Workplace management SaaS hits $4.7m in ARR, up 70% YoY, price increase added $55k/mo last 20 days

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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Agendrix is a company founded by André Gauthier, Charles Vallières, Mathieu Allaire, and Samuel Roy. They offer workforce management software to retailers, restaurants, nursing homes, and more.

The web-based and mobile app manages team communication and scheduling; its pro version also keeps track of time, handles timesheets, and exports to payroll.

They started as a group of friends building an agency that brought in $500K the first year. After their first year in business, they shut it down entirely and transferred it to a SaaS platform, now known as Agendrix.

They launched in 2015 and have been growing steadily ever since. They just received their second round of funding in August 2021, which included $4.2 million from BDC Capital and Desjardins Capital.


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