Here's A Look At Trendiest Products Selling In Winter 2019

Published: December 19th, 2018

Hi, my name is Mike Rubini and I run, an e-commerce data intelligence tool. We collect and process millions of data to help store owners and dropshippers identify what is selling the most and inform their marketing and product decisions.

We do this by processing info on stores (we currently have 500,000+ in our database), products (we currently have 12M in our database) end even suppliers! What truly differentiate us, though, is that we are able to track real sales orders of an increasing number of stores.

We analyzed high-level trends that are emerging from this data and come up with trendy products that you can sell right now for the Fall season.

In fact, as we are transitioning to the colder months of the year, retail websites are gearing up for important seasonal e-commerce trends and events. First off, it's important that you know what these events are and market around them.

We are just past Cyber Monday and there are a few e-commerce events in December that lead us to Christmas and New Year’s Eve: the Green Monday on December 10th, the Free Shipping Global Day on December 14th and the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

A useful marketing tactic that I would suggest is using retargeting to offer shoppers special discounts on items left in their cart from Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

As shoppers buy for multiple people during the holiday season, consider bundling gifts and remind all of your customers to get their orders in before Dec 20 (or even before, depending on your business!) to ensure arrival by Christmas.

In January there are a few events that are quite important like the Martin Luther King Day in the US on January 21st or the Australia Day on Jan 26th. The most important thing you need to remember is that the Chinese New Year is coming up (February 5th) and business typically shut down for three weeks and you need to manage inventory accordingly.

In February, key events in the US are the Groundhog Day, the SuperBowl and the President’s Day while of course, a global event is Valentine’s day on February 14th.

Trendy Products To Sell

A new season gives online businesses a good chance to broaden the range of products and offer customers up-to-date items to purchase. A dropshipping or regular e-commerce business is not about selling seasonal items only, but this can be a good way to up-sell and cross-sell your customers, current and future =)

As the winter season is a cold season, warm clothes are trendy. These include blazers, flannel pajamas.


Winter apparel is on the rise for winter sports, too with products like snowboard skiing eyewears, winter snowboard ski gloves, thermal cycling sets, snow goggles and more.


We also detected that pet apparel on the rise. Trendy products that protect consumers and their pets from the rain include head scarves, rain jackets and pet houses.



A good trend is also entirely dedicated to shoes with products like shoe covers and shoes dryers.


Obviously consumers want to stay warm while using their electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, so we also detected touchscreen gloves as trendy right now.

Warmers and heaters in general are trendy. These include things like baby bottle warmers, thermal mouth masks, pet heated water bowls, electric blankets and even electric water heaters.



At Angage we spot high-level trends every few weeks. You can also get the current data for each of the trends mentioned above.

Make sure you check them out in detail by registering to our platform.

Thanks for your reading!