12 Best Coworking Spaces In Charlotte with Prices & Amenities [2021]

12 Best Coworking Spaces In Charlotte with Prices & Amenities [2021]

Looking for a coworking space in Charlotte?

According to Axios, Charlotte’s startup scene may be early in its development, but it’s already produced some powerful companies.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small business, freelancer or simply just searching for a creative place to work, Charlotte has plenty of dynamic spaces to choose from.

We’ve put together a list of the 12 best coworking spots in Charlotte and provide you with:

  • location
  • hours of operation
  • amenities included
  • membership & cost breakdown

Here’s the full list:


1. Regus - Charlotte

  • Location: 525 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: High-speed wifi, free parking, scanner, and printer, complimentary coffee

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Office Space: 250$/month
  • Coworking: 226$/month
  • Virtual OfficeS: 90$/month

Regus is inarguably the biggest provider of coworking spaces around the entire world. As a result, it is one of the best options for coworking space Charlotte. The best high-quality amenities and perks are available at their coworking space. They provide shared offices for startups, single entrepreneurs, and small to big businesses.

Learn more about Regus - Charlotte ➜, or send them an email.


2. Cocotiv

  • Location: 1515 Mockingbird Lane Ste. 400 Charlotte, NC 28209
  • Hours: Members has 24/7 access
  • Amenities: There is free parking, a fitness center, 24/7 access, networking events, local brews, coffee bar, podcast, and video studio.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Audio/Viceo Podast: 225$ per session
  • Conference Room: 50$/month

Cocotiv is a local coworking space brand. It is a preferred option for coworking space in Charlotte. An accessible onsite parking facility is also available at their coworking space. Many professional events are also held in these spaces from time to time. If you become a member, you get 24/7 access.

Learn more about Cocotiv ➜, or send them an email.


3. Advent Coworking

  • Location: 933 Louise Ave Ste 101 Charlotte, Carolina del Norte, 28204
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Open workspaces, podcast studio, kitchen, event space, lockers, private phone booths, community events, free yoga, coffee, printer, and scanner

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Flex Desk: 149$/month
  • Dedicated Desk: 249$/month
  • Private Office: 450$/month

Advent Coworking space is a fantastic place where startups, freelancers, and small companies want to be. They have various amenities and perks available, including a podcast studio. Also, there's an event space open. In addition, the office provides an outdoor patio where you can bask in the sun and work simultaneously. Furthermore, a free bike rental facility is also available at Advent.

Learn more about Advent Coworking ➜, or send them an email.


4. Hygge Coworking

  • Location: 3rd ward, 809 W Hill St, suite c, Charlotte, NC 28208
  • Hours: 9am - 5pm
  • Amenities: High-quality tea and coffee are available throughout the day, parking, printer, scanning, outdoor area, meeting room.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Flex Membership: 149$/month
  • Dedicated Desk:269$/month
  • Virtual Mail: 74$/month
  • Day Pass: 20$
  • Privatte Office: 600$/month

Hygge Coworking in Charlotte has 4 locations across the city. You can choose from any of their sites at your convenience. In this office, there are always social events happening from time to time. They also organize a zero-day event, where you can learn all sorts of new things.

Learn more about Hygge Coworking ➜, or send them an email.


5. WeWork - Charlotte

  • Location: 615 S College St Charlotte, NC 28202
  • Hours: 9am - 6pm
  • Amenities: Free parking, snack bar, high-speed wifi, complimentary coffee, and tea.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Privatte Office: 450$/month
  • Shared Space: 240$/month

WeWork is one of the most popular options for coworking space in Charlotte. These spaces are airy and spacious. In addition, fresh fruit water is available throughout the day that keeps you refreshed and active.

Learn more about WeWork - Charlotte ➜, or send them an email.


6. The Mill Coworking

  • Location: 2108 South Blvd. Suite 211 at Atherton Mill Lofts Charlotte, NC 28203
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Meeting rooms, phone booths, event space, meeting room, parking spots.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • 3-5 Person Private Office: 1500$/month
  • Dedicate Desks: 350$/month
  • Flex Membership: 175$/month

With a "heads-down" atmosphere, The Mill aims to create an environment that allows members to focus on their work distraction-free This place also provides a nice option for those looking to network with others and collaborate. Their members include various professionals in various industries with a desire to cut out life's everyday distractions.

