Kevin Plank started Under Armour in his grandmother’s basement

Updated: February 16th, 2024

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Under Armour is one of America's top sports equipment & sports apparel manufacturing companies. Patrik Frisk is the present CEO.

In 1996, Kevin Plank started the brand from scratch in the basement of his grandmother's house in Washington, D.C.

The idea behind the brand was generated on a football field in 1996 when Kevin Plank was playing as the captain for the University of Maryland special teams. He had the epiphany that there must be a better option as he looked down at his bulky, sweat-soaked cotton T-shirt.

One of the first products of Under Armour was a sports shoe, and Kevin began by creating a synthetic base layer that would wick away sweat. From there, they expanded the range of Under Armour's products to include long-sleeve shirts, cold-weather clothing, and later, football, cross-training, and running shoes.

Fast forward to 2019, they just reported $5.27 billion in revenue.


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