The 30 Top VC Firms In Dubai [2021]

The 30 Top VC Firms In Dubai [2021]

Are you looking for a VC firm for your Dubai based startup?

Finding the right investment firm for your startup can be a daunting task.

There are a number of successful venture capital firms in Dubai, and we've curated a list of the best local firms in the area. Additionally, we provide you with:

  • Investment size
  • Funding stages
  • Typical industries the firm works with
  • Well known companies the VC firm has invested in

Here's the list:

1. The Food Fund

  • Location: FoodFund International, Saba Tower 1 – Office 3601 B, Cluster E – JLT, Dubai, UAE
  • Industries: Agriculture, BioTech, Food, and Beverage
  • Investment Range: $800K-$3.5M
  • Stage: Series B
  • Companies invested in: Attic, The Grill Shack, Bentley Kitchen, Eat Greek

The Food Fund has a unique and clear target: Food and Beverage market. This company actively supports the industry, investing in 5-stars restaurants and food brands to increase their reach, market value, and popularity.

They also support Agriculture and some Tech industries. The firm typically invests from $800K to $3.5M.

Learn more about The Food Fund ➜


2. GrowValley

  • Location: Conrad Business Tower, 19th Floor, SZR, 5610, Dubai
  • Industries: Internet, Technology, Investigation, Financial Services
  • Investment Range: $500K-$2M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Eddy, Soorago, Teech

Grow Valley is a Venture Capital & Fund firm dedicated to supporting Startups in diverse Technology areas. They offer special partnerships and exclusive ideas to grow the companies they invest in, as well as make significant decisions to take those entrepreneurs to the next level by offering plenty of opportunities, and funding of $500K-$2M.

Learn more about GrowValley ➜


3. Global Ventures - Dubai

  • Location: Building # 1 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Al Sufouh 2, Dubai
  • Industries: Cyber Security, BioTech, Software Development, Internet, Financial Services
  • Investment Range: $500K-4M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Lean, Mamo Pay, Nexford University, Tarabut Gateway

Global Venture focuses on reinforcing those companies that lead to making a significant change in the world. Their vision is global, as well as their Portfolio, including diverse startup and growth companies dedicated to Technology, Internet, Biotech, etc. Global Venture has increased multiple startups and big companies, supporting them with investments from $500K to 4M at the initial stage.

Learn more about Global Ventures - Dubai ➜


4. Iliad Partners

  • Location: Marina Plaza, Level 29, P.O. Box 392365, Dubai
  • Industries: FinTech, Proptech, Logistics, Mobile, EdTech
  • Investment Range: $300K-$1M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Oseven, Fetchr, Trukker

Iliad Partners is a VC firm based in Dubai that focuses on powering the tech enablement industry and various seed-stage and Series A-stage enterprises dedicated to the technology in multiple aspects. The firm was created in 2014, and its investment range starts from $300K to $1M.

Learn more about Iliad Partners ➜


5. Dtec Ventures

  • Location: TechnoHub 1 and 2, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Oasis, Dubai
  • Industries: Software, Internet, EdTech, E-Commerce
  • Investment Range: $100K-$500K
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Cognitev, Commersya, Geeks, ShortPoint, SouKare

Dtec Ventures is a firm dedicated to investing and creating partnerships with grown ventures and early-stage potentially huge companies, focusing on the Technology areas, especially in the MENA region. They provide access to startup funding in talented and promising technology founders and companies.

Learn more about Dtec Ventures ➜


6. GDA Fund

  • Location: Unit N305, Level 3, ETF, DIFC, Dubai
  • Industries: FinTech, Proptech, Cryptocurrency
  • Investment Range: $300K-$800K
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Blockchain, Bitcoin

GDA Fund is a relatively new company, created in 2019. This Venture Capital Firm focuses its investments in Cryptocurrency and market-leading financials industries.

They usually apply high-risk strategies to capitalize on the market and guarantee good results. They like to invest around $300K to $800K at the primary stage.

Learn more about GDA Fund ➜


7. Janus Henderson Investors

  • Location: Paris, Dubai
  • Industries: Asset Management, Biopharma, Media & Entertainment
  • Investment Range: $900K - $5M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Inroads, Stonewall, Bloomberg, Girls who Invest

Janus Henderson Investors offers a range of financial products to individuals, intermediary advisers, and institutional investors worldwide, interested in making investments in Asia and Europe.

They generally invest in sectors related to Ecosystems, Technology, and Financial Services. The investment ranges from $900K to $5M.

