72 Cold Email Templates That Win Customers

72 Cold Email Templates That Win Customers

Cold email is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

We sourced the internet for the best B2B cold email templates for sales. We include samples for pretty much any scenario:

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This is a long list. Jump to what you're looking for:

✉️ Cold prospecting email templates

Company XYZ is not performing

First contact with a prospect

LinkedIn Cold Message Template (friend in common)

LinkedIn Cold Message Template (short and sweet)

Business development cold email template

Do your homework on the client

Cold email template for lead generation

👩‍🎨 Unique approaches

Compare your product to their hero

Make a sports connection

Using Statistics

💰 Referral Cold Email Templates

Sometimes, it's all about getting to the right person. Here are some email templates to help you with that:

Quick referral email template

Basic cold email referral template

Simple ask for referral

Who is the best person for this?

Using complements email template

Good fit email template

Referral networking event email template

The referral warmup email template

🏎 Short and sweet (for referrals)

Who's in charge?

Value proposition (email template)

The key here is to mention another startup, particularly a competitor:

Elevator pitch email template

👩‍🎨 Unique approaches (for referrals)

Customer reference / case study (email template)

I looked at your site email template

Favorite Team (sports connection)

💼 Direct approach

We have a mutual connection

Get to the point

The keys here:

  • shows social proof with competitors
  • straightforward

Cold email template for meeting

Ideas for you

Resort to Outright Flattery

Inform them of their own pain point

The key here:

  • puts pressure on something they know they need to fix/improve
  • mentions their compeitition

LinkedIn article

General Truth

Learn about you

Use numbers and stats

Quick call

Analysis on your product

Focus on benefits

Offering personalized demo

Being upfront

Using common connections

If you want to connect with the buyer

Reaching out to your niche market

"I just met you" email template


📈 Using their competitors to your advantage

Head to head against your competitor

Competitor just did this

Reaching out to prospect's who use your competitor

Talk down your competition?

Poach Competitor's Customer

Competitor event

🔫 Trigger events

Trigger event email template

Trigger based outreach email template

Trigger Event + Common Connection

📝 Cold email templates for SEO

SEO Cold Email Template

Favourite article

Writing to an influencer email template

Loved the article

New blog content

Demo video for your blog

Outreach for a guest post (email template)

Sharing a Blog Post

👍 Value add

Sharing Resources

Recommending a Tool

Visited Website

Additional Resources

Responding to an online post

Helpful resources

A presentation

If you're a stranger to them

Access to Research Report


There are many different ways to send cold emails - the best thing you can do is just start trying things and experimenting!

Happy cold emailing!

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