The Best SEO Tools You Can Use For Your Business in 2019

Published: January 12th, 2019

Here's a list of tools I frequently use in SEO. It contains some golden nuggets I'm sure a few of you will find useful. I wanted to keep this short and sweet.

Outreach / Linkbuilding Tools


This tool is great for automating the ability to find authoritative influencers and bloggers in a chosen niche. You simply put in a keyword or niche that you're interested in and it will return hundreds or thousands of people that you can use for your campaigns. This costs.

Guest Post Tracker

A big database containing 1500+ domains that accept guest posts.


Buzzstream is an outreach platform you can use to store data you gather on your influencers. You can send emails within the platform too so you'll be able to see if your colleague has contacted them too. It's got a sweet analytics section too. This costs.

SERP Insights

This tool allows you to enter a keyword for a chosen vertical and produces a report that contains all the information you need to learn why your competitors are ranking so high and what metrics you need to improve on to outrank them. This costs however there's a freemium version.


This tools pretty cool it generates updated website rankings within your niche that is sorted out by Twitter mentions. You can see who's talking about the biggest sites online.


You can check lots of data with this tool. Broken links, competitors backlink profiles, anchor texts used, referring domains for your own website, get keyword volumes and more. This costs.


I use this to check my anchor text usage on my URLs. It splits your anchor text into three groups (Blended, exact match, and Natural) and gives you a gauge that allows you to see what types of anchor text you need in order to stay fully optimized. This costs.

Majestic SEO

Looking at your referring domains are great but topical trust flow is a big thing. Having relevant domains linking to you from your topical niche is vital to higher rankings and this is exactly what Majestic shows you. I use this in combination with Ahrefs. This costs.

Scrapers / Scanners

Domain Hunter Plus

If you're creating PBNs this tool is great. It's similar to Check My Links as it scans the page your on but this one checks to see if the links mentioned are available to register. It's free.

Check My Links

This is a chrome extension that lets you scan for broken links on a page. It's free.

URL Profiler

This is a great tool for link builders. You can stick a bunch of domains in and pull data from places like Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs etc for those domains. You can also scrape for emails, check if the domains are indexed and loads more. This costs but proper worth it!

Screaming Frog

Another necessity for me, this tool is vital for all your onsite tweaks. It crawls your websites' links, images, CSS, script, and apps and gives you data like inlinks, word count, Missing H1s, Title tags that are too long, Time to first byte etc. This costs but proper worth it!

Google Results Bookmarklet** by Liam Delahunty of Online Sales**

I stuck all that in there so you guys can find it, this is a google applet that will give you the URLs for everything in SERPS for a chosen keyword. Very useful to grab 20-40 URLs for lets say "whey protein" then stick them in Screaming Frog or URL Profiler. It's free.

Keyword Tools

Keyword Shitter 2

Pop in a keyword and it will spit out a ridiculous amount of variations! It's free.

Keywords Everywhere

This is a good tool for getting volumes if you don't have access to keywordtool, accuranker, ahrefs etc. If you put a keyword in Google search it will give you the volume for it. You can also analyze pages with this tool and it will give you frequent mentioned keywords, density etc. It's GREAT! and FREE.


Google PageSpeed Insights

This allows you to see how fast your website loads on mobile and Desktop.

GT Metrix

This tool tells you how fast your site loads and gives you lots of recommendations. It's free

Bright Local

SEO reporting, lead generation, reputation management, citation management... It does everything you need for local search. It costs


Everyone needs a keyword tracking tool. It's not the cheapest but its great. It costs

Google Analytics

It provides you with web analytics. It tracks and reports the traffic from websites. It's free.

Google Search Console

This is another necessity for SEO, I'm sure you all use it already but if you don't this will allow you to submit your sitemaps, disavow spammy links, view your pages as Google Bot sees it and much more. It's free.

Barracudas Algorithm Tool

This tool allows you to see the latest updates by Google alongside your analytics. It's great for analyzing the effects an update has had on your domain. They just released a new version where you can purchase SEO Visibility data for your domain. It's called seocompare. It costs


This tool does a lot but I use it to check common content on my site. It costs


Copyscape is great for checking duplicate content you have on your site that's also elsewhere on the web. It costs