How we pivoted our way to a near hundred million dollar exit

Updated: December 2nd, 2023

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Jason T. Andrew and Michael Kelly co-founded Limelight Health, acquired by FINEOS, in 2020.

FINEOS is a global market leader in core insurance technology for the Group, Life, Accident, and Health industry.

The founders started Limelight Health in 2014 to introduce a new technology suite to assist life insurers in providing excellent service to their consumers.

Limelight Health launched its mobile application in 2015 and acquired its first client two years after its founding..

The company raised $3M in series A in 2015, $7.5M in Series B from MassMutual Ventures, and $30M in series C in 2018.

Key growth strategies:

  • Building meaningful relationships helped Limelight acquire customers to raise funding.
  • Market research, assessing the risk, and competitor research helped them in product positioning.
  • Hiring experienced executives to help with product pivoting.
  • Hiring advisors as employees
  • Building on culture and authenticity.
  • FINEOS acquired Limelight Health in 2020 in a nearly 100M exit deal.


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