Learn more about Janus Henderson Investors ➜


8. Iris Capital

  • Location: Loft Offices, Building 2A, Office 217, Al Madaar Street, Dubai
  • Industries: E-Commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, Financial Services
  • Investment Range: $1-$30M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Armis, Adomik, Exotec Solutions, Get Safe,

Iris Capital was established in 1986 in France. It is a multinational Venture Capital Firm along with offices worldwide.

They are focused on getting to manifold Early-Stage industries in a diverse range of operations, mainly the Technology Market.

Currently, Iris Capital - Dubai has invested in more than 100 companies, including E-Commerce and BioTech startups.

Learn more about Iris Capital ➜


9. Arzan Venture Capital

  • Location: Gate Village #7, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai
  • Industries: HealthTech, FinTech, E-Commerce, Bussiness Development
  • Investment Range: $1M-$20M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Klaim, Taker, Fatura, FittiCoin, FlexxPay

Arzan Venture Capital is part of a paramount range of VC Firms in the United Arab Emirates.

From its establishment in 2014, the firm has invested in multiple Health Tech and FinTech startups, along with several industries focused on Business Development. Arzan Venture's portfolio incorporates approximately more than 30 startups companies.

Learn more about Arzan Venture Capital ➜


10. Wesley Clover - Dubai

  • Location: Business Central Towers, Tower A, Office 1604A, Dubai
  • Industries: Technology, Communication, Software Development, Business Enablement
  • Investment Range: $1M-$6M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Benbria Loop, Certn, CounterPath, CulturVate, Customs Bridge

Wesley Clover is a private investment megacorporation, based in Dubai.

Wesley Clovers owns an extensive portfolio dedicated to supporting innovative technology companies. Wesley Clover center its fundings on Business Enablement and Multiple Technology-related markets. They invest anywhere from $1M to $6M.

Learn more about Wesley Clover - Dubai ➜


11. BECO Capital

  • Location: Office No. 105 One Central, The Offices 4, Dubai World Trade Center, PO Box 333357, Dubai
  • Industries: Fundraising, Network, Technology, Software
  • Investment Range: $500K-$5M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Fetchr, Property Finder, Laimoon, Round Menu, Ajar Online

BECO Capital is a VC firm headquartered in Dubai.

The firm supplies budget to finance Early-Stage technology-based corporations, and numerous unique-vision companies dedicated to Fundraising and Software Development. Their investment range starts at $500K to $5M.

Learn more about BECO Capital ➜


12. Yalla Compare

  • Location: 707 Tameem House, Dubai
  • Industries: FinTech, Insurance, Healthcare, Security, Banking
  • Investment Range: $500K-4.5M$
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Cigna, Noor Takaful, Aseel, RankBank Business

YallaCompare is a financial global institution that leads its investment area on Insurance and Healthcare platforms, offering them support and a large range of budgets.

Their primary point of financing is related to Car Insurance, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance. The firm typically invests around $500K to 4.5M$ in their portfolio companies.

Learn more about Yalla Compare ➜


13. Emitac

  • Location: Block A, Hudaiba Awards Building, 5th Floor, Jumeirah Road, Dubai
  • Industries: Information Technology, Insurance, FinTech, BioTech
  • Investment Range: $800K-$2M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: SEDCO, Lattice Software, EHS

Emitac is a Dubai-based operational solution provider for companies established in 1976.

Emitac is responsible for designing and developing technology to create business solutions that help industries to achieve their goals.

They usually invest between $500k to $2M.

Learn more about Emitac ➜


14. Wamda

  • Location: Dubai Design District (d3), P.O.Box 333231, Dubai
  • Industries: Banking, Financial Services, Mobile, Cryptocurrency
  • Investment Range: $1M-$5M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Munch On, Carma, Geeks, Mondanisa, Bit Oasis

Wamda Capital is a firm dedicated to investing and creating powerful partnerships with startups, Growth, and Early stages companies, as well as supporting entrepreneurs, to assist them and take their industries to an advanced stage. Their investments are made in sectors such as Banking, Financial Services, and a few Tech Areas.

Learn more about Wamda ➜


15. Capital Values Group

  • Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Industries: Real State, Finance, Marketing
  • Investment Range: $500K-$2.5M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Kinetic Capital, Yugo,

Capital Values Group is an influential private VC Firm with over 20 years of experience in financing multiple business sectors.

The firm's fundings go from the High Education Sector to the Marketing area, with investments that start at $500K and go up to $2.5M.

