15 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Career Guidance (2022)

15 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Career Guidance (2022)

The business world is constantly changing and evolving, making it difficult to know what career path to take.

However, by keeping up-to-date with the latest business trends, you can give yourself a better chance of finding a career that suits your skills and interests.

On Twitter, you can get the latest updates, news, and information related to all kinds of business, plus knowledge about which career path to choose to become successful.

Below we’ve rounded up 15 of today’s Best Career Guidance Twitter Accounts to follow in 2022.

Here they are:

1. Lindsey Pollak - @lindseypollak


Lindsey Pollak is an expert on the Millennial generation and has a well-balanced account that covers all topics, including news updates from her professional life as well as tips for career advancement.

This young, passionate writer offers tips on her Twitter account on how to use LinkedIn and communicate with nonverbal cues in order to become a better millennial leader.

About Lindsey Pollak:

  • Lindsey Pollak is the Founder of Lindsey Pollak Twitter Account
  • Lindsey Polla has 41.1K followers on Twitter

2. The Muse - @TheMuse


The Muse helps job seekers find open roles and shares career advice with users so they can successfully find their perfect fit!

The account includes helpful hints like "dos and don'ts" when applying for jobs and advice about what type of careers may be best suited based on one's interests or skillsets.

About The Muse:

  • Alex Cavoulacos & Kathryn Minshew are the Co-Founders of The Muse
  • The Muse has 132K followers on Twitter

3. Adam Grant - @AdamMGrant


Adam Grant is a New York Times bestselling author who hosts the WorkLife podcast.

He tweets on various topics related to work, psychology, leadership skills, etc. in an engaging way that draws the user into his world.

About Adam Grant:

  • Adam Grant is the Founder of the Adam Grant Twitter Account
  • Adam Grant has 680.8K followers on Twitter

4. Chelsea Krost - @ChelseaKrost


Chelsea Krost is a Millennial spokesperson and brand consultant who voices her opinion on career, Millennials in the workplace as well as other topical issues.

She tweets quite extensively across many different topics relevant to work-life balance and career advice for this generation.

About Chelsea Krost:

  • Chelsea Krost is the Founder of Chelsea Krost Twitter Account
  • Chelsea Krost has 124.5K followers on Twitter

5. Ashley Stahl - @AshleyStahl embed:tweet

Ashley Stahl is a career expert who helps people to find their perfect job or start up and get paid what they’re worth.

Her Twitter feed is a useful resource for those looking to land their next job or interview, with plenty of tips on how best to prepare. Her posts also include inspirational quotes from famous people in order to motivate you.

About Ashley Stahl:

  • Ashley Stahl is the Founder of Ashley Stahl Twitter account
  • Ashley Stahl has 30.8K followers on Twitter

6. Alison Doyle - @AlisonDoyle


Alison Doyle knows just about every trick there is when it comes to careers, and she's shared her expertise with us all too!

Her Twitter feed is a great way to stay up-to-date with all the latest job opportunities. You will learn when you should be doing specific things in order for your resume and cover letter to work best.

About Alison Doyle:

  • Alison Doyle is the Founder of the Alison Doyle Twitter account
  • Alison Doyle has 23.6K followers on Twitter

7. J.T O'Donnell - @jtodonnell


J.T O'Donnell is a passionate and inspiring career expert that provides fantastic insight into how to find the best jobs, and negotiate your salary and work-life balance.

She tweets a lot of great content that can help your job search including many articles from sites such as LinkedIn and Inc Magazine.

About J.T O'Donnell:

  • J.T O'Donnell is the Founder of the J.T O'Donnell Twitter account
  • J.T O'Donnell has 32K followers on Twitter

8. Donna Svei - @DonnaSvei


Donna Svei is a seasoned careerist who has been blogging about the ins and outs of finding jobs for years.

Her Twitter account is full of helpful tips, tricks, and advice on how to create your best resume yet! With it, she can help you to get back into your career.

About Donna Svei:

  • Donna Svei is the Founder of the Donna Svei Twitter account
  • Donna Svei has 20.8K followers on Twitter

9. Emilie Aries - @emiliearies


Emilie Aries is an entrepreneur, author, and leadership coach who focuses on gender equivalency in the workplace. She wrote Bossed Up to help women gain power through education about themselves as well as how they can better navigate life.

She tweets about gender in the workplace, leadership strategies for women, and creating a work-life balance while managing all your responsibilities.

About Emilie Aries:

  • Emilie Aries is the Founder of the Emilie Aries Twitter account
  • Emilie Aries ] has 9K followers on Twitter

10. Brigid Schulte - @BrigidSchulte


Brigid Schulte is one of the leading career experts in today's job market. She has written several books and given great speeches in the past.

She makes some of the most interesting tweets you'll ever see. From politics to sports to film, she's an authority on a whole slew of topics.

About Brigid Schulte:

  • Brigid Schulte is the Founder of Brigid Schulte Twitter Account
  • Brigid Schulte has 11K followers on Twitter

11. CareerBliss - @CareerBliss


The CareerBliss Twitter account is the ultimate resource for employers, job seekers and employees.

This Twitter account tweets out helpful information on how to maximize your work-life balance and make sure you get the most out of every day at work.

About CareerBliss:

  • Matt Miller is the Co-founder of CareerBliss Twitter Account
  • CareerBliss has 34.7K followers on Twitter

12. Marc Miller - @CareerPivot


CareerPivot is a career coaching account that helps older workers with “pivoting” or moving into a new career in the second half of life.

The Twitter account offers advice on how to pivot from one career to another, as well as tips on how to build your own business. It also provides info for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace, including how to network effectively and get a job that fits your values.

About CareerPivot:

  • Marc Miller is the Founder of CareerPivot Twitter Account
  • CareerPivot has 33.2K followers on Twitter

13. Erin Kennedy- @ErinKennedyCPRW


Erin Kennedy is a certified executive resume writer, career consultant, and CEO of Professional Resume Services. She is the writer of and contributor to 16 best-selling career books.

Her Twitter account is full of great information for job seekers including, how to find jobs, resume tips, interview questions, answers, and much more.

About Erin Kennedy:

  • Erin Kennedy is the Founder of the Erin Kennedy Twitter Account
  • Erin Kennedy has 19.5K followers on Twitter

14. Jim Stroud - @JimStroud


Jim Stroud is a popular author, speaker, and business coach. He specializes in helping people to break through their fear of success and achieve their dreams.

He has a great Twitter account with lots of helpful guidance for recruiters. He tweets about everything from how to write a resume to how to get hired by big companies.

About JimStroud:

  • Jim Stroud is the Founder of the JimStroud Twitter Account
  • Jim Stroud has 29.7K followers on Twitter

15. Miriam Salpeter - @MiriamSalpeter


Miriam Salpeter is a job seeker and social media consultant as well. She specializes in helping people find jobs and careers in other industries, such as marketing, finance, technology, and non-profit work.

Miriam's Twitter account is a perfect place to start when looking for how to use social media for your career and business.

About MiriamSalpeter:

  • Miriam Salpeter is the Founder of MiriamSalpeter Twitter Account
  • MiriamSalpeter has 31.9K followers on Twitter

Final Thoughts:

Nothing is better than a personal mentor to help you navigate the world of career design. Try to engage in your social networks, and learn from all that others have to offer. Wherever you find insight and inspiration, it will always be valuable for your journey ahead.

If you're looking for advice, then it's likely that you're also looking for someone who can relate to your question. That's why networking on Twitter is so extremely important, and the above list of users who will be able to give you the guidance you need on a range of different topics related to your career.

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