‘I work just 5 hours a week’: This 39-year-old makes $160,000 a month in passive income—a look at his typical day

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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  • In 2018, Graham Cochrane, a young entrepreneur from Tampa, Florida, began mentoring people on how to earn money amid the Great Recession.
  • He provides coaching and workshops to assist people in developing passive income streams. He helped set up his enterprises to work five to six hours each week.
  • In 2005, Graham received his bachelor's degree in Arts, corporate communications & media from James madison university. He worked as an audio engineer in a 9-to-5 job to pursue his musical desire in a practical way.
  • Following the loss of his employment as an audio engineer in 2009, he launched The Recording Revolution, one of the largest online resource platforms in the world for music production and audio recording.
  • The second phase of his journey as a trainer began in 2018 as he started teaching people how to generate money from their hobbies by selling online courses and coaching programs.
  • After six months of coaching, he earned $120,000 per month in passive income through his online courses.
  • He also very recently penned a book named "How to Get Paid for What You Know," which was published by BenBella Books. Plus, he has been a business consultant to over 2,800 clients.

Main outcomes:

  • The founder of the most loved online audio recording and music production resources.
  • Graham is a business coach with over 3,500 premium customers worldwide.
  • He now hosts over 80,000+ monthly followers on his podcast, blog, and YouTube channel combined.
  • His online music business currently generates seven figures in revenue.