Learn more about The Mill Coworking ➜, or send them an email.


7. Spaces - Charlotte

  • Location: 101 North Tryon Street, Suites 112 and 6000, Charlotte, North Carolina 28246
  • Hours: 9am - 6pm
  • Amenities: Meeting rooms, high-speed wifi, networking events, parking spots, breakout areas, fully serviced.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Office Space: 310$/monrh
  • Dedicated Desk: 273$/month
  • Coworking Membership: 226$/month

Spaces Coworking Offices have their presence around all the world. In Charlotte, they have two locations. The one at 101 North Tryon Street is designed to spark innovation and collaboration. You can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs over a barista-brewed cup of coffee or healthy lunch.

Learn more about Spaces - Charlotte ➜, or send them an email.


8. Expansive - Charlotte

  • Location: 227 W 4th St. Charlotte, NC
  • Hours: 9am - 5pm
  • Amenities: Indoor lounge areas, conference rooms, bike storage, mother's room, phone booths.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Workspace starting at $219/month.

Expansive - Charlotte is another preferred choice for coworking space Charlotte. It has many coworking spaces in many major cities. Event areas and day offices are also available at this space. When you join their flexible workspace community, your service agreement includes an extensive list of benefits and amenities at no extra cost.

Learn more about Expansive - Charlotte ➜, or send them an email.

9. Launch Factory

  • Location: 2459 Wilkinson Blvd Suite 310 Charlotte, NC 28208
  • Hours: 8am - 5pm
  • Amenities: Hospitality services and free parking, common areas, secure wifi, flat-screen tv for presenting.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Super Flex: 100$/month
  • Resident Desk: 350$/month
  • Flex Desk: 200$/mont

Launch Factory is a historic and modern space designed for coworking, ideation, and for a community that moves businesses forward. In their common areas, you will find vintage photographs and samples of some of the original textiles. And from their oversized windows, you'll get great Uptown Charlotte views.

Learn more about Launch Factory ➜, or send them an email.


10. Forum Center

  • Location: 11220 Elm Lane, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28277
  • Hours: 8am - 5pm
  • Amenities: Outdoor area, unlimited complimentary coffee and tea, free parking, wifi, print, and scanner.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Coworking Space: 244$/month
  • Meeting Room: 50$/hour

Forum Center has only one location in the city. They bring many high-quality amenities that are available at their coworking spaces. Various commute options are also readily available around. The coworking spaces here are fully furnished and fully equipped.

Learn more about Forum Center ➜, or send them an email.


11. Industrious - Charlotte

  • Location: 436 East 36th Street Charlotte, NC 28205
  • Hours: 9am - 6pm
  • Amenities: Wellness Room, private conference rooms, office supplies, unlimited color printing, fast, secure wifi, daily breakfast, and craft coffee

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Offices starting at $662/month.

Industrious coworking space has a vast network of coworking spaces across many cities and nations. This coworking space in Charlotte provides private office spaces of various sizes, befitting the needs of small to large teams. In addition, their area features best-in-class services and amenities designed for your most productive workday every day.

Learn more about Industrious - Charlotte ➜, or send them an email.


12. Packard Place

  • Location: 222 S Church St, Charlotte, NC 28202
  • Hours: 9am - 5pm
  • Amenities: High-speed wifi, free parking, printer, scanner, access to kitchen, complimentary coffee and tea

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Dedicated Desk: 200$/month
  • Private Office: starts at 500$ per month
  • Virtual membership: 50$/month

Packard Place coworking office provides various coworking spaces with differents membership plans, many of them with 24/7 access. It offers not only a professional, flexible, affordable place to work, but it also provides the entrepreneurial community with a central location for Charlotte’s myriad of resources. The highest quality fast fiber internet facility is also available over here.

Learn more about Packard Place ➜, or send them an email.


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