25 Creative Drive Through Business Ideas

Updated: July 24th, 2023

Looking to start a drive through business but not quite sure what to start?

The good news is, there are so many opportunities to become an entrepreneur and build an innovative product/service in this line of work.

If you're looking to start your own drive through business, there are several low-capital options you can choose from.

We put a list together below of the most creative drive through business ideas you can start today!

Here they are:

1. Start a drive-thru car washing business

Are you looking for a unique business idea that combines the convenience of a drive-thru with the ever-important task of keeping cars clean? Look no further than a drive-thru car washing business!

This innovative concept allows customers to drive their vehicles through a series of automated washing stations without ever having to leave the comfort of their cars. From bare exterior washes to complete detailing services, the options are endless.

But what goes into operating a successful drive-thru car washing business? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Location, location, location! Choose a spot that is easily accessible and visible from major roads. Bonus points for being in a busy, high-traffic area.

  • Offer various services and packages to cater to customers’ needs and budgets. This can include basic exterior washes, complete detailing services, and add-ons like tire shining and air fresheners.

  • Invest in top-of-the-line equipment and technology. This will ensure a high-quality cleaning for customers and make the washing process more efficient.

  • Keep the customer experience in mind. This can include simple things like having a friendly and knowledgeable staff, providing clear instructions for using the drive-thru, and even offering loyalty rewards for repeat customers.

  • Utilize social media and online marketing. Advertise on various platforms to reach customers, show them the value of your services and promote your business.

  • Keep your business green. Being eco-friendly will not only help your business to be socially responsible but will also appeal to a significant number of customers who care about the environment.

Starting a drive-thru car washing business can be lucrative if you stay organized and focused and adapt to new technology and customer needs. With ingenuity, your business can be a shining example of convenience meets clean. Happy washing!

2. Start a voting poll drive-thru business

Are you tired of the traditional in-person voting process? Look no further than the voting poll drive-thru business! This innovative concept allows citizens to quickly and efficiently cast their ballots while remaining in the comfort of their own vehicles.

The business entails setting up a drive-thru voting booth with poll workers and voting machines at designated locations throughout the community. Voters simply drive up, present their identification, and cast their vote on the spot.

To operate a successful voting poll drive-thru business, it is crucial to establish partnerships with local government officials and secure necessary permits. It is also essential to thoroughly train poll workers on the voting machines and procedures to ensure a smooth and error-free process for voters.

Additionally, utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as touchless voting machines and implementing measures to maintain the privacy and security of the voting process is key to gaining the trust and confidence of the electorate.

Overall, the voting poll drive-thru business offers a convenient and modern way for citizens to participate in the democratic process while providing a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to impact their community positively. So, if you’re looking to capitalize on this burgeoning idea, this is your chance to make a difference while making a profit. Get in the driver’s seat and become a votary of democracy!

3. Start a liquor store drive-thru business

Welcome to the exciting world of drive-thru liquor stores! This innovative business idea is perfect for those looking to break into the retail industry uniquely and profitably.

A drive-thru liquor store is exactly what it sounds like - a retail establishment where customers can purchase alcohol without stepping out of their vehicles. Think of it as a combination of a convenience store and a drive-thru restaurant, but with adult beverages.

The first step in starting a drive-thru liquor store is finding the correct location. It should be in a high-traffic area near a busy highway or main street. It's also essential to ensure that there are no laws or regulations prohibiting drive-thru liquor sales in your area.

Once you’ve secured the perfect location, it’s time to stock your store. Be sure to offer a wide selection of famous brands and types of alcohol, including beer, wine, and spirits. It's also essential to have a variety of sizes available, from single cans and bottles to more prominent cases.

In terms of operating a successful drive-thru liquor store, it’s all about convenience and efficiency. This means having a smooth and quick ordering process for customers and a well-organized and easily-navigable store layout. Additionally, it’s crucial to have a strong customer service game - make sure your staff is friendly and helpful and that they are trained to handle ID checks and other legal requirements.

One of the most significant advantages of a drive-thru liquor store is the ability to cater to customers who may not be able to leave their homes or vehicles, such as those with disabilities or elderly people. This can be a huge draw for customers and increase repeat business chances.

Owning a drive-thru liquor store can be an extremely lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. It offers the convenience of a drive-thru, the allure of a good drink, and the chance to fill a niche market. With a prime location, a well-stocked store, and friendly staff, you’ll be well on your way to a successful and profitable business. Cheers to that!

4. Start a drive-thru wedding chapel business

Are you looking for a unique and offbeat business idea? Look no further than a drive-thru wedding chapel!

The concept is simple: provide a convenient and stress-free way for couples to tie the knot. Imagine a drive-thru set-up similar to a fast food restaurant, but couples receive a legally binding wedding ceremony instead of burgers and fries.

The drive-thru chapel can be set up in various locations, such as a parking lot or a converted shipping container. The ceremony can be conducted by an ordained minister or justice of the peace and can be as simple or elaborate as the couple desires. The drive-thru chapel can also offer pre-packaged wedding packages, including flowers, photography, and a reception for a one-stop-shop experience.

