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How Gail Becker Went From a Corporate Career to Launching CAULIPOWER

Gail Becker
from Los Angeles, California, USA
started January 2017
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How Gail Becker Went From a Corporate Career to Launching CAULIPOWER

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  • Gail Becker established Caulipower after she realized there were no viable choices for pre-made cauliflower crust pizza.

  • Gail, the creator, and CEO of Caulipower abandoned her prominent corporate career in May 2016 to launch a frozen food company focusing on gluten-free crusts. She is now worth $245 million at the age of 57.

  • She went all in, bootstrapped her startup, and unlike other businesses, engaged advisors to teach her about the food sector. Becker had many criticizing friends and coworkers, but she never gave up.

  • Her professional background includes journalism, government work, and marketing. She has worked at Edelman, Warner Bros., and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Caulipower amassed extra funding to accommodate greater ingredient purchases and higher-scale manufacturing runs, despite having $5 million in revenue in its first year.

  • This Los Angeles-based company generated an estimated $100 million in revenue. The company's goods are available in 25,000 retailers, including Target and Kroger, and it controls more than half of the still-small cauliflower pizza crust segment in U.S. grocery stores.

Here are some top secrets to Gail's successful entrepreneurship journey:

  • Do not be afraid to admit what you do not know.
  • Hire smart people around you to help.
  • Figure which rules to break and which ones to follow
  • Do things differently and challenge other people's advice.


Gail Becker, Founder of CAULIPOWER
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