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Predis is an Indian instagram post improvement ai company. The company was founded in 2021 by Tanmay Ratnaparkhe.

Predis helps brands and influencers communicate better on social media by providing AI-powered content strategy analysis, content and hashtag recommendations.


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Tanmay Ratnaparkhe details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Predis?

Tanmay Ratnaparkhe is an engineer and started a software company in the F&B/restaurant space. In 6.6 years we grew it to 2500 clients in 72 cities in India and 5 cities globally with a team of 45 members. I sold the company to the largest digital products company in India and worked there for 2 years to aid in the expansion and transition. is the second venture for me.

Aakash and Akshay passed out of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (in the top 1% of Indian engineering college pass-outs) and worked in a couple of high growth startups in India and Singapore where we solved research-based problems in Data Science. After 2 years of working there, we branched out and started was not the first idea we worked upon. The first idea was to make AI for AI :) It was complicated in every aspect - building, selling, deploying. This is why we thought of pivoting and looking at applications of the concept in different industries.

The thought process was this:

  1. AI needs a lot of data to work with. We wanted a domain where we can get a lot of public data available.
  2. Since the last startup was on the cost side, we wanted to be on the revenue side as the potential is theoretically infinite.
  3. The Product needs to be 10X better than the nearest competition.
  4. The Product needs to be SAAS (that’s what we understood) and DIY as it scales the best. It also needs to be as practically simple as one payment page only so that people could just come and pay us.
  5. Software has anyways been eating the world. Social Media has already changed the way companies communicate with their customers. However, social media is a black box for most companies/ agencies. How to craft a good social media strategy is still an unanswered question.
  6. Based on this and our core strengths (Founder with a successful exit and Strong Data science experience, and after talking to a lot of people we thought of attempting a seemingly impossible problem - predicting how your social media posts will behave and hence recommending what can be improved and hence helping you generate more engagement. The end goal is to become an AI-based Social Media assistant which can craft posts for you.
  7. Idea validation has happened in the following way:

  8. Talking to a lot of Social media agencies, influencers, business owners on the problem and the potential solution.

  9. Getting an MVP out in the market and getting beta users to play with it.

  10. Getting 50 active daily beta users using the product daily. The best part is that this has happened organically.

Tanmay Ratnaparkhe, Aakash Kerawat and Akshay Karangale

Source [1]


Predis is built on trello.

They use Zoho Mail and SendGrid for their email. Zoho and Verifigator for their crm. Trello for their productivity.

They use Twitter and Instagram for their social media.



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