Full Stack Permissions as a Service Launches, $6m in Fresh Capital to Buy Time

Updated: May 8th, 2023

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Together Asaf Cohen and Or Weis co-founded Permit.io, a full-stack authorization framework that enables developers to quickly integrate access control into cloud-native applications.

Asaf was a former software engineer at Facebook and Microsoft while Or Weis was a former co-founder and CEO of Rookout.

Permit.io simplifies access control for developers with low code. They've received over $6 million in seed funding.

The foundation of Permit.io is OPAL, an open-source project also developed by Or Weis and Asaf Cohen that serves as the administration layer for the well-known Open Policy Agent (OPA).

Permit.io is currently concentrating on the next, slightly more challenging step of figuring out what users are permitted to do once they are inside the application.


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