Learn more about Capital Values Group ➜


16. Naseba

  • Location: Indigo Icon Tower, Office 3301, Cluster F, Dubai
  • Industries: Real State, EdTech, Education, Financial Services
  • Investment Range: $500K-$3.8M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Loyyal, Spire, SureTouch, Securrency, Airbus

Naseba is committed to providing solution and deals facilitation to potential buyers and possible entrepreneurs as well as training to convert beginners into experts by offering people exposure to the right knowledge. They invest and support Real State and Financial Services companies by providing funds of around $500K to $3.8M.

Learn more about Naseba ➜


17. Jabbar Internet Group

  • Location: Dubai Design District, Building 4 Office A406, Dubai
  • Industries: E-Commerce, FinTech, Internet Development, Software
  • Investment Range: $2M-$5M
  • Stage: Series B
  • Companies invested in: Delivery Hero, Yahoo, Kitchenfull

Jabar Internet Group can be defined as one of the Market-Leading investors in all of MENA Region, that operates as a huge funding business in Technology.

Their main mission is to increase the Internet quality of the region, and their goal is to become the largest Arabic Internet company.

Learn more about Jabbar Internet Group ➜


18. Digital Spring Ventures

  • Location: Al Maqam Tower, 8th floor, ADGM Square, Al Maryah Island, Dubai
  • Industries: EdTech, Mobile Data, FinTech, Internet
  • Investment Range: $500K-$5M
  • Stage: Series B
  • Companies invested in: Better Me, Genesis, 2C2P, JIJI

Digital Spring Ventures is an International venture investors company that has created and supported over 300 companies in Dubai and has provided more than 5,000 jobs.

Digital Spring Ventures is dedicated to investing in Series B companies in countless sectors, in particular, Commerce, Financial Services, Real State, and Agriculture.

Learn more about Digital Spring Ventures ➜


19. Khalifa Fund

  • Location: 10th Floor, Al Wahda Tower, Hazza Bin Zayed The 1st St, Dubai
  • Industries: Financial Services, E-Commerce, Business Support
  • Investment Range: $1M-$10M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: ABB, Elite Agro, Etihad Airways

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development is a Venture Capital Firm located in Dubai that was established in 2007 and is supported by the Government of the United Arabian Emirates.

This firm is dedicated to growing and supporting entrepreneurship and increasing the developments of Seed-Stages and Series A Enterprises, as well as social cooperation to collaborate with education and communities health sector.

Learn more about Khalifa Fund ➜


20. Al Dhaheri Capital Investment Group

  • Location: The V Building, Al Barsha, South 3rd, Arjan Dubailand, Dubai
  • Industries: Financial Investments, Commercial Investments, Real State, Agriculture
  • Investment Range: $200K-$8M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Score Card, Best Garden, St Regis, Mounir Nassif Guideline

ADCI Firm is a multinational investment association engrossed to reinforce the market in all MENA Region that has been active for over 40 years.

They typically invest in multiple industries of Banking and Financial Services. Their portfolio also includes Internet and Software development campaigns. ADCI Group offers outlay from $800K to $5M.

Learn more about Al Dhaheri Capital Investment Group ➜


21. SFM Corporate Service

  • Location: 10th Floor, Al Wahda Towers, Hazza Bin Zayed Street, Al Wahdah, Dubai
  • Industries: Banking, Software, Internet, Financial Services
  • Investment Range: $200K-$5M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Bank One, CBI, Emirates NBD

SFM, a market-leading corporation, is dedicated to creating partnerships and providing a large list of services to the country.

With offices all around the world, this firm focused on Company Formation and Administration, Bank account opening, Visual identity for entrepreneurship. SFM typically invests anywhere from $200K to $5M.

Learn more about SFM Corporate Service ➜


22. Vaul Investments

  • Location: Vault Investments LLC, Office 8, Duja Tower, P.O. 233344, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Industries: Real State, Banking, Financial Services, Venture Capital
  • Investment Range: $800K-$2M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Sultan Petroleum, Vietgage, Floos

VAULT Investments VC Firm is a platform established in 2012, with manifold objectives.

Since its creation, the company has increased a rapid growth in Real State, Financial Services, and Banking market. With a portfolio formed by over 500 industries, the firm has diversified into Technology, real assets, and the trading sector.

