Founder of How He Bootstrapped A Marketing SAAS Generating $200,000/month

Updated: November 19th, 2023

At Starter Story, we find and catalogue business case studies from all over the internet, for you! This case study was not conducted by Starter Story, but it has been verified by our team. You can check out the full story here., a tool that assists business owners in launching their online ventures, was founded by Aurelien Amacker in 2016.

Aurelien is a French internet marketer who earned well as a launch-focused internet marketer before finding success with the SAAS company

His first major launch brought in over $500,000 in sales after he started teaching internet marketing to a French audience online and leveraging partnerships.

The founder’s simple yet ambitious objective was to develop an all-inclusive marketing platform that could essentially do anything to help online businesses grow. has more than 6,000 users who have collectively generated $11 million for online business owners.


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