This developer tool doubled to $240k ARR and raised at a $14m post money valuation

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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In 2019 Luke Feeney founded TerminusDB, an open-source knowledge graph database that offers dependable, private, and effective revision control & collaboration.

TerminusDB is for people who love coding and aspire to make fundamental changes regarding how data is curated, managed, or stored.

Kevin Feeney and Gavin Mendel-Gleason came on board to help the idea for TerminusDB turn into reality. The former is the company's CEO, while the latter, having extensive programming and software specification knowledge, is the CTO.

TerminusDB, a Trinity College Dublin spinoff, has raised €3.6 million in seed funding for its open-source collaboration platform for large and complex data.

TerminusDB joined the AI Infrastructure Alliance earlier this year, a nonprofit organization and industry group created to promote greater cooperation among artificial intelligence and machine learning start-ups worldwide.


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