel them if you want


It’s that simple!

To get access to these features, try Pigeon for Gmail today.
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