The 14 Best Coworking Spaces In Hong Kong [2022]

The 14 Best Coworking Spaces In Hong Kong [2022]

Looking for a coworking space in Hong Kong?

According to, despite facing severe economic challenges due to the pandemic, Hong Kong saw a 6% increase in startups during 2020 in relation to the previous year, mostly because of the city's appeal as a startup hub.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small business, freelancer or simply just searching for a creative place to work, Hong Kong has plenty of dynamic spaces to choose from.

We’ve put together a list of the 14 best coworking spots in Hong Kong and provide you with:

  • location
  • hours of operation
  • amenities included
  • membership & cost breakdown

Here’s the full list:


1. Finest Design Nest

  • Location: 1035-1037 Yee Kuk West Street, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 9 am - 10 pm
  • Amenities: Private offices, hot desks, lounge, unlimited copying and printing, drawing rooms, refreshments, mailboxes, private lockers, bike storage

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Common area membership: HK$2500/month
  • Hot desk membership: HK$3500/month
  • Trio room: HK$13500/month
  • Quad room: HK$18000/month

Finest Design Nest is a superb co-working space for Hong Kong’s professionals, particularly aimed at designers who are looking for a pleasant and inspiring place to work.

It is worth noticing that Finest Design Nest is conveniently located nearby a modeling workshop that provides machinery and tools for model-makers and designers

Learn more about Finest Design Nest ➜, or send them an email.

2. Executive Centre One IFC

  • Location: Level 20, One IFC Hong Kong, No. 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private offices, hot desks, lounge, IT support, adjustable standing desks, complimentary refreshments, keyless locking systems,

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Coworking spaces: Starting at HK$4000/month
  • Virtual offices: starting at HK$900/month
  • Private offices: available upon request

Executive Centre has several great locations all around Hong Kong, but if you need to choose, One IFC could be your safest bet.

Located in the heart of the city, One IFC is known for being one the most sought-after business addresses in the world, and it's the perfect place for high-caliber entrepreneurs to build strong connections.

Learn more about Executive Centre One IFC ➜, or send them an email.


3. Nexen Workshop Kwun Tong

  • Location: 2/F, Hong Kong Manufacturing Building, 128 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms, relaxation areas, exclusive members events, focus areas, mailbox, access to all Nexen Workshops in Hong Kong

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Private office: available upon request
  • Dedicated desk: starting at HK$2300/month
  • Hot desk: starting at HK$1500/month
  • Conference room: HK$300/hour
  • Meeting room: HK$150/hour

Nexen Workshop also has a few coworking spaces scattered around Hong Kong, but there's something special about Kwun Tong's location that truly makes it worth visiting.

Its decor was meant to take you back to the '70s, and they absolutely succeeded. Classic Cadillac bonnets and chrome details everywhere will be accompanying you while you get your work done.

Learn more about Nexen Workshop Kwun Tong ➜, or send them an email.

4. The Hive Central

  • Location: 14 Floor, Manning House, 38-48 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, virtual offices, event spaces, recurrent community events, mailbox, phone booths, free coffee, free printing, terrace

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Private office: starting at HK$7500/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at HK$6000/month
  • Hot desk: starting at HK$3200/month
  • Virtual office: available upon request

When it comes to location, no other coworking space could beat The Hive Central. It's located in Hong Kong's commercial heart and offers magnificent views from its 14th-floor terrace.

In The Hive Central, you'll find a space and community that encourages dynamism, creativity, and accomplishment, whether you're a solopreneur or part of a big company.

Learn more about The Hive Central ➜, or send them an email.


5. Metro Workspace Central II (Wellington Street)

  • Location: 20/F, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, virtual offices, mailboxes, lockers, free-flow fresh brewed coffee, water and tea, reliable WiFi connection, comfortable common area

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Room: HK$6000/month
  • Event space: HK$2000/month

Also called 'Despacito' (You'll see why the second you enter), Central II is Metro Workspace’s newest coworking space. It is located in the heart of Central, the major business district in all of Hong Kong.

It has a unique and really bright design with some Spanish and Portuguese inspiration that will make you feel at home, even if you've never been to any of those countries—a laidback but still very professional environment.

Learn more about Metro Workspace Central II (Wellington Street) ➜, or send them an email.

6. Bloom

  • Location: Unit 905-6, 9th floor, Silvercord, Tower 2, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private studio, dedicated desks, hot desks, virtual office, free beverages and snacks, mail address, lightning-fast WiFi connection, workshops, events for entrepreneurs

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Private studio: starting at HK$7000/month
  • Full-time hot desk membership: HK$3000/ month
  • Part-time hot desk membership: HK$1500/month
  • Packaged 10-day membership: HK$300/day
  • Meeting room: starting at HK$100/hour

Strategically located in Tsim Sha Tsui, you'll be able to find the widest selections of shops, top-notch restaurants, and entertainment venues all around Bloom.

It's a co-working space designed to bring productivity and fun to a whole new level for all kinds of businesses, including startups, SME’s, MNC’s, etc.

Learn more about Bloom ➜, or send them an email.

7. BiteUnite Hong Kong

  • Location: G/F, 15 Lung On St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 10 am - 4 pm
  • Amenities: 4-door freezers and chillers, counter fridges, cooking stations, dry storage space, 6-tray electric ovens, convection oven electric, food processor, 4.5-Qt stand mixer, blender, induction stove

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Pro: HK$80/hour (min. 120 hours/month)
  • Full-time: HK$100/hour (min. 80 hours/month)
  • Part-time: HK$120/hour (min. 60 hours/month)

Hong Kong is well-known for being a primary culinary destination in all of East Asia, so it does not come as a surprise that we can find some of the best co-working kitchens here.

