How Lauren Went from Making Minimum Wage on Etsy to Earning $14,000 Per Month

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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Lauren Keplinger ran her Etsy shop for four years but made less than minimum wage from her efforts. So, she closed down, rested, and re-evaluated.

When she opened back up in 2016, she employed a new strategy: get rid of every marketing tactic or time-sucking activity that wasn’t producing results and focus only on what was growing her business.

The result? She now works less than 10 hours a week and makes $14,000/month on Etsy.

Apart from her Etsy store she has also launched a new website of the same name, Funky Monkey Children, and directly sells from this website.

Also, Lauren has recently started another website under her own name where she helps other people looking to grow successful with her proven tips, strategies, and guidance material.


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