This 24-year-old designer just made $1 million selling used clothes online

Bella McFadden
Founder, iGirl World
iGirl World
from Los Angeles, CA, USA
started January 2017
alexa rank
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This 24-year-old designer just made $1 million selling used clothes online

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Bella McFadden (a.k.a. Internet Girl) started iGirl in 2017, while she was a teenager growing up in Canada and building an alt-fashion community from the bottom using only social media, her own selected wardrobe, and Depop, a social e-commerce platform to buy & sell fashion.

Her aesthetic sense, inspired by Y2K emo culture made iGirl the underground internet's hottest commodity.

iGirl has quite a strong social media presence, and she uses this to her advantage to market her products online. The iGirl Instagram account has more than 380K followers and Bella’s YouTube channel Internet Girl has over 138K subscribers.

iGirl quickly went viral & instantly became popular in the goth-loving community once they launched their cult classic original accessories and apparel.

Bella became Depop’s first user to earn over 1 million dollars, is now living her best life in Los Angeles. As of Oct. 1, she's making the leap from app user to launching her own website,, where she'll move away from resale and focus on selling her original designs under her brand name, iGirl.


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Bella McFadden, Founder of iGirl World
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