The 8 Best Coworking & Shared Office Spaces In Cancun

October 1st, 2021

Looking for a coworking space or office in Cancun?

According to Doing Business North America, Cancun has a score of 49.6201 and a rank of 113 of Business started. Also, it has a score of 58.3881 employing workers.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small business, freelancer or simply just searching for a creative place to work, Cancun has plenty of collaborative office spaces to choose from.

We’ve put together a list of the Cancun best shared workspaces in Cancun and provide you with:

  • location
  • hours of operation
  • community space amenities
  • membership & cost breakdown

Here’s the full list:

The 8 Best Coworking & Shared Office Spaces In Cancun

1. ORBIS Coworking

  • Location: Av. Bonampak, Manzana 1, Lote 4 y 5, Local SA 2, Super Manzana 8, 77504 Cancún
  • Hours: 8am - 8pm
  • Amenities: Parcel reception, print center, lockers, complimentary coffee and tea, high-speed wifi.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Coworking Membership: MXN 2,030/month
  • Virtual Membership: MXN 1,276/month
  • Meeting Room: starts at MXN 232/hour
  • Private Office: start at MXN 4,500 per mount

Orbis Coworking has diverse spaces for all your team's needs. Moreover, they offer useful facilities so you can have a good environment where you can work peacefully. Here, you will transmit the best image to your clients, and the development of all your ideas and your projects will be speedy. Also, they have various plans, each one is unique and tailor-made to suit your preference.

Learn more about ORBIS Coworking ➜, or send them an email.


2. Sach Office Hosting

  • Location: Cancun
  • Hours: 8am - 6pm
  • Amenities: High-speed internet, complimentary coffee, tea, coffee area, meeting room, event space, printer, scanner, fax, lockers.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Coworking: MXN 250 per day
  • Coworking with 24/7 access: MXN 2,200 /month
  • Virtual Offices: MXN 649 month

Sach Office has diverse locations in Mexico. It is a beautiful and safe workspace for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and small companies. There are multiple members' plans so you can choose whatever you like or fit your needs. They provide furnished offices ready to move in and start your work. Enjoy the wonderful decor and the fantastic views from its windows.

Learn more about Sach Office Hosting ➜, or send them an email.


3. Colabora

  • Location: Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, Cumbres Lote 1, 77560 Cancún
  • Hours: 9am - 7pm
  • Amenities: Reception and call services, phone lines, print center, high-speed internet, conditionate air, complimentary coffee, tea and water, refrigerator, and microwave.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Dedicated Desk: inquire about pricing
  • Private Offices: inquire about pricing
  • Meeting room: inquire about pricing

Colabora is a workspace with unique architecture and design, and it's also known as 'Coworking Boutique.' It is the perfect option if you're looking for an elegant place with innovative technology for you and your team to be productive and enjoy plenty of amenities. In addition, Colabora offers you excellent coffees and awesome coworkers for company. It has six beautiful locations across Mexico.

Learn more about Colabora ➜, or send them an email.


4. Regus - Convention Centre Cancun

  • Location: Bulevar Kukulcan Km 9, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Lounge, Meeting room, Secure underground parking, Bicycle storage, Break-out areas, High-speed wifi.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Office Space: sarts at MXN 3,448 per month
  • Coworking Space: starts at MXN 2,636 per month
  • Virtual Offices: start at MXN 933 per month
  • Meeting Rooms: from MXN 567 per hour

Regus is a renowned name when it comes to coworking spaces with locations around the world. It is perceived for its amenities, decor, and professionalism. Without a doubt, this is an excellent option if you're starting a business. Do you want to know what is special about Regus - Convention Centre Cancun? This place is surrounded by lovely sandy white beaches.

Learn more about Regus - Convention Centre Cancun ➜, or send them an email.


5. beNuk

  • Location: Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio, SM 307, MZ 305, LT 2-09, Alfredo V. Bonfil, C.P. 77560, Cancun
  • Hours: 8am - 7pm
  • Amenities: Print center, Networking events, furniture Steele, dedicated internet, private terrace, housekeeping, coffee and tea, reception.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Coworking Membership: MXN 2,300 per month
  • Private Office (for one person): start at MXN 5,000 per month
  • Meeting Room: Start at MXN 200 per hour

More than just a coworking space, beNuk was made for sharing ideas and collaboration. Here, you will know diverse professionals from different sectors. All their workspaces provide the highest quality furniture. beNuk is the perfect space for entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies to grow their work.

Learn more about beNuk ➜, or send them an email.


6. Nexoffices

  • Location: Cancun
  • Hours: 9am - 6pm
  • Amenities: Dedicated internet, cleaning services, print center, coffee and drinks services, tax and commercial address, air-conditioning.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Furnished Offices: inquire about pricing.
  • Coworking Spaces: inquire about pricing
  • Virtual Offices: inquire about pricing
  • Meeting room: inquire about pricing

From private offices to virtual ones, Nexoffices has everything you may want from your coworking office. Innovation, creativity, and collaboration are the right words to define these spaces. They also provide various locations around the country. So to grow your business and build a team, choose this place.

Learn more about Nexoffices ➜, or send them an email.


7. CocityLoft

  • Location: Pedregal Del Bosque, Urban Area. SM 43, MZ 03, LT 06, 77506 Cancun
  • Hours: 10am - 6pm
  • Amenities: There is high-speed internet, cleaning services, coffee break, security, reception, valet parking, lounge, networking events, print center, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Executive Offices 1 to 3 months: MXN 17,000 per month
  • Corporate Offices 1 to 3 months: MXN 25,000 per month
  • Meeting Room (Junior): MXN 250 per hour
  • Meeting Room (Senior): MXN 650 per hour

CocityLoft is a place where all your projects and well-conceived ideas will have will be successfully executed. The perfect option for startups, entrepreneurs, or even small businesses. They allow you to personalize your offices so you will be comfortable working on your projects without any disturbance. In LOFT, you will be part of their fantastic community. Also, you can select from their various flexible plans according to your needs.

Learn more about CocityLoft ➜, or send them an email.


8. Undertake

  • Location: Avenida Playas, No. 82 Mz14 Lt5, 30, 77509, Cancun
  • Hours: 9am - 6pm
  • Amenities: Coffee area, executive furniture, high-speed internet, cleaning services, coffee area, receipt of documents and parcels, print color center, lockers, reception, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Virtual Membership: MXN 1,500 per month
  • Private Suites: MXN 4,900 per month
  • Entrepreneur semi membership: MXN 4,500 per month

Undertake is a beautiful and modern workspace with the highest technology and safe facilities. They have essential values such as a sense of community, responsibility, amiability, and a positive attitude among others. All these values are necessary for a functional society that wants to grow together. Various startups have recommended this place to work and network.

Learn more about Undertake ➜, or send them an email.


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