This pendo plus loom startup just got first paying customer, $3m valuation

Updated: May 8th, 2023

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Torecord was founded by Ohad Ronen, Tom Brachel, and Tal Kedmi. The tool is built to help users leverage customer-facing communication to solve problems and effectively communicate solutions.

One of the three founders, Ohad, studied computer science & entrepreneurship and is currently working on building the upcoming knowledge engine for the web.

Torecord allows end users to create visually shareable records of their problems, which significantly shortens the support cycle for support teams.

Businesses or organizations can use these records to communicate with their teams to comprehend and quickly address user issues. Everything is done directly from the product without any downloading.

Current stats:

  • 70 people on their waitlist
  • 5 users on a paid plan of about $250/mo
  • $1,250/month in revenue


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