To operate a successful drive-thru wedding chapel business, it is essential to ensure all legal requirements are met and to have a reliable and professional staff. It may also be beneficial to partner with other wedding vendors to offer couples a broader range of services. Additionally, offering unique and personalized touches such as custom decorations and unique vehicle options (such as a classic car or even a horse-drawn carriage) can set your business apart and attract a diverse range of customers.

Overall, a drive-thru wedding chapel is a quirky and unconventional business idea that can provide an easy and stress-free way for couples to exchange vows. With proper planning and execution, this business can be a lucrative and memorable experience for all involved.

5. Start a pawn shop

A pawn shop is a retail establishment that offers secured loans to customers in exchange for personal property, such as jewelry, electronics, and firearms. The business model is simple: customers bring in items of value, and the pawn shop provides them with a loan. If the customer repays the loan, including interest, within a specified period of time, they get their property back. If they don't, the pawn shop keeps the property and resells it.

Pawn shops have been around for centuries and have a reputation for being a bit seedy and serving only the most desperate customers. However, with the rise of reality television shows such as “Pawn Stars” and "Hardcore Pawn,” people are beginning to see pawn shops in a different light. Today, many pawn shops are clean and well-lit, offering high-end items such as designer handbags and watches.

To start a successful pawn shop, it's essential to understand the value of the items you will be buying and selling. It's also essential to have a good relationship with your customers and to be willing to work with them to find a loan solution that fits their needs. Additionally, you should always comply with all federal, state, and local laws.

One of the most exciting aspects of a pawn shop business is the ability to buy items at a low price and then resell them at a markup. It’s the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur with an eye for a bargain and a knack for selling.

Another critical aspect of running a successful pawn shop is to create a safe and secure environment for your customers and employees. Properly securing and monitoring your inventory and implementing security measures to protect your staff from potential harm.

Overall, a pawn shop can be a great business opportunity for anyone interested in buying and selling value items. A pawn shop could be the perfect business for you if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a good sense of value, and a willingness to work with customers.

Introducing the drive-thru art gallery - a unique and scintillating business idea that combines the convenience of a drive-thru with the beauty of art. This innovative concept allows art enthusiasts to view and purchase artwork without leaving their cars.

The drive-thru art gallery business entails setting up a physical space, preferably in a busy location with high foot traffic, that showcases various art pieces from different artists. The space should be designed to be easily viewed from a car, with a curved path that allows for a gradual viewing experience.

To operate a successful drive-thru art gallery business, you should keep a few tips in mind. Firstly, it is essential to curate a diverse and high-quality selection of artworks that appeals to a wide range of audiences. This can be achieved by working closely with local artists and galleries to showcase their work.

Additionally, investing in a strong marketing and advertising strategy is crucial to attracting customers to your drive-thru art gallery. This can be done through social media campaigns, print advertisements, and word of mouth.

Lastly, providing excellent customer service and creating a unique and memorable experience for visitors is crucial in establishing a loyal customer base. This can be achieved by offering personalized tours and information about the artworks on display and providing easy and efficient purchase options.

In conclusion, the drive-thru art gallery business is an exciting and eminently profitable idea that appeals to art enthusiasts and busy individuals alike. Your drive-thru art gallery will surely be a resounding success by curating a high-quality selection of artworks, investing in a strong marketing strategy, and providing excellent customer service.

7. Start a drive-thru pharmacy

Drive-thru pharmacies allow dispensing of medicine through pharmacy windows where customers or patients ask for their medication while in the car. Just like the brick-and-mortar pharmacies, pharmacists will assist the patients and respond to their questions. The pharmacy window provides an opportunity for real-time support.

With quick service and reliable practices, drive-thru pharmacy can be a profitable business.

8. Start a drive-thru gas station business

Are you a fuel-savvy entrepreneur looking for a unique business idea? Look no further than a drive-thru gas station! This innovative concept combines the convenience of a traditional gas station with the speed and efficiency of a drive-thru.

Customers can simply pull up to the drive-thru window, select their desired fuel type and pay quickly, all while remaining in the comfort of their vehicle. In addition to fuel, drive-thru gas stations can offer various snacks and beverages for on-the-go customers.

To operate a successful drive-thru gas station, it is crucial to have a prime location with high visibility and easy access. Make sure to have a friendly and efficient staff and a reliable and easy-to-use payment system. It’s also essential to keep the station and pumps clean and well-maintained. And don’t forget to offer competitive pricing to attract and retain customers.

In addition to traditional gasoline and diesel fuel, consider offering alternative fuel options such as electric charging stations or compressed natural gas to appeal to eco-conscious customers. Diversifying your offerings can set your drive-thru gas station apart from the competition and attract a broader range of customers.

9. Start a drive-thru banking business

Drive-thru banking is a brilliant business idea for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the fast-paced and ever-evolving banking industry. The concept is simple yet effective: customers can access financial services without leaving their cars. This convenience is a game-changer, especially in today's society, where time is a precious commodity.

