11 Social Media Content Ideas for Fashion Brands [2023]

11 Social Media Content Ideas for Fashion Brands [2023]

Do you run a fashion brand? Are you seeking a content strategy to promote your fashion brand? If yes, then you've arrived at the right place. Fashion brands expand their market through extensive marketing that can be achieved through social media content for fashion brands.

Are you aware of the scope of social media that can effectively market your fashion brand? Fashion brands social media marketing can improve brand awareness and customer service. Additionally, you can expect higher conversion rates besides higher traffic to your website.

If you wish to improve your sales figures and increase brand loyalty, social media marketing is an effective tool to showcase your brand to the general public. But how to do that?

If you're ready to learn some tips and tricks of social media content for fashion brands, this blog is here for you. We have conducted comprehensive research and gathered the 11 best social media content ideas for fashion brands.

So, without any further ado, let's hop in!

Social Media and Fashion Brands

In a way, you can state that social media is meant for fashion brands. Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest have various communities following fashion or promoting their fashion brand.

It is the cornerstone marketing strategy of many fashion houses. Smart businesses realize the importance of social media to generate a reliable customer base. 3.48 billion social media users were taken into account in 2019. An average social media user has 7.6 active accounts and spends around 142 minutes every day scrolling through various platforms.

The role of social media in the fashion industry has grown its roots stronger than ever. As more users join the world of social media, it is starting to become a crucial platform for harnessing the power of various platforms to compete with other brands and be financially successful.

11 Best Social Media Content Ideas for Fashion Brands

While various social media platforms build your online presence, Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your brand's story. Some most popular Instagram brands have established themselves as great visual storytellers and captured the perfect shot.

Fashion brands could use plenty of different content ideas to give a swirl to their content strategy and generate more traffic. Let's look into some of such content ideas that can turn into fashion brands social media campaigns in the long run.

1. Brand Mission

The WHY to your branding is important while planning your social media content strategy. Instagram is a potential outlet to bring your brand mission to life. This way, you can generate a new audience and attract new customers to your brand.


One excellent example would be the clothing brand Marine Layer. They introduced a new initiative called Re-Spun, which revolutionizes the way you style your old tees. Re-spun enables you to donate your old tees with $5 credit per tee and deconstruct. These tees are then re-spun into new tees. They've used Instagram organically to spread the word out. Using Instagram to its full potential is what is required to be done. The main idea is to build a relationship with your online followers.

Besides showing off your products, you should keep your social media feed engaging and continuously spread a message through your content.

2. Product Features

While you can use Instagram to show off your fashion brand, you need to stand out in the crowd. What else can be better here than to display your unique product features? Planning the content can look like following the 80/20 rule. Here, 80% of the content should be about your brand story, while the remaining 20% revolves around promotions.


3. Product Updates

Launching a new product on social media can be pretty tempting. But engaging your online community once during the launch and leaving it there is not the proper way to approach it. Various content ideas to run your sale and push your changes will drive your customers' attention and attract new customers to your brand.

This way, you can generate curiosity and excitement among the masses about your company's new launches and updates. A great example of an alternate approach would be Sezane. It is a Parisian clothing brand that took to Instagram to inform its followers about its new launch's exact time, location, and date.


Using Instagram to make significant announcements will allow your followers to keep track of your posts for more news and the latest updates.

4. Lifestyle Content

Today, Instagram is mainly ruled by lifestyle content in the fashion industry. Insta-famous clothing brands like Faithful the Brand is setting the bar high with their level of Instagram feeds, and you would see some great wanderlust.


Using social media, you can upload different lifestyle content to see their reach and evaluate their popularity among the masses. Besides informing the masses, you can use social media to generate new ideas from the public's reaction to your updates and new posts.

5. User-Generated Content (UGC)

As mentioned previously, you can generate ideas from the public. By sharing user-generated content, you will be sharing your popular products with your online community and sharing their testimonials to earn the trust of new customers. Testimonials are perfect for helping new shoppers to convert into loyal customers.

A good example of this is Maybelline; they shared a video of a digital creator Marista who is seen using its product. It is one great way of showing how the products work and gaining a loyal follower base at the same time.


While sharing UGC, always be mindful of the rules of UGC. If you aren't aware of the permission measures, you can research to learn about legally reposting UGC .

6. Behind-the-Scenes

Since the market is filled with competitors, it is important to relate with your followers by sharing as much information about your brand. Instagram is the perfect platform for marketing fashion brands, after all!

You can share behind-the-scenes footage with your online community, showroom shots, influencer spotlights, and other such content across your social media handles. This way, your customers get the opportunity to know your brand inside out.


7. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Series

Turning great social media content for your fashion brand into a recurring series is an excellent way to increase your social media traffic. One great example would be the Takeout Thursdays weekly series of Vancouver Magazine, where the food editor converses with local chefs and food experts. Starting from scratch can be challenging. But inviting special guests and plugging into a pre-existing format is much easier.


8. Run Re-Targeted Facebook Ads

First-time visitors of your fashion brand website are less likely to buy your products. However, retargeting ads towards such a crowd of customers can help you reach them repeatedly and finally influence them into buying your products.

Facebook is an ideal platform for retargeting ads can create Custom Audiences to receive those ads along with Lookalike Audiences to increase the reach of your social media content for fashion brands. Besides, discounts are always part of the game when Plan A doesn't work entirely up to the expectation.


9. Run a Contest or Giveaway

Who doesn't like free goods? This gives an idea of running contests or giveaways, which can be one of the most impactful social media content ideas for engaging followers. You don't need any third-party solution or service to host a contest on social media. All you need are the below-mentioned elements.

  • Something to Give Away: The motive of the content is to drive more engagement for your brand. Therefore, the prize to be given away should be related to your brand. It can be a voucher to buy your products for free, freebie stickers, membership program, etc.

  • Terms and Conditions: To be on legal terms regarding your contest, terms and conditions are essential for hosting a contest. This makes your contest appear more legitimate and not a potential scam.

  • A Point of Contact: How would the contestants contact the concerned? Make sure to leave an email address or the preferred mode of contact with all their queries.

  • A Gateway for Entry: User-generated content or hashtags are an incredible way to encourage entries of contestants for the giveaway.

Dot and Key is an amazing example of this, it is a skincare brand, and its content on Instagram is quite good. They recently announced a giveaway, and the post had a considerable engagement.


10. Host an AMA

If you are in the marketing industry or the fashion industry, you already know the insatiable curiosity of people whenever they have free will to get their answers. Hosting an "Ask Me Anything" live session does the trick quite well for social media campaigning for fashion brands.

However, a pro tip would be to focus on a particular topic for the AMA round. It can be about your latest collection, new launch, or questions about entrepreneurship.


11. Run a Social Media Takeover

Influencers, whether hugely popular or a micro-influencer with a small base, handing over the social media campaigns to someone with a dedicated fanbase can also increase engagement and sales of your brand. Besides, you have distributed your responsibilities for a day or week of your work. Score!


Final Words

Each social media content strategy for fashion brands you read on this page is meant for particular actions. So, it depends upon you to implement them in your unique style that generates the optimum output for your brand.

Nevertheless, organization, time, and creativity will always be the need of the hour while finding social media content ideas for fashion brands when you need to stand out in the crowd. Believe it or not, strategizing things drive better traffic and incredible results!

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