Learn more about Vaul Investments ➜


23. Globaleye

  • Location: Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1, 2002 - Downtown Dubai, Dubai
  • Industries: Insurance, Mortage, Private Market Investments, Healthcare
  • Investment Range: $500K-$10M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Non Disclosed

Globaleye's motto leads to motivating people to assess the time, protect life, enjoy it and take advantage of every opportunity they obtain. That is the reason why they invest and support diverse Financial Services along with Healthcare, besides offering Mortage Insurance. This firm is complete and powerful, their investments usually start at $500K and can go up to $10M.

Learn more about Globaleye ➜


24. Modus Capital

  • Location: District 1, Block B - Al Quds Street Box, Building 9W, 5th, Dubai.
  • Industries: Healthcare, Trading, FinTech, Food Tech, Financial Services, SaaS
  • Investment Range: $1M-$8M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Epic Reality, BioRestore Health, Chappme, Smart Mentor, Simplero

Modus Capital's principal goal is creating significant partnerships along with venture builders, and financial capital to startups companies.

Modus Capital is active across a large number of markets, headquartered in New York, but with an important branch office in Dubai. They are dedicated to taking small companies into global market leaders.

Learn more about Modus Capital ➜


25. Thumbay Group

  • Location: P.O. Box: 415555, DIFC, Dubai, AE
  • Industries: Education, Healthcare, Health Communication, Publishing, Hospitality
  • Investment Range: $300K-$5M
  • Stage: Series B
  • Companies invested in: Zulheka Hospital, Saudi Hospital Group, Blends & Brew

Thumbay Group is an International Corporation leading to innovative services in various fields dedicated to business, and social enterprises. Besides being a leader in the Health Sector, Thumbay Group supports multiple Pharmacies' Chain, and Hospital Chains, along with popular Health & Lifestyle early-stage projects.

Learn more about Thumbay Group ➜


26. Performous

  • Location: 2311 Palm Residence North, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Industries: E-Commerce, SaaS, Marketing, Technology
  • Investment Range: $500K-$3M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: iBooking, Yalla Protein, Prasaga,

Performous is an Intercontinental VC Firm with over 25 years of experience. They labor alongside potential successful entrepreneurs and small companies with interests in Marketing, Technology, and E-Commerce. They have driven numerous beginners Commerce and SaaS brands to what they are nowadays. They usually invest between $500K to $3M in their projects.

Learn more about Performous ➜


27. GoldStern

  • Location: DMCC, 802, JBC 5, JLT Cluster W, Dubai
  • Industries: Managment Consulting, EdTech, FinTech, Angel Investments
  • Investment Range: $100K-$1M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Wix, Basset, Epic Reality

GoldStern is actively specialized in prodigious investments opportunities. This VC firm was established just two years ago. Since 2019, they have been focused on building strategic and high-quality consulting services. Their principal fields of interest include the Management Consulting and Commerce areas.

Learn more about GoldStern ➜


28. Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group

  • Location: Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC, Al Gurg Tower No. 1, Baniyas Road, Deira, Dubai
  • Industries: Building & Construction, Real State, Retail
  • Investment Range: $500K-$5M
  • Stage: Seed-Stage
  • Companies invested in: Sie Matic, Better Life, Al Semsam, Bath&More

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG), is a multinational conglomerate VC firm. It is one of the leading business companies in the UAE, that has supported more than 300 brands worldwide.

ESAG is committed to multiple business interests, and diverse areas of Retail, Industrial, Real State, and Building and Construction. The group usually invests an amount of $500K to $5M at the primary stage.

Learn more about Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group ➜


29. Al Barakah Holding

  • Location: Industrial Park، Saih Shuaib 2 - Dubai
  • Industries: Healthcare, Security, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Community Development
  • Investment Range: Non Disclosed
  • Stage: Series A
  • Companies invested in: Tamween Hospitality, The National Aquarium, LifeCare Pharmacies, The Bridge

Al Barakah Holding is a leading investment Venture Capital that possesses a huge portfolio dedicated to numerous industries focused on Healthcare, Entertainment, Security, and several others.

Currently, they count with more than 6000 employees and even more than $3.5M invested.

Learn more about Al Barakah Holding ➜


30. Noor Bank

  • Location: Al Manal Centre, Naif Rd, Nr, Dubai
  • Industries: FinTech, Technology, Financial Services
  • Investment Range: Non Disclosed
  • Stage: Seed-Stage

Noor Bank was opened to the public in 2008. This company offers full-service along with a range of products mainly focused on banking, trading, treasury, and financial services. It is currently ranked as one of the largest and more important VC firms in the UAE.

Learn more about Noor Bank ➜

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