The drive-thru banking business entails setting up a physical location that allows customers to conduct banking transactions via a drive-thru lane. The transactions include depositing and withdrawing money, paying bills, and applying for loans. The drive-thru lane should be equipped with advanced technology, such as ATM machines and interactive kiosks, to make the process more efficient. The customers are assisted by the bank representative who interacts with them through the intercom system and interacts with the customer from a secured cashier area.

To run a successful drive-thru banking business, it’s crucial to focus on providing exceptional customer service. The drive-thru experience should be seamless and effortless for customers. Investing in state-of-the-art technology is essential to keep up with the competition. Additionally, marketing is vital, so creating an online presence and actively promoting the business on social media and other platforms is essential.

How long does it take to build: 150 days (?)

10. Start a drive-thru library business

Are you looking for a unique business idea that combines convenience and education? Look no further than a drive-thru library!

A drive-thru library allows patrons to borrow books and other materials from the comfort of their cars. Think of it as a drive-thru for books! It’s a perfect solution for busy individuals who don’t have time to visit a traditional library or those who live in rural areas with limited access to libraries.

The drive-thru library business entails setting up a physical location with a drive-thru lane and stocking it with a wide variety of books, audiobooks, and other materials. You’ll also need to set up a system for checking out materials, such as a library card system or mobile app.

To operate a successful drive-thru library business, constantly replenish your stock with new and popular materials. You should also consider offering a subscription service for frequent patrons. Additionally, consider offering additional services such as book clubs, author talks, and other events to attract more customers.

Another pro-tip is ensuring that your drive-thru library is visible to passing cars by using appropriate sign boards and hoardings. Also, you can offer home delivery options to expand your customer base and attract more customers.

In conclusion, a drive-thru library business is an innovative and convenient way to promote literacy and education while providing a valuable service to your community. You can look into a unique and brilliant business idea, so why wait? Start your drive-thru library today!

11. Start a drive-thru clinic business

12. Start a drive-thru laundromat business

A laundromat business provides self-service commercial washers and dryers within a retail space and customers pay for the usage of the machines.

13. Start a drive-through coffee shop business

How much you can make: $15,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $5,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 180 days (?)

We Built A Coffee Shop In A Van That Makes $180K/Year

This case study follows the co-founder of Camper Cafe, a mobile coffee van business which started as a hobby and now has 6 units that supply the UK's biggest sporting events, commercial and film shoots, generating around £150k from working only 70 days of the year.

Beth started Camper Cafe almost 13 years ago
Beth grew the business to $15K/month
It cost Beth $5000 to start the business
Read by 5,820 founders

14. Start a drive-thru dairy business

15. Start a drive-thru ice cream and frozen yogurt business

According to a recent survey, nearly 80% of American consumers prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream and other cold treats.

Experts report that the demand for frozen yogurt has experienced a huge surge because it is considered a healthier alternative.

Therefore, starting a drive-thru frozen yogurt business stands a huge potential for multiplying your profits. If you plan to start a frozen yogurt business, define the target market and choose a strategic location where they can reach you.

16. Start a drive-thru photo processing studio business

17. Start a drive-in movie theater

A drive-in theater is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen and a projection booth. The drive-in cinema structure is designed so customers can watch the movies while staying in their cars.

Based on the structural design, the drive-in cinema must be spacious. To start a drive-in cinema, you may hire a piece of land or purchase land large enough to host many customers.

18. Start a drive-through convenience store business

19. Start a fast food drive-thru

A fast-food drive-thru is a type of quick-service restaurant that allows customers to place and receive their food orders without leaving their vehicles.

The concept involves a dedicated lane for cars to drive up to a menu board, interact with an intercom system to place their orders, and then pick up their food at a window.

This business model has gained popularity because it caters to the fast-paced lifestyles of today, offering convenience and efficiency for customers on the go.

As a result, there is a high demand for the services provided by drive-thru restaurants, leading to repeat business and a lucrative industry.

How much you can make: $61,650,000/month

Shake Shack SuccessStory

Shake Shack went from a single hot dog stand to a global fast food chain with over 270 locations thanks to its fresh, high-quality, and delicious food at an incredible price.

They started Shake Shack over 20 years ago
They grew the business to $61.7M/month
Read by 1,165 founders

20. Start a drive-thru strip club business

Drive-thru strip clubs feature performers dancing behind a barricade. Customers can drive in and order burgers or beer from the car and enjoy watching strippers performing.

According to statistics, the US alone is home to approximately 4,000 registered and licensed strip clubs, which employ approximately 58,000 people and make a whopping $6 billion annually.

Therefore, starting a drive-thru strip club could be a profitable business and creates employment opportunities, which is good for the economy.

21. Start a drive-thru cake business

22. Start a drive-thru funeral home business

23. Start a drive-thru donuts business

Is the idea of opening a donut business instilled into your passion for entrepreneurship? You can start a drive-thru donut shop.

A drive-through donuts business is a type of take-out service provided by a company that allows customers to purchase donuts and enjoy them without leaving their cars.

Starting a drive-thru donuts business doesn't have to be complex. To minimize operational costs, you can bake donuts from home and open a drive-thru shop at a more convenient location.

24. Start a drive-thru grocery store business

25. Start a drive-thru body piercing business

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