Tommy John founders Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto

Updated: December 4th, 2023

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Tommy John is a vertically integrated consumer brand in the underwear market that Erin Fujimoto and Tom Patterson founded.

In 2008, Tommy John made its debut with the first patented undershirt in the world with a stay-tucked guarantee. Since then, the company has grown to include underwear, socks, casual wear, and activewear.

Other than operating online, they are currently focused on opening their brick-and-mortar stores and have recently expanded to offer direct-to-consumer women's clothing.

In 2012 they focused more on building a direct-to-consumer relationship to offer better products and improve customer experience. Since 2014 the company's revenue has seen a five times growth, and recently, they sold their 5 millionth pair of underwear.

The brand has been highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, Esquire, GQ, and Golf Digest, among other publications. Additionally, you can currently find Tommy John's products in over 1000 retail locations across the USA.


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