How To Boost Sales And Engagement With Re:amaze

Published: September 12th, 2019

As a business owner, you may often ask yourself “What can I do to increase customer sales?” or “How can I improve my customer retention rate?” A popular solution most businesses will use is email marketing, as it’s an effective way to connect with potential and existing customers.

However, these email campaigns are sent to customers after they leave your site and will only be sent if a user had input their email address to opt into receiving promotional emails.

So now you may be asking yourself “Well, how could I engage and connect with more customers while they’re still on my website?” Re:amaze has a solution that can solve this problem.

Note from the editor: This is a tutorial as a part of our new Get Started initiative. Thank you to Re:amaze for their support of the site. They have an awesome tool that I highly suggest checking out for your business :)

Re:amaze Cues

Re:amaze offers a powerful marketing tool called Cues. Re:amaze Cues allow you to send out automated engagement messages to customers as they are browsing live on your site. With Cues, you’re able to target and automatically send messages to designated cohorts of customers of your choice.

Several things you can do with cues include:

  • Promoting a new product collection and redirect the user to the collection landing page
  • Reaching out to users for questions about pricing when on the pricing page to help increase conversion rates
  • Sending a coupon code to the user when the user is about to leave your site to prevent site abandonment
  • Cueing users for questions about a product if the user has been on a product page for a period of time
  • Notifying users about a pending sale, event, or site outage

How To Create a Cue

To start building a Cue, go to "Settings" > “Website Integrations” > "Cues". Then click on the "+ New Cue" button.


Under the “Get Started” section, you can choose the brand you would like the Cue to display for. Be sure to double check that the brand matches the current Shoutbox/Lightbox implementation you have added onto your site.

Next, go ahead and give your Cue a name for easy referencing. The Cue name is internal and will not be displayed to customers. Proceed to compose the message you want the Cue to display. This can be anything from telling customers about a discount, a sale, or announcing a new feature.

You can also choose to enable a sound notification when the Cue appears. The sound will help catch and draw the customer’s attention to your message. The Cue message can also be time limited. This can be useful for promoting flash sales for the duration of the sale or for other time-sensitive notifications.

Under “User”, pick the avatar you would like the Cue message to come from. You can choose from several options including a team avatar, individual avatar, or a custom avatar.


Under “Action Buttons”, you can choose to include a call-to-action button to display beneath your Cue message. This is recommended if you'd like to redirect customers to a specific URL (like their account page, shopping cart, etc). Give your button a name and the URL to attach. You can add additional buttons that can displayed underneath the button preceding it.


Next, you'll want to set up some rules and conditions for the Cue. Any given user must satisfy these rules in order for the Cue message to trigger and display. There are many rules to choose from, so pick wisely! If you're unsure of which rules to use, you can create an easy Cue rule. You can always come back to edit it or create more later on. You can add multiple rules to your Cue to target more specific customers.


When you're done setting up your Cue, click "Save" and we'll provide you the JavaScript needed to paste into your site/store's HTML. Another option to add the Cue to your website would be through our native integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Google Tag Manager (GTM). These integrations will allow you to one-click publish Cues onto your site–no coding involved!


Congratulations, you’ve created your first Cue! Play around with more Cue messages and rules to discover more creative ways to engage with your customers!