Making $45K/Yr By Farming Fish in My Apartment

Updated: June 24th, 2023

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  • Malik King is the founder of Malik’s Fish Garden and a fish influencer from Toronto, Canada. He raises and sells uncommon and exotic fish as a side business while working as a freelance background artist in television & cinema.

  • Malik sells his fish to local people and wholesales it to retailers. He mainly obtains unusual fish from other collectors and certain well-known South American fishermen.

  • He breeds them for around one year and provides them per the customer’s need. He lives in one building flat, where he has 55 to 60 tanks for farming.

  • Malik is of Sri Lankan ancestry, and after suffering in the war-torn political environment, he & his family immigrated to Canada as political refugees when he was 12. He began growing fish at seven, motivated by his father.

  • Every month, he spends about $500 on fish meals and $100 on medicine. Aquamalik is his YouTube channel, where he gives fish farming guidance in live sessions.

  • He makes roughly $5000 per tank by selling the fish. His annual net revenue from this side activity is roughly $45,000.