How a 23-year-old Quit his Job to Build a $6M Online Travel Agency

Updated: November 19th, 2023

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Mark and Amy Trim, life partners & business owners, founded RoundAbout Travel in 2008 as Australia's first round-the-world airfare specialist.

Their journey started in August 2008 when they first got their license amid the GFC. They sold about $900,000 in the first year and have since increased that to an annual turnover of over $6 million.

Their head office is in Norwood, South Australia, and they operate as a national online travel agency. RoundAbout Travel offers both economies & business class trips around the world.

Mark started this online travel company at 23, quitting his job as a travel agent. After 14 years, they have expanded to 5 brands and now have more than $50 million annual revenue.


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