The Top 18 VC Firms In Germany [2021]

The Top 18 VC Firms In Germany [2021]

Are you looking for a VC firm for your Germany based startup?

Finding the right investment firm for your startup can be a daunting task.

There are a number of successful venture capital firms in Germany, and we've curated a list of the best local firms in the area. Additionally, we provide you with:

  • Investment size
  • Funding stages
  • Typical industries the firm works with
  • Well known companies the VC firm has invested in

Here's the list:

1. High-Tech Grunderfonds

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: Technology, Software, Healthcare, BioTech, Business Development
  • Investment Range: €1M - €5M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in:7Learnings, Abalos, Adlatus Robotics, 4Animal Alster Science

High-Tech is a huge seed-stage firm located in Berlin, founded in 2005.

Dedicated to revolutionizing the industry of technology, focusing on numerous areas of development, principally robotics and healthcare.

They usually invest anywhere between €1M to €5M.

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2. Global Founders Capital

  • Location: Berlin, Munich, San Francisco, Stockholm, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Jakarta, Beijing, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles.
  • Industries: Internet, Insurance, Retail, Financial Software, Media, Communication, and Information Technology sectors
  • Investment Range: $100K - $100M
  • Stage: Stage Agonstic
  • Companies invested in:Slack, Facebook, Delivery Hero, Revolut, Trivago, Home To go, Lazada, Zalando.

Global Founders Capital invests in global seed and growth-stage startups. The stage agonistic VC firm invests in startups that operate in the internet, insurance, retail, financial software, media, communication, and Information Technology sectors.

Global Founders Capital invests between $100K to $100M in startups.

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3. ASTUTIA Ventures

  • Location: Munich
  • Industries: Smart Cities, Future of Commerce, and digital Lifestyle
  • Investment Range: €100K - €500K
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Asana Rebel, reINVENT, Yumbau, Amorelie, BodyChange, Commercetools, Cycleon, Joblift, MisterSpex.

ASTUTIA Ventures invests in innovative startups with an outstanding track of performance.

The VC firm invests in companies that venture into creating Smart Cities, the Future of Commerce, and Digital Lifestyle.

ASTUTIA Ventures invests in early-growth firms and has maintained an international network investing in founders and young companies with a scalable business model.

The VC firm investments range from €100K to €500K.

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4. Atlantic Labs

  • Location: Berlin, Germany, Helsinki, Finland
  • Industries: E-health, Mobility, Industrial Applications, Intelligent Machines, Mobility, and distributed Networks
  • Investment Range: $100K - $3M
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in:Stenon, Wonderbolts, Reasonal, Looping, Tandem, EyeEm, Mobius Labs, Sendify, Omio, Clue.

Atlantic Labs invests in early-stage digital and technology-driven startups.

The VC firm currently focuses on E-health, Mobility, Industrial Applications, Intelligent Machines, Mobility, and distributed Networks. The VC firm makes investments in the range of $100K - $3M.

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5. Companisto

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: €500K - €8M
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in:travel, Koro, Kumpan electric, Bigrep, Ameria, Adaptive Balancing Power, Foodist, Nepos, 2CDentalAG.

Companisto is a sector agnostic VC firm investing in startups and growth companies.

The VC firm enables investors to participate in the funding of companies with an investment of their choice, and in return share profits and increase the value of the startup property.

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6. APX

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: Sector Agnostic
  • Investment Range: €50K - €500K
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in:Konvi, Bendi, Askui, ComDocks, Zoyya, Pool, Hayv, TerrainQ, FYTA, Lifelive.

APX is an early-stage investor and a long-term investment partner focusing on pre-seed startups across all sectors.

The venture capitalist invests up to €500K in startups starting with a quick € of 50K investment.

APX seeks to support and partner with the most ambitious pre-seed startups, taking the lead position to ensure a high financial return for the investors and a great impact on people.

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7. Fly Ventures

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: Deep Tech
  • Investment Range: €50K - €500K
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in:9Fin, Activecove, Axiom, Bloomsbury, Candis, Better Origin, Carbmee, Chatterbug, Claimsforce, Fernride, Fusebox, Finiata.

Fly Ventures is a VC firm seeking to invest in startups that focus on automation and applied deep tech.

The VC seeks to uniquely help founders build technologically outstanding businesses with global ambitions.

In that regard, Fly Ventures backs entrepreneurs with an initial ticket size of €500K to €1.5M.

Learn more about Fly Ventures ➜


8. Lunar Ventures

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: €300K - €1M
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Deepset, NannyML, Wasp, Molecule, Zama, neurolabs, Kyso, Mobius, Mutable.

Lunar Ventures invests €300K to €1M into early-stage ventures focusing on technology-related investments.

The investment managers seek to support Deep Tech founders by funding their technology projects in order to make their dreams come to life.

