The 10 Best Coworking & Shared Office Spaces In Buenos Aires

The 10 Best Coworking & Shared Office Spaces In Buenos Aires

Looking for a coworking space or office in Buenos Aires?

According to Statista Based on 282 startup companies identified in Argentina, nearly 88 percent were located in Buenos Aires. The Argentine capital and its larger metropolitan area were home to 248 startup companies as of November 2020.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small business, freelancer or simply just searching for a creative place to work, Buenos Aires has plenty of collaborative office spaces to choose from.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best shared workspaces in Buenos Aires and provide you with:

  • location
  • hours of operation
  • community space amenities
  • membership & cost breakdown

Here’s the full list:


1. Manawa Coworking

  • Location: c/Nicaragua 4817. CP 1414. Buenos Aires
  • Hours: 9am - 6pm
  • Amenities: Outdoor area, lockers, meeting room, printer services, snack bar, kitchen access, high-speed internet and WiFi, bottomless coffee, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Day: 1000 ARS
  • Plan Flex: 8000 ARS per month
  • Plan Full: 12000 ARS per month
  • Private Office: from 35000 ARS per month
  • Virtual Office: 3500 ARS per month
  • Meeting Room: 1000 ARS per hour.

Manawa Coworking office is a community that supports each other in every project; they share their time and ideas to grow together as a business family. Their office is brimming with natural light and high decor. You will find a quiet environment and various amenities that will make you love the place.

Learn more about Manawa Coworking ➜, or send them an email.


2. La Ofi

  • Location: 122 Doctor Gabriel Ardoino, Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hours: 8am - 5pm
  • Amenities: Business WiFi, Housekeeping, Print island, Cooking & infusions, Receptionist

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Flexible Coworking: Price upon request
  • Private office: Price upon request
  • Virtual office: Price upon request
  • Meetings and Events Space: Price upon request
  • Corporate Office: Price upon request

La Ofi's coworking space has a peaceful and serene environment along with high-quality amenities. You can handle your business from their various options of office and subscribe to different membership plans they offer. It is a quiet place perfect for hard work, collaboration, and sharing ideas while growing and running your business.

Learn more about La Ofi ➜, or send them an email.


3. Cespedes

  • Location: Céspedes 3249 Buenos Aires Argentina, 005, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Ergonomic chairs, events, printer, scanner, photocopier, projector, outdoor terrace, lounge, skype room, kitchen space, personal lockers, phone booth, event space, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Individual office: Price upon request
  • Office for 2 to 4 people: Price upon request

Céspedes is one of the ideal coworking spaces perfect for startups to develop and grow their business ideas. The spaces are decorated with high ceilings with plenty of natural light and relaxing outdoor space; also, they provide furnished offices waiting for teams to join their community. So enjoy the locations and the amenities the place has to offer.

Learn more about Cespedes ➜, or send them an email.


4. Lights Working

  • Location: Godoy Cruz 1727, Palermo -Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hours: 9am - 8pm
  • Amenities: There are standing desks, ergonomic chairs, events, workshops, high-speed internet, complimentary snacks, accelerator programs, dual/single monitors, printer, scanner, photocopier, lounge, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Hot Desk: ARS 7065 per month
  • Private Office: ARS 30,000 per month

Lights Working is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies to turn their ideas into reality. You can customize your offices as you want as you grow and expand your business. They give you the option of using their company address and having mail services at the office. The coworking area is the perfect spot where you will work and collaborate with other coworkers there. This office is waiting for all of you who want to become successful professionals managing and running a business.

Learn more about Lights Working ➜, or send them an email.


5. Wework - Corrientes 800

  • Location: Avenida Corrientes 800, Buenos Aires C1008
  • Hours: 8am - 7pm
  • Amenities: Cleaning services, pet-friendly, bike storage, parking, lactation room, event space, fast internet, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Private Office: Price upon request
  • Hot Desk Membership: Price upon request

WeWork has global locations and many amenities perfect for all kinds of workers. In Argentina, WeWork has a total of 4 locations. Wework - Corrientes 800 serves a premium location as it is situated in the heart of Buenos Aires. They offer an innovative and collaborative community, and their clients define the place as beautiful, peaceful, etc.

Learn more about Wework - Corrientes 800 ➜, or send them an email.


6. Urban Station Soho - Argentina

  • Location: BPH Palermo Soho Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires AR, El Salvador 4577, C1414
  • Hours: 9am - 6pm
  • Amenities: Open space, living room, lockers, headphones, bike storage, security, lunch area, drink bar, complimentary coffee, fast wifi, printer services, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Open Space: Price upon request
  • Meeting Rooms: Price upon request
  • Board Meeting Room: Price upon request
  • Office for Entrepreneurs: Price upon request

Urban Station is a coworking space with global locations and various amenities in every office they have. The office specializes in mobile workers. Build a team for your business and see new ideas growing into successful ventures at this modern & beautiful coworking space.

Learn more about Urban Station Soho - Argentina ➜, or send them an email.


7. Usina Co Work

  • Location: Castillo 1366, Buenos Aires, Palermo - CABA
  • Hours: 9am - 7pm
  • Amenities: Fast internet, phone booths, reception, common areas, coffee bar, printer, photocopier, fax, meeting room, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Flex Desk: from 8000 to 15000 ARS per month
  • Dedicated Desk: from 16000 to 17500 ARS per month
  • Private Office: start at 85000 ARS per month
  • Dedicated Floor: inquire about pricing

Usina has an environment filled with greenery; they believe this enhances the quality of work. In addition, the site has multiple membership options for all kinds of professionals & startups, and various amenities are also provided, such as access to common areas where you can have a break time.

Learn more about Usina Co Work ➜, or send them an email.


8. Belephant

  • Location: Av. Libertador 6680, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Amenities: Security access, cameras, front desk, high-speed internet, meeting room, lounge area, printer services, bike storage, parking, complimentary coffee, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Coworking Office: Price upon request
  • Private Office: Price upon request
  • Executive Desk: Price upon request
  • Meeting Room: Price upon request

Belephant coworking space has various locations around Argentina and their offices are bright and spacious. The office space has modern and functional environments specially designed to meet every need of its members. Their flexible plans allow you to combine different customized products as you grow and requirement changes.

Learn more about Belephant ➜, or send them an email.


9. Gowork

  • Location: Gallo 353, Capital Federal, C1172ABG CABA
  • Hours: 9am - 7pm
  • Amenities: Open desk, meeting room, break areas, living room, complimentary tea and coffee, high-speed internet, pet-friendly, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Fly Desk: $2100 per month
  • Flex Desk: $3900 per month
  • Free Pass: $3500 per month
  • Open Desk: $4900 per month

Gowork is a quiet and productive workplace and the best part is that you don't have to leave your four-legged friend at home. It is a community of architects, entrepreneurs, and startups waiting for you to join them. Also, here you will get to enjoy various kinds of amenities along with free snacks & drinks.

Learn more about Gowork ➜, or send them an email.


10. Justo ahí

  • Location: 3227 Avenida Doctor Ignacio Arieta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hours: 9am - 7pm
  • Amenities: Events, photocopier, printer, scanner, outdoor terrace, parking, wheelchair accessibility, fast internet, snack bar, telephone booths, etc.

Membership & Cost Breakdown:

  • Day: 600 ARS
  • Month: 4500 ARS

Called one of the top coworking spaces in Argentina, Justo ahí Is a prestigious place to start a business. It offers the latest technology equipment, furnished offices and all the services you can ask for. Collaborate and work with brilliant professionals who have passion in the same area as you.

Learn more about Justo ahí ➜, or send them an email.


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