BiteUnite is a modern and fully equipped commercial kitchen that offers everything you may need if you're looking forward to starting a business in the catering industry and share space with successful chefs.

Learn more about BiteUnite Hong Kong ➜, or send them an email.

8. Ooosh Coworking Hong Kong

  • Location: Unit 803, 8/F, Lai Cheong Factory Building, 479 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, event space, rooftop access, mail services, free printing, monitor rental, mobile app access

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Hot desk: starting at HK$1300/month
  • Private desk: available upon request
  • Private room: available upon request

Ooosh Coworking is one of the few coworking spaces in Hong Kong that offers both physical workspaces and a virtual platform to facilitate growth to the community of professionals.

Joining Ooosh Coworking guarantees you to feel inspired every day at an intellectual and personal level by a network of the brightest entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

Learn more about Ooosh Coworking Hong Kong ➜, or send them an email.


9. WeWork New Street

  • Location: G/F, 5-13 New Street, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private offices, hot desks, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, micro-roasted coffee, fresh fruit water, soundproof phone booths, business-class printers, professional and social events, stocked kitchens

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Private office: starting at HK$5825/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at HK$4000/month
  • Hot desk: starting at HK$2000/month

A list of the best coworking spaces in a certain city couldn't be complete with no WeWork headquarters.

WeWork New Street is great for accommodating larger corporate teams, but it also welcomes solopreneurs and pretty much anyone looking for a comfortable and professional workspace.

Learn more about WeWork New Street ➜, or send them an email.

10. Garage Society Sheung Wan

  • Location: 25F, 2-12 Queen's Road West, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, printing and faxing, mail handling, outdoor terrace, private lockers, pantry

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Private office: starting at HK$6500/month
  • Flexible seats: starting at HK$1600/month
  • Events and meeting space: starting at HK$2500/hour

Conveniently located in the heart of the creative district, Garage Sheung Wan is is the perfect workspace for creative professionals and digital nomads to encounter and collaborate.

More than just a coworking space, Garage Society encourages collaboration, innovation, and business networking among its visitors.

Learn more about Garage Society Sheung Wan ➜, or send them an email.


11. Eaton Club Wan Chai

  • Location: 3/F, Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 9 am - 6 pm
  • Amenities: Dedicated desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, business address, mail handling, storage center, pantry, possibility to bring guests

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • 10 days access: HK$1500/month
  • Unlimited access: HK$2500/month
  • Multi-location access: HK$1500/month

Eaton Club has many benefits, but the fact that you can access all three locations with a single membership makes it one of the most convenient coworking spaces in all of Hong Kong.

Wan Chai is Eaton Club's newest headquarter, which is noticeable in its modern and stylish spaces.

Learn more about Eaton Club Wan Chai ➜, or send them an email.

12. MakerBay

  • Location: 23 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 10 am - 7 pm
  • Amenities: Fixed benches, workstations, laser cutter CNC milling machine, 3D printer, all kinds of tools to work on wood and metal

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • One day access: HK$200
  • 7-day access: HK$850
  • 1-month access: HK$1700
  • Fixed bench: HK$2700/month

MakerBay is a non-profit organization that has managed to gather a community of makers that are passionate about leaving a social and environmental mark in this world.

People at MakerBay provide the space and tools for others to work and host events and workshops where inventive individuals can learn and perfect their engineering, scientific, design, or artistic skills.

Learn more about MakerBay ➜, or send them an email.

13. The Great Room Hong Kong

  • Location: One Taikoo Place, Level 23, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, conference rooms, private phone booths, mail and package handling, office supplies, artisanal coffee, frequent business and lifestyle events

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Dedicated office: starting at HK$6000
  • Hot desk: starting at HK$4000
  • Day pass: starting at HK$400/day
  • Virtual office: starting at HK$400/month

The Great Room is a co-working space inspired by hospitality, and it's particularly aimed at those who love the concept of a dynamic shared space that does not require them to sacrifice their performance and comfort.

The Great Room is located in the heart of Taikoo Place, and it's surrounded by top-notch hotels, restaurants, and bars; besides, it offers an astonishing view of Hong Kong's waterfront skyline.

Learn more about The Great Room Hong Kong ➜, or send them an email.


14. ATLASPACE - Hongqiao 1819 Centre

  • Location: 4F, Hongqiao 1819, No. 1819 Wuzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Barista Area with Pantry & Lounge Bar, Corporate Grade WiFi Internet, Advanced On-site IT Support, Dedicated Administrative

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Private Office Space: Enquire for price
  • Coworking Space: Enquire for price
  • Meeting Room: Enquire for price
  • Virtual Office: Enquire for price

ATLASPACE provides top-quality shared & private offices in five major cities in China including Shanghai & Hong Kong. ATLASPACE - Hongqiao 1819 Centre is one of their ten places in Shanghai and offers thoughtfully decorated office space along with numerous amenities and services.

The space is ideal for both small & large teams, individuals, and anyone who is looking for a place to take their business to the next level.

Learn more about ATLASPACE - Hongqiao 1819 Centre ➜, or send them an email.


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