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9. Finlab

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: E-Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Finance, EdTech
  • Investment Range: €500K - €3M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: AlgoTrader, Gapless, FastBill, Spark Change, Upland

The main focus of FinLab is the support of Venture Capital for start-ups. FinLab aims to provide active, long-term funds for your investments.

Initially, they like to invest around €500,000 to €3M. This firm carries its holdings in their respective development and offers the entrepreneurs the knowledge they need to improve their projects.

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10. Blockrocket

  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Industries: Blockchain
  • Investment Range: €250K - €5M
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in:Venly, Breach, Amazing Blocks, Decus Network, IPOcean, Trality,, Cheqd, Digital Oracles.

Blockrocket is an early-stage accelerator targeting startups within the Blockchain industry.

The VC firm is keen on investing in promising, early-stage Blockchain ventures, and makes investments in the range of €250K and €5M.

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11. Earlybird Venture Capital

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: FinTech, HealthCare, Robotics, EdTech
  • Investment Range: €1M - €3.5M
  • Stage: Series A
  • Companies invested in:Atlantic Therapeutics, Alesi Surgical, Lexoo, Orgonostic, Enevo

Earlybirds is a European Venture Capital firm dedicated to investing in the future of technology. They like to fund early-stage to series A companies with a FinTech, EdTech, HealthCare, or Robotics background.

Since its creation in 1997, the company has been interested in supporting the development of tech companies across Europe and the world. They are headquartered in Berlin. The firm initially invests around €1M to €3.5M in its portfolio companies.

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12. Peppermint VenturePartners

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: Healthcare
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in:Emperra, CryOtherapeutics, Humedics, IOP, Lab Forward, Miracor.

PVP health makes investments in the top-tier MedTech, digital health, and biotechnology companies.

The VC firm seeks to improve healthcare by enabling startups that seek to develop digital solutions geared towards healthcare.

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13. Check24 Ventures

  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Industries: Internet, Fintech, Online Marketplace, and Software
  • Investment Range: Not disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in:Risk42 Software, Zizoo, Lehrermarktplatz, Legalbird, AskCharlie, X24Factory.

Check24 Ventures invests in founders and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in high-growth markets.

The VC firms provide startups with early-stage and growth-stage financing, targeting startups in the Internet, fintech, Online Marketplace, and Software.

The investment managers at Check24 Ventures work with founders to generate value and ensure the long-term success of firms they invest in. A

Learn more about Check24 Ventures ➜


14. Atai

  • Location: Munich, Bayern, Germany
  • Industries: Life Sciences
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Perceprion Neuroscience, Recognify Life Sciences, DemeRX IB, Gaba, Neuronasal, EmpathBio.

Atai is a corporate venture capital firm targeting companies that develop innovative mental health solutions.

The VC firm leverages a decentralized technology and data-driven platform model, enabling startups that focus on serving millions of people and helping in addressing unmet medical needs.

Atai works closely with startups to ensure streamlined internal processes in order to help the startups attain long-term success.

Learn more about Atai ➜


15. Visionaries Club

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Industries: Technology
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in:Pledge, HeyFina, Ledgy, GetHenry, Xentral, AiConomix, TrueLayer, Trana.

Visionaries Club is a VC firm targeting software companies in Germany.

The venture capitalist believes that technology will shape the next generation of companies, and so for them, technology is the space where investors can add the most value.

To achieve the vision, the visionaries club unites the strongest network of successful digital entrepreneurs in a venture capital fund to nurture the next generation of founders building technology solutions.

Learn more about Visionaries Club ➜


16. Allianz X

  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Industries: Digital Growth
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: IQBit,, Amwell, Bima, C2FO, Arabesque, Clark, Finanzen, Gojek, Fundbbox, Motive.

Allianz X is the digital investment unit of the Allianz Group and invests in digital growth companies that focus on mobility, connected property, connected health, wealth management, and data intelligence & Cybersecurity.

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17. W Ventures

  • Location: Berlin, Dortmund
  • Industries: Property, energy, industrial, consumer, commerce, security, health, mobility, finance, IT and Networking
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Alape, AnyMove, ART19, Cantourage, Christ, Deel, Formlogic, Founders Lane, Garten Haus, Freeform.

W Ventures is an operational VC, offering a complete framework for the acceleration of digital business ideas.

The VC firm supports startups from seed to growth, enabling them to combine the best assets of established companies to accelerate growth.

W Ventures invests in companies focusing on property, energy, industrial, consumer, commerce, security, health, mobility, finance, IT, and Networking.

Learn more about W Ventures ➜


18. SpaceTec Capital

  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Industries: space-derived technologies
  • Investment Range: Not Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Companies invested in: Orora Tech

SpaceTec Capital invests in developers of bold space technologies focused on addressing infrastructure challenges, transforming economics in large industries, and changing the way the physical world operates.

The VC firm invests in small and medium enterprises in the

Learn more about SpaceTec Capital ➜


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