HVMN and Ketone IQ: Next-Level Metabolic Health with Ketones | Michael Brandt, Co-Founder & CEO

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt co-founded HVMN in 2014.

Michael and Geoffrey, co-founders of HVMN, both have a bachelor's degree from Stanford University, and have previously worked in the technology industry.

HVMN is an American company that makes and sells ketone-based products. Their products use modern science to provide the body with ketones, which have various health benefits and are typically only produced naturally in the body during long fasts or low-carbohydrate diets.

Nootrobox partnered with 7-Eleven locations in San Francisco in August 2016. Nootrobox’s name was changed to H.V.M.N. in June 2017, which stands for "Health Via Modern Nutrition." HVMN products associated with the US Special Operations Command were tested as part of Operation Tech Warrior in 2018.

HVMN sponsors several cycling teams and individuals, including Vittoria Bussi, who broke the UCI Hour record with the help of HVMN Ketone drinks.

Key Growth Strategies

  • Michael’s interest in human body performance was part of the impetus to focus on ketones and building HVMN.
  • HVMN was the first to make Ketone at scale & bring it out to the market.
  • They landed a $6 million contract with the US Department of Defense.
  • In 2022, HVMI launched Ketone-IQ, version two of their keto drink, bringing the price down considerably.